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Dam: Nora vom Haus Barrett, born 11th of March 2003, SchH 3, KKl 1, HD A-normal
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More pictures of Nora

Sire: Tyson vom Haus Barrett, born 2nd Of Dec. 2003, SchH3, KKl. 1, A-normal, ED-normal
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More pictures of Tyson


Dakota, Danny, Denny, Dame-Ziva, Danoe, Dayna, D`Kala, Dysis-Sadie

Last update on April 9th, 2021

The girl Dame-Ziva celebrated her 12th birthday not too long ago. We wish the best, most of all HEALTH. This is a high age for a GSD. Every day is a gift now. We like to thank the owner of Dame-Ziva for staying in contact with us over the past 12 years. Thank you very much!

January 7th, 2018

Just a few days ago we received above picture of the 9 year old male "Dakota". We do wish him and his littermates the best for their birthday and many more healthy years. Their 14 year old Dad Tyson is proud of his progeny!

July 7th, 2014

A few weeks ago

we received these pictures of the

beautiful girl named "Dame-Ziva"

Meanwhile "Hundemama" had the apportunity to meet

her again together with her owners during her annual vacation in the USA

Soon we will open up a new page for this vacation! Dame-Ziva is already five years old and contiunes to bring joy to her owners since the first day she came into their lifes!

February 28th, 2014

We received two more pictures of the female Danoe

after our last update

That is how Dakot and her owners go on vacation

He always comes along

Therefor he has seen alot

in his dog life

May 14th, 2013

Danoe is doing great, she looks so much like her Mom "Nora"

January 14th of January 2013

We received this picture for the 4th birthday of Dokata

Danny is being trained at our training place this fall, hard to believe,

if you look at these pictures

Dame-Ziva at her training place in the USA



D´Kala with Storm, Storm is a progeny of Melody and Buddy

Here are a few action pictures

of Dakota

A dog who loves life

just like Tyson

We received this picture for Dakota´s birthday

Dame-Ziva with her fury family

Dakota is living in Austria

As all the others just enjoying himself

He has his own trailer

Loves to play

These pictures of D`Kala

I do not have to explain

Their owner has done this already

Enjoying her toy

Dayna is a very proud young female

Just like her Mom and Dad

just like her litter mates

loves to play and run

Beautiful head

and pigmentation

Dysis-Sadie looks a lot like her Mom Nora

and she also reminds us on our beloved Gustl

What a proud young female

Dayna, a beautiful mix of Nora and Tyson

Dame-Ziva in the snow

with her ball

Dakota, what ever there is to find

to play with

As all Barretts

she loves to play

What a cute face!

Danoe and her new friend

Dame Ziva

loves to play

She has a lot of energy

and she wants to learn, so her owner is teaching her quite a few things, we think, that this is great!


with his toy

Danny came for a visit

He grew into a very big male


was on vacation

Boy, it is so much fun

to play in the sand

Denny with

8 months old


with her family

She was on vacation also

She loves to play

with her toy

They have much fun with her

Dame-Ziva when she was young

She grew into a beautiful young female

with love for water

and her toys

How fast the time flies

Dysis-Sadie graduating from first youngsters class

Dysis-Sadie looks very proud

Here she is with her friend

Just like her littermates


is growing into a beautiful young dog. The weight on this puppy looks perfect. Thanks to her owner and to all the others who take good care of their puppies and watch their weight

What a nice face

After our update a few days ago

we received a few more pictures of Dakota

Now the ears are standing

What a difference a few days can make

I am Dakota

and I grew quite a bit in the last four weeks

Hi, I am Danny

and I came over today and visited Hundemama. I did not even want to leave


is still the one with a very good temperament

He makes a great family dog

Almost two ears up

Hi, I am Dame-Ziva

and my owner says, that I turn my head so nice,

when he makes noises

Both of my ears are almost up

Dayna loves to play

But she should not smoke at such a young age

One ear up and one down

She is very alert

Look at D`Kala, like all Barretts she loves the water

and likes to pose for pictures

Puppies are almost eight weeks old

Dakota is a very wild male with a lot of playdrive

Danny is also pretty wild

Denny is a calm male and loves to be around humans

Dame-Ziva is active, but also very lovable

Danoe is the biggest girl, but not so active as her littermates

Dayna has a very nice temperament

DKala is cute, if she holds on to something, she does not let go

Dysis-Sadi reminds us of Tyson. When she wants to play with others she keeps throwing her paws. This looks so cute