Last update 4th of March 2021

4th of March 2021 Both of our expecting Moms Bella and Enza are doing great. We hardly cannot wait for new puppies to arrive

We received more Bacira-Lucky-progeny pictures and a foto collage from Pacco vom Haus-Barrett. Thanks to the owners

28th of February 2021 Before this month comes to an end we have great news for families who are waiting for a "Barrett-puppy" and our visitors of this webpage. New puppies will arrive soon! Therefor we updated the page upcoming litters

Before we will be very busy again with raising puppies and with tasks around our animals, "Hundemama" went on a short vacation to Munich to visit her son "Jason". She took her young dam "Gwendi" and the new sire "Champ" with her on that short trip. The weather is so beautiful, that lots of pictures were taken. The first ones view below. More to come on our facebook page within the next few days!

We do have to admit, we are very proud of our newcomers "Gwendi" and "Champ"

Gwendi and Champ, both love the water so much

17th of February 2021 Since Enza will be a Mom here pretty soon again and we received wonderful pictures of Enza-Herros-progeny, we thought we would update their page again

8th of February 2021 For the 2nd birthday of the Asti -Herros-progeny we received new pictures of the boy "Ernie".

30th of January 2021 New puppy pictures have just been uploaded showing the little ones in their new home

28th of January 2021 We updated our upcoming litter page with the announcement of our first litter in 2021

We also received very nice pictures of our Bacira-Lucky-puppies, which are showing them in their new homes. These pictures will be uploaded shortly.

25th of January 2021 This past weekend it was a big day for our Bacira-Lucky-puppies They moved into their new homes. Meanwhile we already received first pictures at their new homes. We will upload them in the next few days.

21st of January 2021 Orca-Uran-progeny celebrated their third birthday yesterday. We did receive a few new pictures!

19th of January 2021 Today our Bacira-Lucky-puppies introduce themselves by their name.

16th of January 2021 Another "Barrett-Boy" who now lives in the United States had been successful a few weeks ago. For this reason we have updated the page of our Enza-Yazoo-progeny today.

Note: Our new young sire "Champ vom TEam Barrett" will soon become a Dad. We will introduce the parents of our new planned litter and we will also announce the approximate welping date of our two upcoming litters. All these announcement will take place on our page "upcoming littes". More to come in the next two weeks.

We also received an Email from another "US-Barrett-family" , letting us know what had happened in their home not too long ago. As soon as "Hundemama" has a little more time, she will share this story with all visitors of this webpage.

Since our Bacira-Lucky-pupppies will be picked up this coming weekend and lots of preperation has to be done until then, all these announcements mentioned above, will take place after the 24th of January 2021.

11th of January 2021 We just updated the page for our Bacira-Lucky-family

4th of January 2021 We hope, that everyone had a good start into the New Year. We are looking forward into the future and hope, that this year will be a better one for everybody. Because of the COVID-Situation we will not open up an "Eventpage" at this time. As soon as things are getting better, we will upload a new "Eventpage".

We hope that we are able to pass the trials with our Gwendi, so she can receive her breeding papers. It has been very difficult in 2020 to work with our dogs. We sure hope, that it will get better soon. She had passed all the other requirement like x-ray for ED, HD and back, sound temperament test, indurance test and had been presented in one show to get her show title in 2020. The trials for BH and schutzhund are still missing. We will keep everyone updated on her development. We would love for her to enrich our breeding program very soon. She will turn two years in April.

Today we uploaded new pictures of our present Bacira-Lucky-family

Gwendi vom Team Barrett