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Cheyenne vom Haus Barrett, born 3rd of January 2012, KKl 1, IPO 1, AD, HD-normal, ED-normal, V

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Nex vom Kuckuckslan, born: 29. Juli 2010 _ IPO 3 _ AD, KKl. 1, HD-normal , ED normal_

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Wade, Walker, Winney, Wolfie, Woody, Waika, Whitney, Whoopie

Last update on January 2nd of March 2019

Two years have gone by already since our last update. Woody is doing great. He loves to play with his ball

January 26th January, 2017

We received some nice pictures of Woody for Christmas. He is doing great

Not too long ago Hundemama together with her friend Marion

flew to Denver and visited Whoopie. This girl is doing great and has the spirit of her Mom. Beautiful and smart girl. Lynn, the owner of Whoopir is so happy with her! Thanks to Lynn for taking such good care of her two Barretts

15th July 2016

Woody favours his Dad very much

Beautiful male, who loves to play with water and all the toys he can get a hold off

Winney at an ASVD show

24th of November 2015

These young dogs,

which we see on following pictures

are not even one year old yet

They grew into such beautiful youngsters

Very smart,

very alert

These pictures show the young dog "Winney"

He loves to play

and to pose

His family is very proud of him

Woody loves his owner so much

They are always together, best friends!

Here the owner lets him bite in a big glove and pull on it and win

During a vacation in the mountains

The girl Waika

is the love

of this little child

But the parents never leave the dog alone with the child, which is very smart, because a dog is still an animal. She can be best friends to a child, but should never be alone with a child

On this picture Waika was still a puppy

First vacation together. The parents are so amazed, how their child and this puppy became such good friends

8th of October 2015

It has been quite a few months

since this page

had been updated.

The first six pictures show the puppy Wolfie

together with his owner

Wolfie is being loved so much!


has also such a beautiful life

On these pictures he was younger,

he always wants to play

Long legs,

funny ears

always finds something to mess with

either with water

here with the water hose

just being silly

He cought the water hose

Here he found something to carry around

What a cute girl. Whoopie is her name!

Here with her family, another Barrett

Always into something according to her owner

and so smart! Typical Barrett, she says!

March 18th, 2015

It has been about two weeks since these puppies moved into their new homes

It did not even take Walker two days,

until he felt like at home with his new family

According to his new owner, who has been working with the K9 German police force for 26 years, he had never met a puppy with such a great "personality" and which is so open to everyone!

Winney`s new home is not far away from us

We believe,

that he will be trained at our local training place,

once he is older

Winney on the way to his new home

Very relaxed

Wolfie already has a new friend

He is also doing very well

Woody`s family had a Barrett already for over 10 years,

actually a brother to "Simon"

Hundemama picked this puppy out for them,

because he was not as wild as some of his littermates

We believe,

that primarly he will make a great family dog,

just like his brother Wade

He was the same way

The new family of the girl named Waika could not believe,

how fast she had adjusted with them

Incredible, they wrote to us

Housebroken within just a few days, but with the help of a crate, which they put besides of their bed at night

The girl Woody brings much joy to her new owner,

especially when it comes to water bowls

and how this little girl plays with her adult Barrett

and how noisy she is, when it comes to explore her environment

March 1st, 2015

These pictures were taken just a few days before the puppies moved into their new homes

These are the last pictures of our Cheyenne-Nex-puppies

before their moved into their new homes on Sunday

They all were doing great

and looked so adorable

Our Olympia just wanted to play with them

Olympia has more patient with them. Cheyenne rather let Olympia play with her puppies. Olympia is such a good girl

February 24th, 2015

Wade is a lovable male. He will make a perfect family dog

Walker has a nice temperament

Winney has a nice play drive

Wolfie is an outgoing and alert puppy

Woody also makes a great family dog, he just loves to be around humans, a little sensitive he is

Waika has a sound temperament

Whitney is not a quiet puppy at all, she is a devil

Whoopie is such a sweet girl. She is Jenny`s favorite girl in this litter

February 16th, 2015

Yesterday the weather was not too bad,

so our puppies were able to go outside for just a little bit

Boy, did they enjoy this

All of them are doing very well

At this time they are getting their dewormer,

which goes over a period of three days

They do not like that too much, but Hundemama always says,

that health is most important for our puppies

The time has almost come

to go back inside!

Today was a big day

for our puppies

Selina, Dörthe and Jennifer

played with our puppies

These puppies just love to be held

and they do make friends very fast

Jennifer, of course picked a little cute girl again

Selina always loves to mess with the males

A group picture

Another one and still two were missing

Again and again this girl came to Jennifer

This boy made friends with Dörthe right away