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Orca vom Haus Barrett, born 9th of May 2010, KKl 1,

SchH2, HD-excellent, ED-excellent,

Show title: V

Sire: Gino vom Haus Barrett, born: 28th of July 2012, KKL1

IPO3, HD-normal (excellent), ED-normal (excellent)

Show title: V


Karabash, Kaspian, Kimba, Kody, Kosmo, Kala, Kara, Kasima, Kathy, Keyla

Last update on 17th of September 2022

Here we see the female Kala with her other two- and four-legged friends. They had been on vacation

As mentioned below, Kaspian has been very successful in the US in recent years. A portrait was created for him as shown on the right
The parents Orca and Gino can be very proud of their offspring

We do hope, that we will have luck and Gino will be one more time a "Dad" in the near future. He is going on 11 years already.

We will try and do our best, that this will happen very soon!

2nd of November 2021

Karabash celebrating his 6th birthday

Kaspian is also doing very well. Over the past 6 years he received lots of titles. His owner is very proud of him. Some of these pictures were taken during training session and shows

For the future we wish them all the very best

8th of November 2020

Karabash and his littermates just turned five years old the other day. Congratulations for their birthday. We wish them the best, most of all HEALTH

Kaspian is doing great. Meanwhile he achieved all the titles a dog in schutzhund training can receive. The last one was IPO3

5th of November 2019

The K-dogs are celebrating their 4th birthday today. The first five pictures show the male Karabash and the picture to the right the male Kimba. Karabash favors his Mom and Kimba the Dad when it comes to looks and expression and playdrive

Kaspian is an exceptional dog when it comes to Schutzhund work.. He favors both his Mom and Dad. Meanwhile he has passed the highest trial, IPO3. Congratulations to the owner

December 8th, 2018

Karabash is the joy of his owner

Kimba is also doing very well. He is being trained at the local dog place

These are the last pictures we received of Kosmo. He is living with a big four-legged and two-legged family

The girl Kara is very fisty. Here we see her with her Barrett friend

The male "Karabash" had been trained over the last 9 months and has received several titles. Also the IPO 3 title not too long ago. I am sure, that one of these days, we will maid one of our females with him. We have plans to meet with him in November, make new pictures and will upload these pictures on this page in December 2018

December 14th, 2017

Kathy has developed into a "dream dog" her owner says. Just like her sisters and brothers. No wonder with coming from these beautiful parents!

November 19th, 2017

Karabash is doing great. He loves the water, just like all Orca progeny

Kara looks so much like her Mom Ora and her half sister Enza

A few days ago we received an Email to let us know, that the below Kaspian had passed his BH trial. Congratulations to the owner!

May 6th, 2017

The youngsters of the K-litter are doing great

Pictures during the performance of Kaspian at the Siegershow in the USA in April 2017

Congratulations to Ray and Thank you to Marion for showing Kaspian on that day. We all had a wonderful time together

Marion and Kaspian to the left

Two nice pictures of Karabash, taken during last winter

A Chrismas photo taken of Kosmo and family

This picture had been taken on a walk with Keyla. She is doing great

Kala together with family and friend during a walk throuth the woods

November 23rd, 2016

Youngsters just celebrated their first birthday a few weeks ago

We received these two pictures of the girl Keyla after we had updated this page. She is living with her family in the blackforest and the whole family just loves her so much, they wrote to us in an Email. They are so happy to have her

Karabash is a typical Barrett dog

Always up to no good

He would die for a ball

Kaspian had been very successful over the past 12 months

Here we see Kaspian with his owners, Hundemama and Marion

Not too long ago they have met in Florida. This recently certificate shows, that he made first place again

Kosmo is celebrating his first birthday, of course with a birthday cake

Where did the one piece go? Do you have it, he says?

Kathy is a very nice girl

Kara is a devil, according to her owner. She already has Barrett-Beverly and she was bad in the first year, but Kara keepy her very busy. But the owner knows, that this will change as she gets older.

25th of July 2016

Puppies between the 3rd and 8th months

This is Kody

with his shorhair friend


is also doing very well

Here we see Kimba at home, just relaxing. Barretts make great family dogs!

Not only do they make great family dogs,

they are so beautiful. Here we see Kaspian, he is the love of his owner

They both enjoy the beach in Florida

Yesterday he received the title "best puppy" at a local show in Florida

Congratulations! Hundemama will meet up with him soon!

4th of February 2016

Puppies have been in their new homes for one month

On the first pictures

we see Karabash with his new friend

Already getting fresh with him

When Barretts do sleep, they are the sweetest little animals


is also doing very well

He loves to carry sticks around already

Kimba also has a new friend living with him in his new home

Not only Kimba, also the boy Kody is not alone at his new home

This picture of Kosmo was just taking a few days ago

This shows Kosmo when he first arrived in his new home

What a wonderful place!


is watching everything

Such a cute girl

Her ears are starting to get up there already

Kala also has a new friend

Beautiful girl

Here we see Beverly, a daughter of Funny and Buddy, with her

new Barrett friend

named Kara

Loves Joghurt

These pictures were taking

on the way to her new home

Just sleeping away

It took a few weeks until Beverly excepted her new friend

Kasima also came into

a wonderful new home

What a beautiful girl!!!

She loves them sticks

Kasima just resting

She is interested in everything

Here we see Kathy

just shortly after the arrival in her new home

This picture was just taking recently

Keyla loves her pillow

and also the frist snow

and she of course loves to be held and loved

What is that?

Now we know

that these four pictures

show the puppy Karabash

Thanks to the owner for letting us know so fast!

Kaspian with his new owner

A few weeks ago Hundemama flew to Florida to visit with her son, who lives in Florida. On the way there she met Kosmo`s new family. Just a few hours she was able to spend with this wonderful family. Thanks again for the special time we were able to have together

Kala with her new family

Kody with her new family and his new friend

8th of January 2016

Last weekend and last Tuesday the puppies moved into their new homes. We wish everyone lots of joy with their new family member. We did not receive all the family pictures yet. As soon as we have received them, we will upload them on this page

Karabash with his new owner

It was very difficult for Kimba`s new owner to wait until he was allowed to move to her

Kara will not be alone in her new home. Another Barrett, her name is Beverly, lives there already

Kasima with her new owner

Kathy is such a cute girl

Keyla with her new big family

December 26th, 2015

Our puppies are seven weeks old

Karabash is

a male with a very nice temperament

Kaspian has a high play drive

and very alert

Kimba is a funny male,

he "gives five" already

Kody has a very nice temperament

and a good play drive

Kosmo is more like his granddad "Tyson", he loves humans,

but he wants to be the "Macho", when it comes to his littermates

Kala is a sweet girl

with a beautiful big head

Kara at times is very sweet,

but at times she can get very wild

Kasima has a nice play drive

She can get pretty wild at times

Kathy is a cute girl

and very lovable

Keyla is always alert

She watches everything what is going on around her