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Z-litter, born on 4th of January 2016

Cheyenne vom Haus Barrett, born 3rd of January 2012, KKl 1, IPO 1, AD, HD-normal, ED-normal, V

More pictures of Cheyenne and Nex

Sire: Buddy vom Kuckucksland, born 17th of May 2007, SchH 3, AD, KKL1, HD-fast normal, ED-normal

Show title: V

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Zafiro, Zorro, Zakia, Zala, Ziva, Zita, Zorah

Last update on February 19th of February 2017

Not too long ago we received these four pictures of Zafiro. Another beautiful Buddy son

15th of July 2016

Zorro at his first show. He done very well. He came in 2nd place. We hope, that we will get him for training, so he can enrich our breeding program in the future

Zorro, he looks so much like his Mom and yet has the nice head from his Dad

These pictures above of little Zala had been taken just after she moved into her new home

24th of March 2016

Puppies have been a few weeks in their new home

Little Zakia

is doing great

Ziva is still with us

Her new owner is still on vacation in the States

Soon she will be picked up

She is such a cute girl

Big "Zita"

keeps her company

Both puppies are being socialized by Dagmar

and her friend Dörthe

The other day they took both puppies to a flea market,

which was held in the town near by

Both puppies done so well

Everyone wanted to pet them

Zita is such a big girl

We have to watch out for Zita

She loves to eat

She looks so much like her Dad

First picture of Zorah after the arrival in her new home

Zorah with her new owner

We just love the way our Cheyenne/Buddy-puppies are developing

Here we see Zora with her new friend

February 28th, 2016

Zafiro is a very active male

Zorro is a little less active, but not that much

Zakia has a very nice playdrive

Zala is a very sweet little girl, not too active

Ziva is extreme active, she loves to bite and play. She will be great for schutzhund activities

Zita is also active

The same goes for Zorah

We believe, that all of these puppies have an extreme good play-drive and they are very smart

February 23rd, 2016

These puppies are so wild

They do not leave the blankets alone

and for sure not the water bowls

They love to take the water out of the bowls

and then carry the bowl around

But they are so cute

Sometimes they act like little devils,

but we really cannot be mad at them

This puppy is a boy

and this a girl

Another cute little girl

February 14th, 2016

The puppies have grown so much

and are very active,

so we decided to give them more room

This is one of our little boys

The girls are pretty much all the same,

except of one girl,

which is very lovable and like to be hold

This is another boy

Here we have two pictures

which show our lovable little girl

They are doing so fine

February 7th, 2016

Cheyenne does not look that happy

We think, that she is not sure, if she wants to go to her puppies or not

They are getting pretty wild

For a few minutes

she gives them a chance to drink,

but only for a few minutes

She just left them

They cannot believe, that Mom went away so fast

These puppies are watching their littermates mess with each other

Nobody wants to give in

They want to find out,

who is the strongest

This one even showed the other puppy his teeth

This boy is watching them two from the distance

This is also a boy, he can get pretty wild at times

We have a more calm boy and a wild little boy

This one found a marrow bone

and guess what, right away the other puppy tries to take this bone away from him

House shoes do attrack all puppies. It is so funny!

January 31st, 2016

Today we made lots of pictures

of our puppies

They are so cute

Whenever we have time

we go into their room

and watch them

They are starting to play

with each other

But what is very funny,

when we talk to them,

they just sit and listen

And of course

they enjoy being held

kissed and huged

For our foto shooting

they even sat still

for a few seconds

What a cute little bear

This one is so funny

Its a little boy and we are sure,

that he will grow up into a

BIG TEDDY BEAR! Just like his Dad "Buddy"

24th of January 2016

What a beautiful mixture,

great pigmentation from the Mom

and the good bone structure

and the beautiful heads from Dad Buddy

They have developed great

in the last week

Such beautiful puppies again,

we sure are very pleased with their development

A few days ago they had received

their first dewormer

and now the time has come

for them to recognize,

that they are not alone

Here we see a boy and a girl

17th of January 2016

We are very sorry,

but today was something wrong with our camera

Some of the pictures did not turn out that well,

but everyone can see,

how wonderful these puppies are doing

Big and strong puppies

We hardly cannot wait until they are older

and we can watch them play outside

At this time they still sleep most of the time

Of course they are awake right away as soon as Mom steps in the room

This page had been opened on January 10th, 2016

As soon as they smell Mom nearby,

they start looking for her

and it will not take too long

and they will find her

Now everyone tries to get to the milk bar

as fast as possible. One even tries to get through her front legs

As soon as one gets a hold of one,

he will not let go anymore!