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View pictures of the anual ASVD show in Ansbach on September 30th, 2012

Flash was presented in the class

6 to 9 months

Emilia and Franka were also shown that day in the class 6 to 9 months

Odysseus grew into a beautiful young sire

Da Vinci

is a son from Orca and Buddy

Joker is Selina`s new male

Dagmar likes him very much and also his bloodline

She has decided, if he receives breeding papers in 2013

he will enrich one or the other House-Barrett dam

from left to right, Da Vinci, Odysseus, Flash, Franka and Emilia

Dagmar with the owner of Da Vinci, who came for the first time to one of our shows and was successful

Vonny with his owner

We are sure, that one of these days Odysseus will also enrich the House-Barrett kennel

Nixe with Jason; unfortunately she is in the process of her coat change at this time, but still showed herself with a lot of pride

The same case was with Funny

she just came in heat and is starting to get her full coat again

Yet she was in such a good shape on that day of the show

Funny on 2nd place, Nixe you see on third place on this picture

Vonny`s handler could almost not handle the run, they expected from dog and handler, unfortunately the dog was not able to present himself as usual

For the first time after coming back from the USA Jason

went with us to a show again

and presented Nex

Both, Nex and Jason were in great shape

Nex turned into an extreme beautiful young male

Since two weeks he is the "Dad" of 7 beautiful "Orca"-puppies

At this show he came in 1st place in the highest class "the breeding class" and this is a great success with the age of 2 years. He is an extreme big and tall male with very good proportions as you see on these above pictures. His blood line speeks for itself. Not only he is successful, also his sister "Nixe" and his other litter mates, who had been achieved titles in the past as well. He is a very proud dog. Hundemama will try to pass with him IPO 2 (SchH 2) this winter.

During the award ceremony, Jason with Nex

Da Vinci came in 1st place

He is a son of Orca and Buddy

Emilia came in 4th place; she was presented a little too heavy

Emilia is a daughter of Olympia and Tyson

Franka`s owner came for the first time to a show

and came into 2nd place

Boy, was he happy

Franka is the daughter of Yanka and Buddy and also the sister to Flash, Selina`s new puppy

Flash came in 1st place, to the right on this picture

Odysseus came in 4th place in breeding class. He still is a young sire

Vonny made last place on that day, because the handler was not able to presented him, so he would be able to show himself. This shows, that the hndler and the dog have to be able to run, escpecially in the breeding class.

Jason with Nex picking up the trophy

Nex came in 1st place

"Breeding class", first and second place, "Funny von der Martinskapelle" with "Nex vom Kuckucksland"

Nex with his well earned trophy

Updated on September 9th, 2012

We presented our 11 year old sire "Tabaluga von Steckenborn" at a show of the SV just a few weeks ago. We even had him registered in the working class. The judge could not believe how he was able to compete with dogs being just 4 years old. If Tabaluga stays healthy we do plan another litter with him at the beginning of next year. The last picture of this update Hundemama had taken of him yesterday during her horse-back ride

The judge is checking out his teeth. They are all still there

Now the stand

Selina was showing him that day

The judge is letting them know, that at the next corner they have to start running

Selina is letting "Hundemama" know

in which corner she has to hide,

so Tabaluga is looking for her

while running

Here they go!

Now Dagmar, the owner, has to run with him one round without a leash. Tabaluga has to heel during this time. At the SV shows this is one of the requirements in "working class".

Only dogs can enter, who had received a "SchH-title"; of course Tabaluga has received all three of them

One last picture with the trophy. A vistor out of the USA, who is waiting for a puppy out of the upcoming litters went with us on that day. He enjoyed it very much.

View pictures of the anual ASVD show in Ansbach on May 6th, 2012

Thanks to our friend Ringo, we were able to show

our "Nex vom Kuckucksland" at this annual ASVD-show. Nex is not easy to show due to his size and power

We also showed our almost 10 year old senior "Queeny from House Barrett"

and of course our "Yakko from House Barrett"

Following pictures will show how good in shape Yakko is

We hope, that we will be lucky to have more progeny of this beautiful sire in the near future

These following pictures show, what a great

confirmation he has and because of this

how beautiful his gait is, he steps with his behind legs

over the front ones and pushes his body with full power from behind

Yakko came in fourth place,

he was presented a "little too heavy" according to the judge

Vonny, also a son of Tabaluga

came in fifth place in breeding class

Yasso, the brother of Yakko

came in 2nd place

These following pictures show a "true Barrett",

proud, beautiful

with a lot of love for humans; like a big baer

His brother Yasso

People just enjoying themselves

Our friends from Munich, the proud owner of "Collin" and "Ulani-Uki"

Beautiful little "Emilia", daughter of Tyson and Olympia

received the title "VV" in Babyclass

Our almost 9 year old Tyson

This time he was only a guest at the show

We are very proud of our almost 10 year old Queeny,

which was shown in "senior" class. Only great compliments we received from the judge

about her being so "alive, fit and in great condition" for her age

She received 1st place, her with her son "Collin"

We are so happy, that we kept her offspring "Indi"

and "Orca" from Queeny. She is the daughter of Cindy and Gustl, our great old line, with these dogs the House-Barrett kennel started off 16 years ago

Our newcomer "Nixe" reminds us alot of Queeny,

The proud look and she is so alife just like Queeny. If we are lucky we will have a litter with her very soon

She came in 3rd place

Her brother "Nex" is a beautiful sire

He is a big masculine male with a great head. Borderline for the standard of the GSD

He made 1st place

The "Munic Clan"

Tyson and his daughter "Ulani-Uki"

"Hundemama" is "in love with her boy" and he knows it

Tyson and Ulani-Uki

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