Nex vom Kuckucksland

born on 29th of July 2010

sire: V Roy Terrae Lupiae, dam: Paula vom Kuckucksland

Nex and his sister Nixe

Update in fall of 2013 Meanwhile Nex received the highest title in schutzhund, which is IPO3. We are very proud of him. In spring of 2013 we raised puppies from him for the first time. We met some of the puppies on our hike and indeed the puppies turned out into very big young dog with a very good comformation. We already see, that Nex inherits masculine and big puppies. We had one litter with our "Nixe". Unfortunately only one puppy, but this is a special puppy. We kept him and he turned out into a "2nd Tyson". Please view our g-litter. At this time we can truly say, that both dogs "Nixe" and "Nex" inherit very well. Gino had been x-rayed for HD and ED and according to the Vet he should be rated free of HD and ED. We will announce the raiting after we have received it.

Update on 6th of March 2012 Nex has received the titles for BH and endurance trial. Nex and his sister Nixe had been shown at other SV shows. Both of the dogs received the title "V".

This page has been opened on November 5th, 2011

Nex`s HD-status and ED-status both are excellent (HD-normal in German).

Hundemama started to train Nex about two months ago. This winter she would love to pass the BH and AD trial with him and his sister. Nex - his calling name is Rocky - is a very smart male. He loves to be trained. Anybody who knows Dagmar, knows, that she likes to train her dogs in a short period of time, but she only is capable of doing this, when the dog has the potential for that. Not only is her goal to breed good looking dogs with a lot of pride, for her it is also very important to breed dogs, who are smart, who learn easy and who love to please their masters. On the other hand, she always says, her kind of dogs are no dogs to train with a rough method. They aer so smart, will never forget, if somebody treats them wrong. We love doing schutzhund work with our dogs, but only as a sport. They cannot be compared to the dogs out of the working line. These dogs are usually bred for high competition and for police work.

We love to train our dogs using their play-drive, using their smartness, train them with treats, with clicker for rescue etc. When we buy new blood, sometimes we do not introduce the puppies right away on our webpage. Since we look for a certain temperament, for certrain qualities, we have to make sure, that these new dogs have the qualities a "House-Barrett puppy" has been known for, like carrying shoes around, mail, everything they can find, throwing the bone in front of your feet - like saying, come on play with me!. Loving water and so on and on. These qualities a dog has to have in order to become a sire or a dam for House-Barrett. It takes several months to find out, if the dogs have these qualities or not. Especially when Dagmar starts training them, then she gets to know them even more, just as it is with Nex know. This is the reason why training is important to be a part of the breeding program. While training a dog, it will show the breeder the negative and positive sides of the dog. When we choose a breeding partner, then we make sure that both dogs have not the same negatives. Breeding is not so easy. It is easy to bring two dogs together and have a litter, but it is not easy to bring the right ones together.

When we purchased Nex and Nixe, we thought, that we had a great chance to have purchased two dogs with these qualities, but we did not know for sure, so we thought it is best to wait until they have developed and then introduce them on our webpage. According to the bloodline they had good chances to develop into great dogs, but since we are dealing with nature, things can turn out different. We know, we have had a lot of experience in the past.

Just a few days ago we took "Nex" and his sister "Nixe" to an SV show. Both dogs received a very good judge report

So far they have developed even better then expected. Nex turned out to be a very big and tall male.

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with the age of 15 months

Nex in our yard

trying to get to his toy

Nex is a very large and big boned male

with a very nice face and masculine head

At our dog place

during the training for the BH trial

Very alert

and beautiful

On this picture he is in the progress of a coat-change

We are sure, that his coat will grow back into a nice long coat like it was a few months ago

These pictures were taken

during a show several months ago

He was 12 months old


has an extreme beautiful confirmation

He has a high wither

a straight front

a beautiful dark mask

Nice stand

During the show

The following pictures show Nex

with little "BJ"

You can tell, that they have same bloodline in them, look at these paws

Nex is a very friendly male

He was 7 months old,

when these pictures were taken

Nex with 11 weeks

His ears made him look like a clown

My discribtion fits him, aleady at this age he carried everything around

Dagmar just loves dogs like this, they have their own character, she always says. They are not just only dogs