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Dam: Nixe vom Kuckucksland, born 29th of July 2010 , SchH 1, AD, KKl 1,HD-normal, ED-normal
Show title: V

Sire: Tyson vom Haus Barrett, born 2nd of December 2003, SchH3, AD, KKl. 1, A-normal, ED Normal
Show title: V



27th of April 2015 The time has come to update this page for the last time.

When we kept Gino three years ago, we just kept him to have at least one son of Tyson. Of course we hoped for him to develop so well, that he would have near the same character that Tyson has and also his looks. But we also said, if he was not able to enter the breeding program for one reason or the other, he would be just our "family pet". We did not care at this moment.

Close to three years have passed and Gino developed almost into the same dog as our Tyson is. It is hard to believe, but true. He watched Tyson play, he watched him acting like a "Macho" towards other males and also females and he learned from him how to show off when people are visiting us. It is amazing! Just like with our Tyson he catches everyones heart in a second. Not only does he act like Tyson, he received the best HD and ED results a dog can receive, he performed a beautiful schutzhund work, when he received his breeding title a few weeks ago. And when he presents himself proudly in the ring, people just cannot take their eyes off from him.

For the last five months Dagmar was working with him almost daily (tracking, obedience and of course schutzhund), so he would be able to pass the IPO 1 and also his breeding trial.

Team Barrett is so lucky to have such another beautiful sire in the breeding program. And the timing was just perfect. Tyson and Orca gave Hunemama a beautiful birthday present on 21st of April. This most likely will be the two last Tyson puppies. Read more about this on our newspage!

Yes, with a sad eye we think that Tyson`s breeding ability is no longer there, but we are sooo lucky to have such a beautiful and special son of him. At this time Hundemama has plans already for the first Gino litter and she indeed picked out a beautiful girl for him.

In the next weeks to come we will open up a new page for Gino. It will show the Koerreport (breeding report) and also his Pedigree. "Nixe vom Kuckucksland", his Mom, should also be very proud of him

A friend of ours was there at the Koerung to shoot a few pictures of this great event. Unfortunately we were not able to shoot the schutzhund part, but we will do this at a later time, because Dagmar will start training Gino now for IPO 2.

Gino did pass the IPO2 in spring of 2015 and in summer he passed IPO3! He is such a great dog, just like his Dad. We hardly cannot wait to raise puppies from him. Maybe we are lucky in late summer/beginning of fall!

Last update on August 8th, 2016

Gino together with his "girl-friend" Gina. Maybe another deam couple, one of these days?

July 5th, 2015

The last three days we had a heat wave here in Germany

Gino knew what was best for him

Just like his Dad "Tyson"

he loves the Pool

Such a proud looking dog!

We are so happy that we do have him

A few pictures

of Hundemama together with Gino,

before the event

He loves to play with his ball

To be able to receive breeding papers, the dog has first to perform a schutzhund test. If he passes, then they will weigh him, they will mesure how tall he is, how big of a chest he has,

they will check his teeth and then his gait

Gino done very well

They will check the color of the eyes, his front, the back, underline, top line

and if he has a so called firm back

As we can see,

Gino done very well

Beautiful stand picture

He knows, that he looks good!

They will check out his chaw as well,

his under chaw should be developed strong, which it is

Boy, are we proud! Gino says, "I am so happy, I am a sire now as off today"

Last update on November 20th, 2014

These pictures were taken at a show

Just for fun we made some pictures

If everything goes well

Gino should join

our breeding program sometime in 2015

Each day he looks more and more

like his Dad "Tyson"

Not only that he looks like him,

he also acts like him

in a lot of ways

Sorry about these pictures. They were taken with a wrong linse from the distance,

but still show him very well

September 2nd, 2014

Only a few weeks ago, Gino passed the "IPO 1" trial,

In the months to come we will prepare him for his breeding trial, so hopefully he can enrich our breeding program at the end of 2015

Following pictures show Gino with his halbbrother "Athos"

We are very pleased

with the development of Nixe`s progeny

Both dogs Gino and Athos

are sons of Nixe, the sire of Athos is Buddy and

the sire of Gino is "Tyson". In the next few days we will update the "A-page" with more pictures of the siblings of Athos, which also are developing fine

April 29th, 2014

Please look above at Tyson`s picture and here Gino

and everyone can see how much he

looks like his Dad. Not only the looks, the way he moves, the way he acts, everything!

People usually say, a dog like "Tyson" only happens once in a lifetime,

but "Haus-Barrett" was lucky,

to have another dog just like Tyson

Most likely Tyson will retire in 2015, if he stays healthy,

so we hope, that Gino will have received his breeding papers by then,

so he can "take over"

Yesterday he received another title, the indurance title,

so we hope, that he will receive his IPO title by the end of this year and then

next year we will be able to take him in front of a breeding commitee

March 28th, 2014

Today was a very beautiful day. So Dagmar took Gino with her downtown into Darmstadt,

a few flowers were already blooming

Gino jumped up and layed down, like the "King",

just like his Dad "Tyson". How beautiful he looks!

March 25th, 2014

Gino is doing very well, he is being prepared for IPO 1 at this time

More and more he acts like his Dad "Tyson". Here he is messing with Bella. He wants to get her attention to show her, that he has a bone in her mouth and she cannot get it from him. Just like a child!

We are so happy, that we have him

December 10th, 2013

Dagmar is proud of her "Gino" for passing the BH

She will continue with his training

Her goal is to pass with him IPO1 next year

More and more he looks

like his Dad "Tyson"

He is a little darker in the face

He has a very intelligent look

It does not take long for Gino

to learn new tasks

It is his nature

to carry items around,

which will help alot

when it comes to prepare him for schutzhund titles

Our three year old "Nex vom Kuckucksland" is watching Gino from the distance. Nex has already received the highest title "IPO3". He is an extreme big male with a beautiful head. In 2014 most likely he will sire the dam "Indi vom Haus Barrett" . But before this happens, we hope, that we again will have puppies from his sister "Nixe" and the beautiful sire "Buddy vom Kuckucksland". We will keep everybody updated on this planned litter in January 2014. Keep an eye on our upcoming litter page, please!

December 1st, 2013 Hundemama is very happy. She also has received the F.C.I results for HD and ED for her beautiful "Gino". Both HD and ED were rated "excellent" (normal in German). Slowly but surely we work ourselves up there, so Gino will be a sire one of these days. But we do take our time, since Tyon, his Dad, is still in good health and we hope that in 2014 and maybe even in 2015 he will be a Dad again. So far we have not shown Gino at many shows, except when he was a youngster. This will change next year. He developed extreme slowly and therefor we wanted to wait until he is fully developed. We rather like to see the dogs develop slow, then too fast, which is not good for their health, espcecially in the first year. Gino is extreme intelligent and does learn very fast, so we know, that it will be very easy to train him. At this time Hundemama trains him for BH and in 2014 our goal is to receive a IPO1 title. We will keep everyone updated.

So far we unfortunately had only one puppy from the beautiful dam "Nixe vom Kuckucksland", but hopefully this will change very soon. Maybe already at the beginning of 2014. We hope, that this litter with Nixe and Buddy will take place. Please keep an eye on our "upcoming litters" page in December

Gino, 15 months old

September 27th, 2013

Gino is 14 months now and had been x-rayed yesterday

Hundemama is so happy!!! One more step towards being the "follow-up" of Tyson. We had Gino x-rayed yesterday, according to the Vet Gino`s hips and elbows look healthy.

The pictures had been sent off to be rated. We will announce the results on our webpage as soon as we have received it. Now "Hundemama" will start with the training intensively. Her goal is to pass BH this fall/winter and IPOI in spring. As each day passes by Gino more and more acts and looks like his Dad "Tyson". "He is a present from heaven"

Last update on April 15th, 2013

Gino is close to 10 months old

As we wrote before,

we really do like

the way Gino is developing

He is very alert

has an extreme high play drive

and has a very nice strong build body

In about two months

we will teach him

to run besides a bike

Gino with Funny

Both of them love to play together

Nice face!

Gino is six months old

Gino and Dagmar are relaxing in front of the TV

Gino is five months old

Gino so far has developed in an extreme beautiful

and smart "House-Barrett-youngster"

Just like Tyson, does he love to carry objects around in his mouth,

then goes to the others trying to make them jealous, that he has something

and they do not. At times Tyson has to show him,

who the boss is. So far he respects him. We hope, that this will not change, because Gino has "Macho" in him, just like Tyson does

Last update on November11th, 2012

Gino is 14 weeks old


does look funny these days

One ear up

and one down, but he is a very alert puppy, barks whenever he hears something

Last update on October 9th, 2012

Gino 10 weeks old

A few days ago

we took Gino

together with his "second" Mom "Indi"

for a nice walk

along the Rhine River, meeting a lot of people

He was not even scared a little bit

He is a very open young puppy

and is developing just fine

October 4th, 2012

Gino 9 weeks old

Jessica came over

and fall in love with Gino

Maybe one of these days

he will be staying with her! Who knows!

Gino is eight weeks old and so cute!!!!!!!!

The situation with Gino is difficult to explain. Since Tyson is going on 9 years old in December,

Hundemama is desperate to have progeny from him, who not only looks like him,

also which has the special "charisma" and intelligence like he has,

she kept "BJ" out of the Nora/Tyson litter two years ago. BJ grew into a beautiful young male dog,

who looked like Tyson, but unfortunately did not have the "Macho behavoir,"

therefor was no challenge for Hundemama. BJ is in a new home now. Once a year together with his new family he flies for vacation from Germany to Canada . Since Hundemama likes to breed special dogs with charisma

and with all the characteristics explained above,

she sees all of these characteristics in Gino. She always says, it is like "falling in love". It is either there or not.

There is something special between him and her, which words cannot explain,

so she will keep Gino for now, will raise him and hopes, that he will develop

into a "little Tyson"

He is layed back, watching everything, is not afraid of new things

and shows his "borrowed" siblings

who the boss is. He looks like Tyson with the same two brown spots over his eyes, just like Tyson used to have, when he was a puppy

Last update September 16th, 2012

Gino is seven weeks old

We must say, that Gino

is acting in many ways like Tyson

He thinks, he is the "sh....."

He just lays there and keeps an eye on all of the puppies

Then he gets up, picking out a puppy, he can mess with

and then wants to see, who is stronger

Just lays on the other puppy

But this one is giving him a hard time

He finally walks off - but only when he wants to -

lays back on the steps

like nothing has happened

I am the "King"

Another one comes over and tries to mess with him,

guess what, Gino gets up and goes after her; she has no chance

September 9th, 2012

Gino is six weeks old

Gino is doing fine

We hope,

that we will continue developing like he did in the last six weeks

At times

he likes to mess with his "littermates"

just wants to provoke this little girl

Now he is watching Arthur

and giving "five"

September 1st, 2012

Gino is five weeks old

Gino is doing great

At times he plays pretty rough with his "littermates"

He is so proud, that he can climb up the steps already,

the oner ones cannot follow yet, because they are a few days younger

Boy, what a Macho!

Just like his Dad Tyson

Like we said,

he does play rough

Hundemama makes sure, that he will be used to water

at an early age

August 26th, 2012

Gino is four weeks old

Gino is so cute!!!!!

He has a little white marking on his chest,

just like his Grandma "Zaskia"

The time has come

he started to play

The finger interests him

"Give me five"

He has so much fun

August 18th, 2012

Gino is three weeks old

Gino is developing

very well

Two days ago it was so hot here in Germany,

that "Mom" took him into the Pool

Of course she carried him,

but he did not seem to mind the water

Nora, our 10 year old senior lady, shows interest in him

Nora together with Gino

August 11th, 2012

Gino is two weeks old

Little "big" Gino is doing great

When we first started to hold him,

he did not like it too much,

but the last few days he got used to it

and started to enjoy these moments

He better! Because Hundemama will hold him many more times

This page has been opened on August 5th, 2012

Gino is one week old

Our Gino is doing great

Since a few days he no more longer is alone

He has two "sisters" now

We imagine,

that these two girls will not have it so easy with him

He already has the impression of a "Macho", like "Tyson"