ASVD-kennel introduces the dog

Yakko vom Haus Barrett

born: 15th of Mai 2008 - SchH 1 - KKL1, HD-fast normal, ED-normal

Sire: V Tabaluga vom Steckenborn, SchH 3, HD-normal, KKl 1
Dam: V Zaskia von Arminius, SchH 1, HD-normal, KKl 1

Last updated on September 15, 2021

Yakko, our Yanka's brother, recently left his family forever at the age of 13 years and 3 months. He was an extraordinary male who has enriched our breeding with offspring of above-average quality in his life. Just think of our stud dog Yazoo or the stud dog Viggo, who lives in the USA. Not only has he passed his pride and beauty on to his offspring, but also his balanced nature. Two years ago his grandson Gerry moved in with him, with whom he soon became friends. With the little one he regained the joy for life through which he has overcome many signs of old age. Often it does happen, when a young puppy joins an older animal, the older animals will get more active again. This was also the case with Yakko. So Norbert was able to enjoy his male dog for another two years. We all know that it is difficult to let go of a beloved animal, but if we are lucky enough to have this four-legged friend live to be over 13, then we just have to be grateful.

Norbert sends one last greeting to his Yakko "You have enriched our family for over 13 years. We are grateful for this unforgettable time! Now you can rest in peace"!

Kör Report:
Over medium size, strong male with excellent expression, high wither, good length and angle of the group, firm back, very good balanced brisked proportions, very good angulation of the fore and of the hindquarters, clean front, correct coming and going. Free ground covering gait with powerful hind thrust and free front reach, very good pigmentation

Yakko is the halfbrother of Tyson and he also has a sound temperament. He learns very fast and is easy to train

More pictures of Yakko during his first two years and pictures during the SchH-trial


Tabaluga vom Steckenborn

SchH 3, HD-normals

ZB.: V

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