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Romy from House Barrett

born. 14th of August 2007, SchH1, AD - KKL 1, HD-fast normal, ED-normal ,

show title SG

Leonidas vom Fiemereck

born: 24th of February 2011 - BH - KKL1, HD-normal, ED-normal

show title SG


Quin, Quechua

Last update on 21st of April 2016

Quechua is doing great. She loves to play. She has so high of a playdrive, that she is being trained for IPO1 at this time.

She is a wonderful and so smart girl

27th July 2014

A few weeks ago Selina and Hundemama visited a few Barretts

In a few weeks we will open up a new page of these Barrett visits

This is Quin, a very nice young 8 months old male

He is extremely proud

and smart as you can see on the following pictures

It did not take long

and Selina comunicated with him

What is she telling him or the other way around?

Quin is a "true Barrett", he has much pride, is very smart and brings a lot of joy to his owner

Thanks again for such a nice welcome at Quin`s home!

8th of April 2014

We received a few more pictures of her Quechua

Each Saturday she is coming to our training place to watch her Dad "Leonidas"

being trained

He is supposed to pass the IPO 2 this spring. We wish him luck!

Last update on 20th of March, 2014

Two months has gone by,

since we updated this page

According to his owner

Quin is doing great

Selina, her Mom, Hundemama and her friend Beate

will visit him at his home near San Francisco this coming June. We hardly cannot wait to see him again. Especially Selina, since her Leonidas is the "Dad" of Quin

According to her owner

Quechua is just doing great. A true Barrett, loves to carry always something in her mouth,

enjoys life to the beam

Here with Flash, trying to catch him

3rd of January 2014

Puppies have been in their new homes for a view weeks

Quin with her new owner

He is learning what a dishwasher is for

Growing up

pretty fast

His sister Quechua came for a visit

One ear up and one ear down

These two pictures actually show Quechua how she would have to stand in the "show ring"

and how her natural looks like

Last update on 9th of November 2013

Puppies are seven weeks old

Quin has so much hair, at times he looks like a fuzzy ball. He did get more active in the last 10 days, but not like his sister

Quechua is a devil, but a cute one, fisty and always up to something

8th of November, 2013

Just waiting

to be picked up

They have grown so much in the last days

and they really become very active

It is difficult for us

to be around them, because they want to bite anything they can get a hold off, so we just put Mom Romy with them

This is Quin

and here is Quechua

They are both pretty much the same size now,

so Quin picked up, which is not unusual,

because he is a male

We suggest, that the future owners get some rest, before they receive these two beautiful puppies. We believe, that their will be some activity in their home in the near future

Last update on October 31st, 2013

With each day going by

Quin and Quechua

are getting more and more active

Quin is trying to take the

old bath mat apart

Without success, yet

Now we try something else

Quechua is helping him

Mom is just watching the game

Quechua is trying again

We are very proud

of our two puppies

Can someone resist?

We do not think so!

Last update on October 24th, 2013

This is Quin

He is a little darker in the face

than his sister Quechua

What a cute girl

Just like the Indi-Tyson puppies

they were able to stay outside

for a few hours today.

They liked it very much

They will be marked tomorrow and then they

can play with the others starting tomorrow

Quin, you just have to love him!

October 17th, 2013

Today we took pictures of each puppy mainly alone

We start with little "Big" Quin

He is a very lovely nice puppy, loves to lay back and get attention

His sister Quechua is a little different

at the moment she is the more active one

of the two

We know, that this might change

Both puppies start to explore their environment

Again Quechua

to the left Quin

Two more pictures of Quin

He is such a lovable puppy

Last update on October 10th, 2013

Relaxing in the basket

As everybody can see, this is our girl

she is just "chilling" away

She heard the clicks of the camera


Quin is still sleeping

Mom Romy is around,

so it will not take long

for him to notice her

Now his sister is starting to mess with him

He shows her, what it means to have a big "brother"