Buddy vom Kuckucksland

A breeder friend of mine took me to her kennel a few weeks ago to show a beautiful puppy to me, which she thought looks a lot like our "Tyson". She indeed was right. I fall in love with this puppy just as I did with Tyson when I picked him out of our T-litter a few years ago. After I seen this puppy I started to studdy his bloodline and found out, that he would fit perfect to some of our females we have, if he ever would pass all the requirements for breeding. I decided to buy him and keep him at least for the first year. I hope, that he will develop well, so I can keep him for good.

He is extremely beautiful with the same deep rich red and black pigmentation as Tyson has. He also has an extremely big head with a beautiful face. This kind of face I love in a good looking German Shepherd. A wide forehead with a big short muzzle.

In September 2007 I would like to show him in a show of the ASVD.

Our plans with him for the year 2007 will be to have him pre-xrayed and get him used to everything and everyone, so he will be a well socialized young male. Since he is already very big, I will cut down on his food to make sure, that he will grow not too fast and he also will have to swim in our Pool regularly. Swimming is the best exercise for young dogs with the least strength on their bones. Hopefully he will develop like our Tyson did. I named him Buddy, because I think he is a true "Buddy".

We had Buddy pre-x-rayed for HD and ED. Both according to his age looks very promising

Buddy in December,

after he had passed his first obedience trial

Last update on 7th of November 2008

Buddy has been x-rayed for HD and ED and the results came back with HD-fast normal and ED normal. He also passed the obedience trial and is being trained at the moment for SchH 1. He did receive his breeding papers and if we are lucky see progeny from him in the year 2009. We already opened up for him a "sire-page". You can read the information of his Pedigree on this sire-page.

Last update on March 20th, 2008

Only 2 /2 months had gone by

since the last pictures of Buddy were taken

As you can see,

the young male develped very well

He is now 10 months old

and has an extremly strong bone structure

His preydrive is very high

and of course "Hundemama" is very proud of him

He has a very masculine head

which is extreme for his age

The two last pictures

were taken of Nora and Buddy

Last update on January 11th, 2008

More and more our Buddy

reminds us of our "Gustl von der Köhlertanne",

He has such a masculine head like Gustl does

He has great pigmentation and has a very strong built bone structure

He has a very good temperament

If he keeps developing like he did in the past few months we will have another great sire in the future again, which brings in fresh blood for our dams

November 26th of November

As you can see,

Buddy did get pretty big

in the last few months

He still has his beautiful pigmentation

and of course a beautiful masculine head

He loves to play

Selina, the owner of Honey took these pictures

Here he runs with Honey

September 24th of 2007 Buddy was shown at a show in Pforzheim on 23rd of September 2007 for the first time in the Baby-class. Among quie a few Baby-puppies he came into first place. Have a look!

Buddy moving very smooth

One ear up and one down

He is teething at the moment

Last update on 3rd of September 2007

Athos is loosing his puppy coat and getting new teeth. One ear fall down again. Since our last update he has grown quite a bit, but we make sure, that he stays slim

10h of August 2007

Buddy already has his first swim lesson

As you can see, he learns very fast

I like to mention here again, that swimming for puppies is very good for their bones, joints and ligaments. Also they should kept very slim throughout the first year

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