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The dam "Funny von der Martinskapelle" together with the sire "Yakko vom Haus Barrett"

Our new "couple", with which we plan our 2nd summer litter with

For those, who do not know Funny yet,

she is a dam with extreme expression,

beautiful pigmentation, great conformation

At shows she only made 1st and 2nd places. Here puppies also make great family dogs

In the past she gave birth to wonderful puppies with the sire "Buddy",

and two times with Tyson, view our J- and O-litter

For this upcoming planned summer litter

we picked another great sire for her

Our sire "Yakko vom Haus Barrett"

a very masculine male, with

long hair, beautiful pigmentation,

very nice masculine head

He has a great temperament

We believe, that these two will make wonderful puppies

Since they have known each other for many years

and as you can see in the pictures below,

they do like each other, we see no reason,

why they would not make puppies together

For those families who were not lucky

with a Yanka puppy at this time and for others

who would love to own one of their beautiful puppies,

we believe, that our two upcoming summer litters

will make these families very happy. Our Cheyenne, the daugher of

Yakko has been bred to Nex already

We will give more information about this first summer litter with Cheyenne

in the next few days on this webpage

Now enjoy the following pictures with these two animals,

progeny of Yakko can be viewed on our c, h-, m-, n and o-page

4 1/2 year old "Funny" and almost 6 year old "Yakko"

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