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Orca vom Haus Barrett, born 9th of May 2010, KKl, SchH 2, AD, HD-excellent, ED-excellent, Ausstellungsbewertung V

Sire: Tyson vom Haus Barrett, born 2nd Of Dec. 2003,

SchH3, KKl. 1, A-excellent, ED-excellent, Show title: V

More pictures of Tyson


Enzo, Enza

Last update on August 8th, 2016

We started the training with Enza a few weeks ago. She is being prepared for BH trial. She is doing very well

10th, 2016 We have some great news to announce. Enza just received her results from the ED and HD x-ray. For both she received : "excellent", which is called "normal" here in Germany. We are so happy. Now we will show her most likely at the Holland Siegershow in July and also at the main Siegershow in Nürnberg in September. We will keep you updated on her and also Enzo`s development.

Enzo grew up into a beautiful

young male

Of course he has all the qualities of a "True Barrett"

Full of life and spirit

April 11th, 2016

Enza is 11 months old now

She had been shown at the youth show last weekend

and she came in 1st place

Tyson should be very proud of his daughter!

November 25th, 2015

Little Enza, the girl, Hundemama kept from Orca and Tyson

is a true Barrett, just like her Mom Orca, her aunt Cheyenne and her

half sister Romy used to be.

Always up to no good,

but then again looks so innocent,

like she could not do anything wrong

She is extreme smart and also very lovable

We do hope, that this beautiful female will become a "true Haus Barrett dam" one of these days. She also has a friend, whose name is "Joey". We will introduce this little guy in the next few days. So keep an eye on the webpage

July 31st, 2015

Two pictures from our last ASVD show. She had not been shown that day, but just was there to watch. Her friend Joey had been shown and received this trophy

Who ever gets to meet her, falls in love with her. She has this special charisma, just like her Dad Tyson! Wonderful dogs, we are so happy to have such beautiful and smart animals around us! The picture show Enza with Dagmar`s girl-friend Karin

Last update on July 5th, 2015

Since our last update a few days ago,

Enza learned meanwhile how to swim without a swim vest

She knows where to go

to rest

She is so smart, just like her Dad "Tyson"

and her halfbrother "Gino"

June 25th, 2015

This is little Enzo in his new home

Just sleeping away

He is doing great, according to Chris

and soon he will be "sworn in"

Our little Enza got to know what a pool is

She had her little swim vest on, just in case

On the float she feels save

Now she is starting to get comfortable and being curious

She has a friend, his name is "Herros", we call him "Joey",

because he is not afraid of anything and petty fisty, as we can see on this picture.

Sine he is about 6 weeks older then Enza,

he is kept on the leash, so he will not hurt her. Both enjoy the water

We are sure, that one of these days she will show him who the "boss" is

We took her to Asti`s "breeding survey" the other day,

we left some cake on the bench, and without us noticing it.

Enza woke up, smelled the rest of the cake

and as you see, finished it off. She must have a "super nose", because she was sound asleep first!

She is not even 10 weeks old and already quite a character. True Barrett!

June 19th, 2015

Just before take-off at the Airport. Enzo is chilling

Just after his arrival in Atlanta. He did not even do anything in his crate! What a great puppy! We are very proud of our Barretts!

His first meal at his new home. If someone did not know, he would not believe, that Enzo just was on a 10 hour trip

16th of June 2015

Enzo will fly to the States in the next few days.

We hope, that he will make his owner Chris

as happy as his dog "King" made him for many year. Maybe in the near future

little Enzo will wear the page of a "K9 officer" as proud as his halfbrother

King did

As we can see on this picture, he does have the drive to be a "K9 officer". We will update this page regularly in the future

More and more we see the "character"

in both of them puppies

Enzo is more calm, but when he does play and bite,

he does have a very good grip

and he does not want to let go

Today by himself he stepped into the water

Enza is a fisty girl

She favores her mother

Hundemama knows already,

that she will have lots of fun with her

The four following pictures

show our boy Enzo

He does favorite more his Dad

Loves to play and when he gets something in the teeth he does not let go too fast

This sister Enza gets put in the pool by Hundemama

She does not know what to do about that

Boy, this feels funny and strange

She thinks of a way how to get out

Does not take long and she made it!

When we look at her face, we can tell, that she has to "think about what just had happened"

Enzo is watching this adventure from the distance

Since Enza is more like her Mom and nobody scares her that easy,

she is thinking already about a new game

How can she take this bone away from her Mom

Mom Orca is not happy about this and lets her know

Okay, then we just try something else

Let`s drink a little milk

and then try again

This time she won

Yeah, I am a "Barrett" and true Barretts do not give up that fast!

Enza and Enzo

are doing very well

Enza has a little more brown mask at this moment,

we believe, that she will become active

just like her Mom

Both puppies are always hungry

They just love to eat

Enzo has a nice dark mask

and also the brown spot above his eyes

just like his Dad Tyson. We hardly cannot wait for them to get older and for us to watch them play together

When we look at following pictures

we can say,

a beautiful Mom

makes beautiful puppies

and if they have a "Dad" like "Tyson",

this fact makes them special

And if we look at their size,

then we know,

that these puppies will just look

like their parents, once they grow up

If we look at the Indi puppies, they move already around a lot, but they are also

one week older,

but these two they still sleep and eat most of the time

This is a picture of Enzo

What a beautiful Mom!