Last update 17th of February 2018

17th of February 2018 We just uploaded pictures of our new family

9th of February 2018 Zora and Faisha did meet not too long ago. Both are being trained in rescue

Note: New pictures of our puppies will be uploaded within the next two days

2nd of February 2018 We just uploaded new pictures of our new family

31st of January 2018 We just updated the progeny page of Gina and Gino

Pictures of our new family will be uploaded in the next two days!

20th of January 2018 We received quite a few pictures of Bella/Nex progeny and also of Asti/Yakko progeny

16th of January 2018 Another Tyson progeny has been updated. View the Indra/Tyson-page, please!

13th of January 2018 Today we updated the page of the Asti-Gino-progeny.

9th of January 2018 Today we updated the page of our new sire "Herros von Vierhundert Hertz" and another page of an extreme beautiful upcoming "sire" , "Yazoo vom Haus Barrett" and the page of our last Tyson son "Lucky vom Team Barrett"


Here we see little "Valley girl", progeny of Gino and Gina, a Tyson granddog

7th of January 2018 Seven days have already passed in the New Year and we have been busy with giving thoughts which dam we will breed to which sire. Our "Nixe vom Kuckucksland" we plan to have a last litter with here in the near future and keep a girl and a boy from her. We do need fresh blood, so we not only will have litters with our own sires in 2018. We also will have litters with sires from the outside. But before we decide for a new sire, "Hundemama" always does intensive reserch to make sure, that he comes out of a good and healthy bloodline. Not all good looking sires are promissing. Plus they have to make a good match with a Barrett dam. Hundemama likes to breed smart animals. This is also a criteria she looks at when looking for fresh blood. Most of our litters this year will happen in spring, late spring, fall and winter. In summer no litters are planned at this time, unless there will not many puppies born now in spring. The way it looks at this time we expect a litter in January, February, March and April/May.

Before our first litter will arrive in January, more pages will be updated. Today we updated a progeny page of Enza and Nex and also of Nora and Tyson.

The event page will be uploaded by the end of April.

Note: At this time we like to announce, that Hundemama together with her friend Marion is taking a trip to Seattle to meet with a very nice family, who had received their puppy in 2017. They like to plan a get together for "Barrett-families" on Sunday, the 20th of May. Who ever lives in the Seattle area or can make a trip to Seattle to meet us and likes to get more info about this get together, please send an Email to

We would love to meet a few Barretts and their owners on that Sunday in May.

More news to come