Funny von der Martinskapelle, born: 3rd of September 2009, BH, AD, HD-normal, ED-normal, show title in the yough class: V

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Pedigree of Funny:

Sire: Yakko vom Haus Barret, born: 15th of Mai 2008

SchH 1 - KKL1, HD-fast normal, ED-normal

Pictures of Yakko here

and pictures of Funny and Yakko here!

Pedigree of Yakko


Yasko, Yazoo, Yalena, Yana, Yeira, Yona, Yukari

Last update on December 31st, 2021

These pictures above of Yana we received on her 6th birthday not too long ago

February 14th, 2019

Yazoo at the age of 3 1/2 years

Last fall Yazoo successfuly had passed the IPO 1 and received the title "V2" at a show. Just shortly afterwards he passed the breeding trial and received his breeding papers. In the next few days we will upload a new page for him with his description, which he received at the breeding survey. Also his Pedigree will be uploaded on that page.

Yazoo is an extreme proud looking sire with lots of expression and a dream pigmentation. His litter mates can be viewed further down on this page.

Now we do plan our one litter with him this coming spring. In a few weeks we will introduce him and his new girl-friend on our webpage "upcoming litters"

8th of August 2018

Yazoo with his new titles "IPO1" and show title "V2"

After many weeks of training for IPO and a show in spring Yazoo together with Dörthe and Nixe vom Kuckucksland drove down to Spain for their vacation. They all had a great time including the children. Now Yazoo has to accomplish the breeding survey in fall, before he is able to enrich our breeding program in 2019. A first litter with him and "Enza vom Team Barrett" is planned in 2019

January 9th, 2018

Yazoo is going great. His training is progressing and if everything works out well, he will receive his IPO1 title and pass the breeding survey in 2018. Then he for sure will enrich our breeding program in 2018. Any news about him will be updated on this page. Most likely his Dad will be the sire of one of our upcoming litters in 2018

June 17th, 2017: Congratulations to our friend "Dörthe". Her young male "Yazoo" received the ED and ED results. Dörthe listened to Hundemama when she told her to take him swimming three days out of the week during his first year. This is the best what can be done for a young dog. This had been a successful year for Dörthe and Yazoo. In April he came in 1st place at the ASVD-show and how he received the best results. Now the time has come to start with training him for BH, IPO 1 and breeding survey. We keep you updated on this page!

Yazoo during the show

Dörthe with her beloved Yazoo

October 21st, 2016

Yana is such a wonderful girl

Here we see her on vacation

in the mountains

Her sister Yeira is also such a nice girl. They just turned one year old

26th of July 2016

Yana also keeps her family going

She has this special expression


is also doing great

Yasko often is

into things,

what ever he can get a hold off,

he will find it

Here we see Yazoo together with Uljana, both of their parents are Funny and Yakko

Here we see Yazoo and his sister Yana together with Uljana, all out of Funny and Yakko

15th of December 2015

Yana with her family for Christmas

Yeira made up for Christmas

25th of November 2015

Puppies were between 8 and 12 weeks old when these pictures were taken

The first few pictures we received already,

which show the puppies in their new homes

Here we see Yazoo

He does not live too far from us

Therefor we will see him more often

and as you can see,

he is doing great

Sometimes he comes over and wants to mess with Nixe

Little Yeira

is also being loved very much

We are very happy with each of the family

who is the owner of one of our puppies

22nd of October 2015

Puppies are almost eight weeks old

Yasko is a wild male,

he shows his littermates already, who the "Boss" is

Yazoo is a male, which loves to give kisses

Yalena is the wildest puppy in this litter

Yana has a nice play drive

Yeira has a sound temperament

Yona is the smallest puppy in this litter, but nobody wants to mess with her

Yukari is a girl, which has a little bit of everything

18th of October 2015

Puppies are seven weeks old

Today we made pictures

first of the girls

We really have some cuties

As you can see on these photos

Here are all five together

Now pictures of the boys

This is our wild boy

he already is into everything

Water hose what ever he can find,

it does interest him

This is the other male. He has a very nice temperament

Dörthe, his new owner, cannot wait for him to move into her home. In a few days we will introduce each puppy with their names on this page

October 11th, 2015

Puppies are six weeks old

These puppies are doing so great

and Mama takes so good care of her little ones

Always watching

They enjoyed themselves very much