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C-litter Team Barrett

Dam: Olympia vom Altenberger Landt, born 29th of June 2008 , KKl 1, VPG I, HD-normal, ED-normal
Show title: V

Sire: Diaz von Veterinaria, 27th of April 2011 - IPO 3 - KKL1, HD-normal, ED-normal

Show title: "V"


Cash, Chico, Cylaz, Cyrus, Candy, Chiara, Cierra

Last update in April 2021 We took our dam Chiara out of our breeding program at the end of 2020. Chiara is doing very fine. Since her brother "Chico" has become a sire, we most likely will use him for one of our Barrett girls in the near future to keep this bloodline going. We also have two wonderful boys from her here in Germany. If one of them will receive breeding papers in the next few years, we are sure, that he will be the sire of one of our litters in the future. We will introduce these two boys at a later time

Last update on 9th of October 2017

These pictures of Chiara were taken in July 2017. We are very pleased with the progeny of Diaz. We will go in Diaz`s bloodline again with one of our dams in the near future. Almost this whole c-litter had been x-rayed and were rated healthy

Last update on August 5th, 2020

The sire "Chico vom Team Barrett" passed the breeding Survey for lifetime in August 2020

Chico had been shown at the world champion ship show of the GSD in 2018 and 2019. For this little girl he is her companion. This is how it should be. The family comes first

Our dam Chiara can be proud of her sisters and brothers. They had been very successful over the past years. The parents of the c-litter, Olympia and Diaz did proof, that the decision to mate these two dogs together, was a very good decision

Cash, her brother, had also been successful in 2017

August 14th, 2016

Chiara had birthday not too long ago, she turned two years old, so we wanted to show her one more time, so she would be able to receive a "V" rating, which dogs cannot receive under two years old. She presented herself very well and received the title "V2". Below we see the judge congratulated our friend Marion, who did show her very well. He really likes Chiara`s body structure and especially how straight she was in front and back. During this ceronomy he made this command to my friend, she said!

With her receiving this title, we accomplished our goal with this beautiful dam. Not only had she been sbown in Germany, also in Holland and the USA over the past two years and received great titiles. View further below. Now the time has come for her to enrich our breeding program and we do hope, that in the near future we will be able to announce the successful breeding of Chiara with the sire "Buddy vom Kuckucksland". So keep an eye on our "upcoming litter page" for any news

Chiara had been successful again. Not only she she pass IPO1 a few weeks ago. Yesterday she was pesented at a champion ship show in Holland

and received "SG 3" in her class

We had shown her at that show, because her Dad "Diaz" had been shown as well

April 11th, 2016

Chiara also had been shown

at the youth show of the SV

this passed weekend

She presented herself vey well

Hundemama had been very busy with her in the last few months

She is preparing Chiara at this time for the IPO1

She is doing well,

so we hope, that soon Chiara will be able to pass this trial successfully

In the show ring she was successful yesterday. She received the title "SG1"

Not only was she successful, also her brother Chico. He had been shown at another show two weeks ago and received "SG2" and he also had passed the BH trial yesterday. Congratulations to his owner!

It might be, that Chiara together with her half sister Gina will be shown at a Siegershow in Holland this coming July! We will keep you updated

November 25th, 2015

We met this nice young Lady at the Siegershow in Nürnberg last September. Her name was also Chiara and she wanted that we take a picture with her and our "Chiara"

At a show of the SV here in Germany, the sister of Chiara,

her name is Candy came into 1st place. Congratulations to the owner!

We are very pleased with the development of the Olympia/Diaz puppies.

Candy, Cash and Cyrus meanwhile had been x-rayed and according to the Vet they should receive a good result. We will announce their result as soon as the owners have received them.

A few pictures of Cash

Chiara came in 2nd place at an Easter show here in Germany. She will be shown again next week and at the world championship show of the SV at the beginning of September 2015

Cyrus is also developing very well

June 7th, 2015

On the weekend of May 15th, 2015 Chiara received in the class "Senior puppy class LC" the title "VP2"

Just before we went to the show, Hundemama made her looking "nice"

Beautiful Chiara

From the first day on Suzette, our friend from Chicago

fall in love with Chiara, because she has such a sweet personality

These two pictures were taken during the show

What a nice stand

Chico, her brother,

developed into a beautiful young male

The brother Cyrus is learning how to bite,

The trainer is very good and taking it easy with him

Most of all for the trainer it is important

to earn the dog`s trust

Cyrus received the bate

and looks very proud

The sister "Candy" had been shown at a show here in Germany. She also came in 2nd place. Congratulations to her owner

The sister Cierra is living in a family

and her owner said that she is the sweetest GSD,

he has ever met. We are so happy with the development of all of this Olympia progeny

31st of March 2015

The other day we met for "ringtraining"

and we took some more pictures

of our 8 months old Chiara

She is developing very well, especially when it comes to temperament and looks

She is very open and not afraid of anything

We make sure, that she stays within her weight limit, so she grows very slowly

At this time she weighs about close to 50 pounds being 8 months old

Her legs are straight and she does not have to carry any extra "fat" around, so her back is very tight. We plan to show her in April for the first time

She is very alert

and also very beautiful. We are impressed with Olympia`s progeny and at this time we are thinking about a new sire for Olympia, when she gets bred again this summer. And maybe we will keep a male out of her next litter. We will see!

15th of March 2015

Chico`s hips had been pre-xrayed at they looked very good, so now

he can "play" from time to time at the dog place, but not too much, because he is still very young

Cash has also a very nice play drive

According to his owner, he is doing really great!!!

Today the time has come to give an update

on our Chiara

She is developing very well

She has an extreme high play drive

and is not afraid of anything

Very nice body structure, beautiful conformation and also very nice coat. We will continue with updates over the next months

Her sister Cierra

is also doing very fine

Maybe both dogs will be shown at one of our upcoming shows

in 2015.

Candy makes her owner very proud

On short horse riding tours she accompanies her owner

She is also very lovable

Cash is a smart boy

He learned so much already

But all of these task he learned with being motivated either with treats or toys

Cylaz is also doing well

and so is his brother Cyrus. We hope to see him in the USA this coming May

14th of January 2015

Cash is developing

very well

His brother Cyrus

learned alot already

Candy is such a sweet girl

and she has such a nice conformation


her first time in the snow

November 25th, 2014

This time we wanted to show a few more pictures

of Chiara,

the little girl we kept out of the c-litter

She is doing great

She is a little fisty girl,

which is not afraid of anything

Even when we correct her and let her know certain things are "no, no"

She looks at us innocent, like she did not do anything!

November 7th, 2014

Puppies have been in their homes several weeks now

These puppies are doing so great, according to their owners

they are not afraid of anything. They love the water,

they get along with four legged and two legged friends

as you see here. This is Cash

They love to play

He brings back the toy already

They also love to give kisses

Cash with 14 weeks old

What a nice looking puppy, very alert and proud

Loves to play

brings back things

Mom teaches him already how to "heel" with treats. Just great!!!!


with his little friend

Cylaz with his Dad "Diaz"

Cylaz went on vacation

right after he was picked up from our house

Cyrus just a few days after he arrived in the United States

Getting to know other dogs

Like all the other puppies,

he loves the water

can`t get enough from it

and also loves to hold on to things

and of course other things as well. Let`s see how long this will last! As we always say, when a puppy is smart and the puppy will not be occupied, they occupy themselves and they always will find something to play with

Cylaz about 15 weeks old

Candy was the wildest girl and she still is.

Her new family has to have a lot of patience, because she loves to bite

and runs around the house and tries to get into everything

The "Mom" tries to use this play drive to teach her things. She is doing very well. Mom knows, as soon as the teething is over, the puppy will stop with biting. This is just natural behavior for puppies. The owners just have to keep them occupied and play a lot of times tug and war. We call this game.

This is our girl "Chiara"

On that pictures 9 weeks old

We decided to keep her, because she is very calm, but yet also loves to bite and play

We know, that this behavior shows, that she has a high play drive,

she is not afraid of anything

and already with 10 weeks she carries this big toy around

She is doing so well

14 weeks old

These pictures were just taken recently

15 weeks old

When she gets a hold of something, she does not like to let go

anymore. Hundemama bought a nice rag out of leather. She believes, that one of these days

she will be just like her "Mom", when it comes to training

at the dog place

Now pictures of her sister "Cierra",

according to her new family she is such a smart girl,

she is not afraid of anything either, very outgoing,

just a perfect "GSD"

The family is taken her into the park, meeting other dogs,

going with her downtown, all over the place. Because her owner still has to work long hours, her family valunteered to take care of her for the first few months, which we think is perfect. She is not missing out on anything.

Last update on September 25th, September 2014

All the puppies have moved into their new homes. We kept Chiara and we will open up a seperate page for her soon



September 17th, 2014

Puppies have been in their new homes a few days, except of Chiara and Cierra. Cierra will go into her new home this coming Sunday and Chiara will stay with us

Cash together with his new owners

Chico will be going a lot to the training place, once he is an adult dog

Cylaz will be staying with his Dad "Diaz"

We are sure, that we will see Cyrus one of these days at a show again

Candy, our wildest girl, we are sure that she will be great at the training place, once she has grown up

Puppies are 7 weeks old

This time we like to introduce the male puppies with their temperament

We start of with Chico. He has a very nice play-drive. He is laying on top of the stairs

Here is Cyrus. He has a very nice temperament and a good play-drive

He is the biggest male in this litter

We see, that all of these puppies have a very good play-drive

This is our smallest girl and also our most powerful girl.

We hope, that the owners will stay in contact with us to let us know how her training comes along,

once she is an adult dog

Cylaz has a nice temperament, not too wild and not too calm

His new friend will be his Dad "Diaz"

Cash is a very wild boy,

actually the wildest of all

He will also be trained by his new owner

Hundemama has not come to a decision, which female she will keep

She has to wait a few more days to make a decision

But the quality of all three females are extreme good.