Funny von der Martinskapelle, born: 3rd of September 2009, BH, AD, HD-normal, ED-normal, show title in the yough class: V

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Pedigree of Funny:

Sire: Yakko vom Haus Barret, born: 15th of Mai 2008

SchH 1 - KKL1, HD-fast normal, ED-normal

Pictures of Yakko here

and pictures of Funny and Yakko here!

Pedigree of Yakko


Ucci, Unico-Carlos, Urgan, Ulany, Uli, Uliesel, Ulissa, Uljana, Usie, Utopia

Last update on July 27th, 2018

Here we see the male Unico-Carlos being on vacation

Just a few weeks prior he passed the "BH trial". Congratulations. His owner decided on a short notice to show him at a show, which was held for all breeds two weeks ago

First show and already so sucessful. Not only did he make first place in his class, he also received the title "Best of the show" on that day, after he had to compete with the other breeds, who came in 1st place. His owner could not believe what had happened. Again Congratulations!. It is nice to have such a success with a family member. Her dog means everything to her. She just had shown him out of fun. Not too long ago we uploaded news about the young male "Yazoo", which just had passed the IPO1. He also is mainly kept as a family dog. But we must say, that boh dogs have all the qualities what this breed is all about and both dogs are loved with or without success. When we look at the offsprings of Funny and Yakko, we know, that this combination was a well chosen one. Not only are the males exreme beautiful and smart, also the females, if we look at the females further below.

Boy, so many trophies. Unico-Carlos, we believe, does not even know what had happened, but patiently he poses for the camera

November 6th, 2017

Ucci is doing great! According to his owners he is the perfect family dog and they would not want to miss him for anything in the world

Urgan is also doing very well

September 28th, 2016

A few days after their second birthday we received these two beautiful pictures of Uljana`s brother Unico-Carlos. Beatiful young male!

August 30th, 2016

Two year old "Uljana vom Haus Barrett" received the title "V1" in the working class at an SV show on 28th of August 2016

Only dogs can receive this title, which also have the title "IPO1", had been x-rayed and are two years old

We achived our goal with Uljana. Already we dream of Uljana/Gino puppies. If nature is on our side this will happen in the near future

August 24th, 2016

Uli with Jady and friend

Her birthday present, a big bone. We see her with Jade, also a House-Barrett

We are so happy, that we do have the girl Uljana. We hope, that in the near future Uljana and Gino will be parents! These puppies would be more "human" than "dogs"

August 14th, 2016

Uljana is presenting herself so proud in the ring

Marion with Uljana, she received the title "SG1" at a county show of Rheinland-Pfalz

21st of July 2016

Uljana had been shown this year

two times and received good places

Not only had she been shown

She also did pass the IPO1 recently

She is such a beautiful girl

We do hope that by the time her Mom goes out of the breeding program, she will be able to enrich our breeding program

These two pictures were taken

at an F.C.I show not too long ago

These pictures were taken

during the process of her being trained

for IPO1. She also had been x-rayed and received in both HD and ED "Excellent"

30th of December 2015

Ucci is doing great

He loves cool glasses!

Jacko came for Christmas all the way from Florida. Just for two days. We had a wonderful time. Here we see him together with our new "couple" Gino and Uljana. Gino relaxing! Maybe he had something to drink already?

Last update on 22nd of December 2015

The beautiful 18 months old Uljana had been successful last Saturday

She passed her first BH trial and also received the HD and ED results:

Both "excellent"

We do have big plans with her in the future. On this picture we see her with her friend "Flash"

Saturday the 10th of October 2015

Uli loves to play

What a beautiful girl. On that picture she looks like her Mom

These are familiar pictures, when we see Barretts

with Balls and in water


has a pretty dark mask

like her Mom

and she is so proud just like her Mom

Pictures of Uliesel

and Reagan again

This time we did not make any pictures of our Uljana

As soon as we get the results back from the HD and ED,

we will make new pictures and announce

the results on this page. According to the Vet her x-rays look good!

May 5th, 2015

How fast the time goes

and how fast these puppies have grown

Typical House-Barrett puppies

Full of life and very playful

On the pst six pictures we do see

Ucci. What a beautiful young male! Perfect stand!


is also doing very well

His owners are in love

with their boy

Urgan has kept his dark mask! Beautiful big head he has!

Uljana had been taken for the first time to a show and came in 1st place. She is a character. The other day Hundemama did find her on the kitchen counter. How she did get up there? No idea!. Sometimes we think, she has springs underneeth her paws. There also have been times she was put in check by our elderly dogs, especially Tyson and Gino do not tolerate her behavior. She does get very fresh sometimes with them!

January 21st, 2015

Unico-Carlos looks

a lot like our Jenny`s Uljana

Ears are up, not straight yet, but this will change as soon as he is finished with teething

January 15th, 2015

Ucci helps with the wood

For the first time we mated Yakko and Funny

and we are very pleased so far

how these puppies are developing

These pictures were taken between November 2014

and January 2015

Ucci, beautiful and proud looking boy

Ulany is such a cute looking girl

Urgan learns

from his friend, how to digg holes


just like her sisters and brothers has beautiful pigmentation

Ulissa`s ears

are already standing

Usie at her new house

This is the girl, Jennifer picked out for herself

She was supposed to be just a family dog,

but she is really keeping Jennifer busy, always

is up to no good and on top of that,

she is so smart and she is developing very nicely. So, the way

it looks right now, most likely it will be Hundeama`s new task to train her when the time comes

and maybe one of these days she will

turn out to be a perfect successor of her Mom Funny

October 31st, 2014

Ucci, and his littermates


Ulany, here with her new Barrett-friend Mia,

Uli, wich her halfsister Jady,

Uliesel, makes new friends,


Uljana, with her Mom Funny,

Usie and last but not least

Utopia, sleeping together with her new little friend.

October 17th, 2014

Ucci is our wildest puppy in this litter

Unico-Carlos is "in between", not too wild, not too calm

Urgan has a very nice temperament

Ulany also has a nice temperament with a good play drive

Uli is very alert in interested in everything

Uliesel ist just like her bother Ucci, pretty much on the wild side

Ulissa has a nice temperament with a good play drive

Uljana has a nice temperament. She will be living with the daugher Jennifer together with the Mom Funny

Usie also a very alert girl

Utopia plays pretty rough with her littermates at times

Last update on October 12th

Boy, now the time has come,

when the puppies are really getting active

When they see shoes,

they just want to pull on the strings

and bite into the jeans

She looks so innocent!

We really do not know, what Hundemama is talking about

Do we!

We are such cute puppies,

wait until we move into our new homes! It won`t be long!

October 6t

These puppies are doing great

The time has come to give them another dewormer

and also to mark each one,

so we can tell them better apart

in order to watch their temperament

and playdrive

We always want to make sure,

that each puppy fits with the new owner

This is very important,

so both family and puppy

will have a wonderful life together

We can tell so far, that all of the puppies will make great family dogs

Not one puppy shows itself dominant

We just love them!