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Nex, one of our sires. He iis three and a half years old now. He grew up into a very big sire. He is boarder line. His new "girl-friend" is Cheyenne. If nature is on our side, then both of them will be a "couple" this summer

Before we announce our two new summer litters,

we like to introduce the parents of our first planned litter,

Having so much fun!

Cheyenne loves to mess with everybody. On this picture she took the leash in her mouth and wanted to lead Nex, but he showed her, that he did not like this behavior

When Nex was young he had a brown mask. Now he has a pretty much dark face

Cheyenne is the offspring of our dam Romy and the granddaughter of Tyson

She has an extreme nice red and black pigmentation

and a beautiful face

She has a very good bone structure

and she has a nice conformation

Cheyenne is two years old

and this will be her first litter. Since she is an active female

and Nex is a more calm male, we believe, that they make a perfect couple

Nex has an extreme nice conformation and he is very proud and has a lot of expression

Last year he received the highest title "IPO 3"

Since he is border line. when it comes to the size and Cheyenne is also a big female,

we believe, that the offspring of Nex and Cheyenne

will be big dogs

They will have very nice hair

a lot of expression

They will have big bone structure and beautiful

red and black pigmentation and beautiful faces

Nex is the brother to our dam Nixe und when we look at her offspring ,

our present a-litter and our young male "Gino" we see the quality of their bloodline

Nex vom Kuckucksland

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