litters of House-Barrett from 1996 until ..































Dam: Indi vom Haus Barrett, born 3rd of June 2009

SchH 1, AD, KKl 1, HD-normal, ED-normal, Show title: SG

Sire: Tyson vom Haus Barrett, born 2nd Of Dec. 2003,

SchH3, KKl. 1, A-normal, ED-normal, Show title: V

More pictures of Tyson


Zander, Zandro, Zaro, Zoltan, Zsandar, Zambia, Zarah, Zaskia

Last update on December 14th, 2017

Zaskia with her friend

December 16th, 2013

Typical House-Barrett-dog, likes to carry around the biggest log he can find, just like his Mom Indi

Zandro does remind us on Gino

Always has something to play with

Zandro loves his friend, the cat

October 23rd, 2013

Right on time for the update of our present p-litter

we received pictures of the beautiful Zaro

By looking at these pictures

the "future Barrett-families" of the p-litter

can see what kind of a dog to expect,

when purchasing one of these beautiful Indi and Tyson puppies

February 27th, 2013

Another beautiful male out of Indi and Tyson

When we look at progeny

of Indi and Tyson and Indi and Yakko (H-litter)

we realize, that both sires make a perfect match with

the Buddy-line

He is so full of life

October 4th, 2012

Zandro just like his littermates

has developed into a true "Barrett"

We like the progeny of Indi and Tyson so much,

that we plan a litter repeat


Zaro with his toy

He grew into a nice young male

He has a lot of hair behind the ears

Zandor is a big male


is a beautiful and smart little "big" girl

At the training place

she does very well

Some visitors of our webpage have read about the story

with the little fawn, which he found and took care off

What a beautiful coat

Playing with his friends


a nice young male


is also developing very well



Zoltan turning into a nice young man

The hair is really starting to grow now

Zaro is doing very well

according to his owner


is living near the ocean

Zander with his new owner

Zandro with his friend

Zandro loves shoes

He lives a good life

Loves to play

and loves to explore the garden


loves to play with sticks already

Zoltan is showing his new friend,

who takes who for a walk

Zander with his new friend

All of the z-puppies - here Zaro -

are doing great

It took them only a few days

to get adjusted in their new home

According to their families

it is very easy to get them housebroken

All of these pictures show Zaro

with one ear up,

and on the last one with two ears up

She already found a friend to play with

Zambia hat a long way with the car until she reached home

As you can see,

she is doing very well and is very curious

One ear came up already

Zaskia has been known to give kisses, she also gives them to her new family members

Hundemama just could not restit,

she had to take a few pictures of

these beautiful puppies one more time

bevor they were picked up

Hundemama hopes,

that she will receive updates every so often

and will be part of their development

Already she is thinking of repeating this litter next year,

if the development will take good progress

Look at these cute faces!

Puppies are seven weeks old

Zander ist a very lovable male

Zandro is a pretty wild male

Zaro has a good temperament

Zoltan loves to play. He has a very nice conformation and he has a dark mask

Puppies are five weeks old

These are two girls

To the right a boy and to the left a girl

These following three pictures

show our three boys

Boy, they sure are a good mixture of "Buddy head" and "Tyson head"

Here are the other two boys

What cute faces

We are so pleased with these puppies

Julian, our friend of the family,

loves to play with them

and as you can see, they also love to play with him

and already this little puppy is giving out kisses

For puppies shoes are always interesting

She learnes already, how to open the shoes

This female found something else to play

All five males together, in the middle is "Hundemama`s little Tyson"

All 10 puppies enjoy

having "two moms"

taking care of them

Puppies are five days old

For the first time

Indi Indi had a litter

She gave birth to six male

and three female puppies