litters of House-Barrett from 1996 until ..






































Yanka from House Barrettborn. 15th of May 2008 - SchH1, AD - KKL 1, HD-fast normal, ED-normal

Sire: Buddy vom Kuckucksland, born 17th of May 2007, SchH 3, AD, KKL1, HD-fast normal, ED-normal

Show title: SG

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Leonidas, Lesli, Lincoln, Luigi, Lakota, Lana, Lena, Lola, Luxe,

Last update on 30th of August 2016

Leonidas received the title "V1" in the working class at an SV show in Germany on August 28th 2016. Congratulations to our friend Demitris

February 27th, 2016

Leonidas grew into a very nice young male

and as we can see, he does have a nice natural "stand"

Here together with his friend

and also we see him here with little Yana, a young fisty girl from Funny and Yakko

His brother Lincoln

is also doing very well

Here we see Lincoln together with another "Barrett-friend", her name is Yoshi, she is a daughter of Romy and Tabaluga

November 25th, 2015

Luxe at big AKC competitions

in Alaska

She already has achieved high titles

Congratulations to her owner!

If you like to see more about this dog. Especially what she had learned in her first 6 months just with treats and patience, put following link into your browser

December 20th, 2014

To the left Lincoln with his friend Yoshi,

a daughter of Romy and Tabaluga

Leonidas just came back to Germany today

He will be trained by Selina for BH and IPO 1 in 2015

Luxe has been trained already in agility

and was already successful

in her homeland Alaska

She is such a pretty girl

She had been x-rayed not too long ago and received both

HD and ED "excellent". Congratulations!

2nd of May 2014

Leonidas developed in a beautiful young male

This coming August

he will fly over to Germany from the USA

for our annual hike. But before that happens, we will meet in Florida in June.

Luxe will also fly over to Germany in a few weeks

She comes all the way from Alaska. Barretts are "world dogs"

November 5th, 2013

Luxe is such a smart girl and she is being tought so much

by her owner Michaela.

Beautiful girl

Leonidas is growing up very nicely

We believe, that Lincoln will look like "Flash", also progeny of Yanka and Buddy. He already has a dark mask, just like his Dad "Buddy"

August 14th, 2013

Leonidas with his friend

Leonidas will come and visit us soon and stay with us

until the day of the annual Barrett hike

Lincoln is much darker, then his brothers

He will look more like Buddy, his Dad

Luigi is also doing fine

This picture had been taken several months ago


is learning more tricks every day, thanks to her owner

July 16th, 2013

We just love these pictures of Luxe

Put following link in your browser, please!

Leonidas is doing great

He is developing very well

In a few weeks he will fly together with

his owner here to Germany and will go with us to a show

We are very anxious to

see him again

He is not afraid of anything

as you can see on this picture

One ear down and one up

Luigi is keeping the whole family busy


loves to play

Growing up nicely

and loving the water


loves to give kisses

like all Barretts do

Everything does interest her

She is being loved so much


Luxe now is something else

She has a lot of different friends

Michaela did sent a few very nice Videos of her

Maybe she can put some of them on You Tube

and then send us the link to show how much she has learned already without a dog place, just at home with a "clicker"

2nd of April 2013

We received new pictures

These two pictures of Leonidas were taken on his first

show in Germany in March. Soon he will fly to his new home together with his new owner


is also doing very well

Luigi is not afraid of anybody and anything,

he loves all four legged friends

Lena we kept a little longer,

She needs to have a certain age before she can be flown into her new country

She has developed so well,

we really do not like to let her go

This fotographer has noticed, that a Barrett

makes a good "object" for the camera

Beautiful pictures were taken of Luxe

Lola in her new home, beautiful and very strong looking girl

Last update on March 19th, 2013

Puppies have been in their new homes a few weeks now

Luxe with her new friend

She is doing very well

As we can see

on the following pictures

our puppies are having so much fun

in their new homes

Some of them

have their own room

Of course they love snow

The ears are starting to go up already

Here they are up

A Barrett could not have a better life

Luigi is a little devil

What a cute one

He also is playing with his ears

Running fast


here with sister Lena

Lena is a very wild girl,

she often messes with her Mom Yanka

Yanka is getting mad now

and shows her who the boss is



We can see in her face,

that is up to no good

many times



is a male with a sound temperament

Lesli, we believe,

comes after Mom. He has a sound temperament, but has a good playdrive

Lincoln is a male with a good temperament,

when he has something in his mouth, he does not like to let go

Luigi is more like "Dad"

At times he shows the others who the boss is

Lakota is a lively puppy

She loves to mess with her sisters and brothers

Lana is a lovable puppy

She loves to give kisses

Lena is very alert

If she has a bone, nobody can get it from her

Lola is more like her Dad

But the gait she has from her "Mom"

Luxe is the smallest girl, but also the wildest one

It is a MUST that she will be trained. Her new home will be in Alaska.

These puppies are so big for their age

and so active and alert

They love to eat

and mess with each other

They love their marrow bones

We are very much pleased with this litter

It is very seldom, that in a large litter

all the puppies are about the same size

These following pictures show girls

and you can see, that they also are of a very good size

This is the wildest

girl in this litter. She has such a cute face!

This is a male puppy

And this male puppy has the darkest face

In a few days they will be going on their first car ride

We do have a Vet appointment

to have a checkup done

At the end of this week they will introduce themselves with their names

When we took this picture, one ear was up,

one day later the ear was down again. This shows again, that the puppies change their looks with every day