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W-litter, born 20th of January 2018

Orca vom Haus Barrett, born 9th of May 2010, KKl 1,

SchH2, HD-excellent, ED-excellent,

Show title: V

Sire: Uran vom Chickhofft,

born. 8th of June 201

- IPO1 - KKL1, HD-normal, ED-normal,

show title V


Weedo, Winnie-Pooh, Woody, Wendy, Winja

Last update on 23rd of January 2023

A few days ago Winja and her littermates celebrated their fifth birthday. We wish them the very best

25th of January 2022

Here we see Wendy and Macho - a son of Olympia and Gino -

A few pictures of Weedo in the summer time and in the winter time

The girl Winja is also doing very well. Another year has passed and four days ago the W-Barretts celebrated their fourth birthday

January 21st, 2021

Yesterday the progeny of Orca and Uran celebrated their third bithday

Weedo loves to play in the snow

Winja is a female with lots of energy. Just like her Mom Orca, which is going on 11 years old and still doing so well


We wish them the very best, most of all we wish them health and lots of joy with their families

January 27th, 2019

These youngsters had celebrated their first birthday last week

Weedo is doing great. He always loves to carry a toy in his mouth

Wendy is such a proud young female

and so is her sister "Winja". Her owner always says: "Every day with her is a present from above"

For us it is nice to know, that our Barretts are doing so good and that they are being loved and well taking care off!

9th of November 2018

Wendy, 9 months old

Winja, 9 months old

Congratulations to both girls Wendy and Winja. Both had passed the "socialization test" last weekend, which is a new requirement of the German Shepherd Club (SV) here in Germany for all GSD between the age of 9 and 13 months. The judge was very impressed by Wendy, which had bonded and listened to Hundemama very well during this test. She found solutions on her own when it was getting a little difficult, like to find hidden ball and get this ball out from underneeth a nailed down box.

If anyone is interested to find out more obout this new test. Please go to YouTube and give in the word "Wesensbeurteilung SV". This new test will help the dogs to get socialized better by their owners during the first year. A lot of families believe, that keeping the puppy or the young dog at home in the house and yard is enough for the development of the dog. No, it is not!! The puppy needs to know everything about the world we live in in order to be able to develop into a confident dog and therefor we believe, that this is very good, that the GSD SV club in Germany put this requirement on all breeders from now on and not only on breeders, everyone here in Germany can do this test with their dog

Winja during the first 6 months

Woody was the smallest male in this litter. Meanwhile he has developed into a very beautiful and strong looking male with a beautiful masculine head

His brother "Winnie-Pooh" is also doing very well

The above pictures show Weedo during the time of being socialized

Why do shoes always attrack these puppies?

Here we see Weedo with his owner during a little training and bonding with food. A very good exercise for these little ones. For the young dog it does not seem like work. They love it

Weedo is being loved so much

May 21st, 2018

Weedo is doing great and as we can see, he has a very good play drive

For food Winnie-Pooh does everything. It is very easy to teach him new things and reward him with food, his owner says

These pictures above show Wendy how she learns new things and gets to know new objects. She always gets rewarded for everything she does

Winja is full of life. She loves to play and on some pictures she looks like she was laughing. She is a very smart girl, her owner says and she brings lots of joy to her

Last update on 19th of March 2018

Weedo with his new HAPPY owner. For the second time she is receiving a BARRETT now

Winnieh-Pooh wir his new owner. The same goes for him. For the second time he is receiving a BARRETT now. His Rusty was 14 years old, when he passed.

Woody with his new family. For the first time they are owners of a BARRETT now

Winja with her new HAPPY owner. She also received a BARRETT now for the 2nd time.

Last but not least little fisty "Wendy". She will stay at House-Barrett and if nature is on the House-Barrett side, she will enrich the breeding program one of these days and therefor will keep the Orca-line going

14th of March 2018

Puppies turned seven weeks old last weekend

Weedo has a nice playdrive, but yet also a very nice temperament

Winnie-Pooh is also active and already he shows, that he has his own head

Woody is the smallest male with a nice temperament

This is the girl "Wendy" and she is the wildest puppy in this litter. She will stay at House-Barrett. She will be another challenge for Dagmar. These two pictures speak of themselves

Winja, we believe will favor her "Dad". She has a nice temperament

4th of March 2018

Puppies just turned six weeks yesterday

These pictures above show our girls

and the pictures below our male puppies

All puppies are doing great. They received their last dewormer yesterday and today. Next week will be a week of relaxing, before we take them to the Vet and before they get chiped the week after next. Then they will be ready to go into their new homes.