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Dam: Nora vom Haus Barrett, born 11th of March 2003, SchH 3, KKl 1, HD A-normal
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Sire: Tyson vom Haus Barrett, born 2nd Of Dec. 2003, SchH3, KKl. 1, A-normal, ED-normal
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Nash, Nelson, Nuno, Nayka, Nakita, Neele, Nya

Last update on 30th of January 2017

Just a few weeks ago Dagmar visited Roman and his 8 year old Nuno in San Diego. Nuno looks so much like his Mom and he is doing very well

27th of July 2016

Nuno and his friend. They live in the San Diego area. Time is just flying, he already is six years old

January 24th, 2014

According to her owner Nakita

is doing great

December 24th, 2012

She loves to play in the snow

Waiting for Santa Clause

Neele searching for her toy in the snow

Nuno with two years

These following pictures were taken of him

in the last two years

He loves to play

at the beach

Meanwhile a new addition came into the family

He is his best friend!

Last update on July 2nd, 2012

According to Nakita`s owner she is doing very well

Together with her female friend

According to her owner Nayka is doing very well. She is being trained at the local training place near their home in Baveria

Often we see the same pictures

A Barrett - Nakita - playing with the water hose

This picture of Nash

was taken a few months ago

Nelson when he was younger

He is having a lot of fun with his family

and he does get spoiled at times

A true Barrett, always something in his mouth

Nuno is doing very well

As you can see, he likes to play with rugs

Nuno and Jason, both are living in San Diego

and visiting each other from time to time

This picture of Nakita was taken, when she was a little younger

She loves water

Here with her friend Sally

Both dogs are doing so well together

Sally and Nakita

They love to play and run


with her ball

She has so much fun with it

Let`s see how long it will last

What a beautiful girl

Barretts love the couch!

Nash is doing very well

He seems to be very content

Nelson making new friends

He loves to play with bones and balls

Nelson with one of his owners

Just watching

Nuno is wondering what will come next

Do you honestly think, that I will go in this water? It sure looks bigger then the one at home with Hundemama

Anyway, I show you all what a true Barrett can do and that he is not afraid of this water

Now I look like half of my size

Not that Nuno can swim so well, he sure can play with his new toy

Look at my ears!

Nayka is doing very well

She is watching everybody

Look at her ears

Such a cute girl

She loves to chew on bones

A puppy could not have a better life!!!!

Neele and her friend

They both love to play together

Puppies have been in their new homes for one week now

Nuno feels very much at home, it seems

He is proud like his Dad and Mom

Nayka is not alone in her home

Puppies still need to rest often

In Nakita`s home is not only another Shepherd,

also a little "Tiger"

Of course she likes to play more with the Shepherd

Nakita; she knows that she is pretty

Puppies are eight weeks old

Nash is the wildest boy in this pack

Nelson is not too wild and not too calm

Nuno is pretty active

Nakita is just like her brother Nash, the wildest girl

Nayka is pretty calm

Neele is playfull and lshe lets her littermates know when she has enough