Last update on 19th of January 2020

19th of January 2020 It took a few days to get over the fact, that we will not have a Chiara litter to raise at this time. The one boy is doing great. When the time comes we will open up a page for this one "special boy".

Now "we are back on track" and we will continue with raising and training our Barretts. In about two weeks we will announce our first planned spring litter, which we expect to arrive in March. We will open up a new page for our beautiful young girl "Bacira vom Team Barrett", which had passed successfully the BH trial in December and which will be trained this spring/summer for schutzhund and hopefully become a "Dam" towards the end of 2020. Not only she will be trained, also the last progeny "Champ", a son of our famous "Buddy vom Kuckucksland". Hopefully we will have a first litter with him in fall/winter 2020. The way it looks "Yankee vom Team Barrett" will become a sire in spring of this year. We will keep everyone updated what is going on at House-Barrett and with Haus-Barrett dogs.

Today we updated the progeny page ofBella and Gino with lots of new pictures. This progeny had celebrated their first birthday not too long ago. We received quite a few pictures of their owners. Thank you very much! It is nice to stay in contact, at times for many many years.

8th of January 2020 We are very sorry to announce, that Chiara only gave birth to one puppy.

We will update our "upcoming litter page" very soon

5th of January 2020 We just updated the progeny page of the parents Gina-Luck

2nd of January 2020 We just received a few pictures of the girl Emely. So we updated the Asti Herros-progeny page one more time