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Dam: Dorcas vom Haus Barrett, born 11.09.2005 , SchH1, KKl 1, HD-normal, ED-normal
Show title: V

sire: Buddy vom Kuckuckslanborn: 17th of May 2007 - SchH 3, AD - KKL 1, HD-fast normal, ED-normal, show results: V


Pharo, Piet, Phenix, Phiona, Prudence

Last update on March 1st, 2014

Piet received the title IPO 3 not too long ago; these two pictures

show him at home, how gentle he can be with the cat. This shows again, a dog becomes what the owner makes out of him

10th of February, 2013

Pharo is doing great at the dog place and in March 2013 he will go with us to a rescue training session in the Mountains of Bavaria

Last update on March 20th, 2012

Pharo is extremely good in schutzhund work, his owner will present him in front of the breeding board at the end of March

We are sure, that we will have puppies with him in the near future, he is a very good offspring with special qualities from Buddy and he also has this dark mask, which we like so much

Congratulations to Piet and his owner: His hips and elbows received a certified "excellent" (in Germany: HD-normal and ED-normal)

Pharo loves to swim; he had been x-rayed yesterday for

ED and HD. According to the Vet the results are great. Now the pictures have to be send off for being certified. The owner will start working him in schutzhund now


with his special friend

Pharo our lovable male

Piet the wild puppy

In the last 10 days the weather here in Germany was very bad

Too bad to make nice pictures

Since two days ago the weather has changed,

so we were able to make a lot of pictures this time, we make up for last week

As you can see, the puppies have grown quite a bit

and also have become very active

These puppies have extreme good bone structure and beautiful heads

Very nice pigmentation as you can see on this picture, which shows a female

They are very playfull

The three females we will introduce in the next two days,

At this time we know already, who little "Prudence" is, she is wild,

loves to put her head under water, plays with the water. The same goes for her brother Piet, he is the wildes one in this litter and we know already that both future owners will have a lot fun, when it comes to water and puppies; on these two above pictures you see Prudence; we put a red collar on her already, which means "danger".

This two pictures show "big Piet", he is the wildest puppy

in this litter. We picked him out for a family, who likes to work with the dogs, the same goes for Prudence, the girl with the red collar. Both puppies are so much alike

This is our 10 1/2 year old senior dam "Indra"

She takes care of each litter, when the Moms are not around

She lets the puppies know, when they have gone too far; as you can see on this pictures

She teaches them how to behave towards older ones; right away they give submissve signs

Indra still has a very high play drive and

she encourages them to play with her; instead of wanting to play, they are looking for milk

On this pictures she reached their attention

Indra is such a great "Grandma", we hope, that she will be with us for many more years

Puppies are five weeks old

It is hard to believe, that between these pictures

and the other pictures

are only a few days

These puppies are getting so active

This is a very friendly little girl

and to the left is another girl

This boy is the wildest

It shows on his face

This one just took the collar away

Nobody will get it now