Last update 17th of February 2019

Our annual Event Page for 2019 will be uploaded in February 2019

Note: In 2019 this webpage will be worked on, so it could happen, that a link is not working. If this occurs, we ask to send us an Email , so we can correct it.

17th of February 2019 Finally we had time to open up a page for our new Chiara-Gino-family

16th of February 2019 Now the time has come the Asti-Herros-puppies are introducing themselves with their names

16th of February 2019

We will upload a page for our new family on Sunday the 17th of February 2019!

14th of February 2019 Today we updated a progeny-page of the parents "Funny/Yakko". The son Yazoo has become a sire and therefor we uploaded new pictures of him and we will upload a new "sire" page for him with his breeding survey and his Pedigree

12th of February 2019 View our newest pictures of our Asti-Herros-puppies, please. We do not need any TV these days. Just look outside and you have the best TV you can think off!

8th of February 2019 For the last time we uploaded pictures today of our Bella- Gino-puppies, before they will leave us in the next few days

7th of February 2019 Our Bella- Gino-puppies have received their names now!

Note: The reply to Emails can take a little longer these days due to the fact, that Hundemama has to get the Bella-Gino-puppies ready for their new homes, get all the paper-work prepared, is busy with the preperation for the arrival of Chiara-Gino-puppies and make sure that all the present puppies get as much attention as they need at their "puppy-home". This is very important for their development.

Note: Chiara is doing very well. It will not take too long anymore until her puppies will be born. We estimate some time next week.

The date for our annual hike will be announced on our annual Event page soon!

27th of January The Orca-Uran-progeny celebrated their first birthday last week. We did receive a few new pictures!

23rd of January We cannot believe how fast the time flies.

20th of January Our w-puppies celebrate their first birthday today. If we receive pictures of them today and tomorrow, we will update the Orca-Uran-progeny page inthe next few days.

14th of January 2019 We just updated our "upcoming litter page"

House and Team Barrett are wishing everyone a good start into the New Year. Health and Happiness for 2019 is our greatest wish for everyone.
We like to thank all the families for their trust and for the patience, they had given us in the past and will give us in the future.

We had two wonderful House-Barett "Get Togethers" in the past year. One in the United States and one here in Germany. At these Events Friendship had developed. Thanks again to everyone, who invited us into their home last year. Thanks for a wonderful time we were able to spent together.

For the year 2019 Hundemama and her Team will keep training her dogs, she will try to make the breed better by selecting carefully the parents of the new litters in 2019, just like she did in the past and will do in the future