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L-litter, born on 9th of February 2016

Dam: Bella von Vierhundert Hertz, born: 24th of March 2013, IPO I, KKl 1, HD-normal, ED-fast normal

Show title V, had been shown at the world championship show in 2014

Pedigree of Bella here

Sire: Tyson vom Haus Barrett, born 2nd Of Dec. 2003,

SchH3, KKl. 1, A-excellent, ED-excellent, Show title: V

More pictures of Tyson


Lucky, Laya, Liyah

Last update on November 29th, 2018

Lucky after he just had passed the IPO1 on October 21st, 2018

Liyah with her proud owner after she had passed the rescue service trial: Offically she is a rescue dog now

9th of January 2018

Since our last update Lucky has continued to develop very well. Last May he successfully passed the BH trial and at the end of this year he had been presented in his first show and received the title "SG1" in his class.

Learning some tasks of IPO1

Lucky together with Hundemama and her horse Black Tattoo

9th of April 2017

We are soooo happy! Two days ago we had Tyson`s last progeny "Lucky vom Team Barrett" x-rayed for ED, HD, LÜW and OCD (abnormalety of the spine) and all the results came out "excellent". Lucky is a son of Bella and Tyson and we kept him out of Tyson`s last litter. Not only do we have Gino from Tyson, also our Lucky. Lucky is 14 months old and now we will start training him for BH and later this year for IPO1. He is such a wonderful dog. The pictures below were taken over the last two weeks. The pictures show that he has learned some exercises already. Espcially how to give kisses, just like his Dad Tyson

Youth male dog named "Lucky vom Team Barrett"

At the ASVD show. Hundemama just took him there to watch the others perform

7th of February 2017

Above pictures show our youngster "Lucky". He is full of life and so smart. On the left picture we see him with the girl "Gina"

His sister "Liyah" is such a smart female. Her owner started with search and rescue training when she was 12 weeks old. We have seen Videos of her! Unbelievable! She truly is a special dog, just like our Lucky, Enza and Gino. True Tyson`s offspring

August 1st, 2016

We found these two beautiful pictures of Lucky in our file.

May 9th 2016

Two more pictures of Lucky, which were taken

during our training day yesterday in Groß-Rohrheim

May 3rd 2016

Our little puppies are close to 12 weeks old now

Words cannot describe

our happy we are with our little Tyson-Boy "Lucky"

He is so open and full of life

Just like his Dad

He is not afraid of anything and he loves to mess with

his aunts and uncles

Laya is also developing very well

The owner of Liyah says,

that she was lucky and purchased a dream dog

Liyah is so smart and so alert,

she says

She has plans with her to make a rescue dog out of her. Believe, that Liyah has the potential for being one!

9th of April 2016

Just a few hours in the new home and Laya is giving kisses already to her new owner

Liyah with her new "very happy" owners

Hundemama with "Lucky"

31st of March 2016

Puppies are seven weeks old

Lucky is a calm puppy,

compared to his two other sisters

Laya and her sister are pretty much the same,

when it comes to temperament


is a puppy with lots of temperament

23rd of March 2016

Puppies are six weeks old

The first four pictures

show our Lucky

He is a little quiter

than his sisters

Both females are very active

She is a little bigger

and has a very nice confirmation

She loves to play

Here we see her smaller sister

She has a little white spot on the chest and on the back foot

Both of them are very beautiful and outgoing.

The last three pictures show our Lucky again

As we mentioned above, he is more calm, but if his sisters play too rough with him, he will show them who the boss is, just like his Dad Tyson always does. He has this special expression in his face

Last update on 16th of March 2016

Puppies are five weeks old

All three puppies are developing great

The weather here in Germany

is getting a little better now,

so our little ones were able to

go outside for just a few minutes

Boy, just like the Dad

They see a camera and they start posing

They know already,

that they are soooo pretty

What a cute face

Already in stand!

These puppies sure are special!