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Indra vom Haus Barrett

WT: 01. April 2000 - VPG 1, AD - KKL1, HD-B, show show V

Buddy vom Kuckucksland

WT: 17th of May 2007 - VPG 1, AD - KKL 1, HD-fast normal, ED-normal


Names of the puppies: Evita, Efendi

Between these two pictures are just 2 months

How much Efendi(Balou) grew in this time

Does everybody remember?

This is the little Balou, who came

one week too early in this world

He is doing so well

Puppies are 10 weeks old and Efendi was picked up yesterday

Efendi is doing so good,

just after being two days in his new new home

Little Evita with Mom Indra in the back

Already like Mom

what ever she can get between the teeth

is fine

Not only shoes

and sticks

als hands

fingers and arms

She is a special little female

We can tell,

that she has blood in her out of the working line

It is difficult to make a decision whether we will keep her or let her go to a family, who have already a beautiful male of Indra.

Puppies are 9 weeks old and doing very well

Little Evendi with his Mom

The way both puppies developed

is amazing

Efendi looking at me

They show such a high play-drive

They might be not the biggest puppies,

but I see already so much potential

in these two puppies

I think, it will be a lot of fun

training them on a dog-place, especially in schutzhund work

Puppies are 8 weeks old

Boy, aren`t they getting active now

They love to play

with mother Indra

She teaches them everything

The way it looks at this moment,

we most likely will keep Evita,

Pups are 7 weeks old

We think, he will be good for schutzhund work

What ever they get a hold off

they do not like to let go

This is Evita

Puppies are a little bit then over six weeks old

Each day they become more active

It is so nice to watch them play

what he gets a hold off,

he does not let go so fast

Our Evita is just the same

He also has very interesting markings

Beautiful eyes

These puppies are special to us

Puppies are 5 weeks and three days old

Efendi and Evita


Today we had a beautiful sunshine day

For the first time our two little ones

were able to go outside

Sure, they are still small,

but they are full of action

She looks so much like her Dad in the face

The boy already is barking,

when someone goes up the stairs

Puppies are five weeks old

Two days ago they started to play with each other

Evita can get very aggressive at times

Puppies are 3 weeks old

and having a mind of her own

We also believe, that she did inherit the nice big head from Buddy

Our two puppies are 11 days old

This is our little girl Evita

At first she was the one, we thought would not make it

These two puppies are special puppies. Because of an incident with Indra and one of our horses the puppies were born almost one week too early. The six littermates did not make it. Together with Indra and the rest of our two legged family we struggled for the survival of these puppies in the last six days. The way it looks, we think - we hope -, that we will win this struggle. Both puppies drink without any help since yesterday. Evita`s birth weight was only 270 g and Efendi`s was 320 g. They started to gain a little weight. At first we really did not think that these puppies would make it. The girl was even worse off then the little boy.As of yesterday we do have hope again.

Mama Indra was doing well the second day after this tragedy had happened. She is a special girl and as you can see, she makes special puppies. These two are the living proof.

The whole family likes to thank the owners of House-Barrett dogs and visitors of our webpage, who were concerned about Indra`s health and the health of her puppies. They were sending emails and keeping their fingers crossed for them to make it. We will keep everybody updated on the development of these two survivers