Last update 1st of June 2023

Note: We are only able to upload pictures on the correct page, if the pictures or in the Email it will have the "Registration name" of the dog, not only the "calling name".


st of June 2023 Not too long ago we had announced on the "upcoming litter page" that our beautiful Enza will have her last litter now in 2023. She did not give birth to a litter, but she gave birth to a cute girl. We named her "Gloria". She was born on Memorial Day. Today we opened a page for her and we will update this page every week with new pictures of "Gloria".

31st of May 2023 Today we updated the page of our new Bacira-Yazoo-family. All three puppies are doing great!

Note: The Gwendi-Champ progeny celebrated their 2nd birthday. As soon as we have received pictures of these youngsters, we will update their page!

28th of May 2023 Our spring puppies have arrived. Bacira gave birth to her puppies. Today we opened up a page for her new family!

23rd of May 2023 We received three more birthday pictures of Enza-Champ progeny

16th of May 2023 Over the past several weeks we have received pictures of our Mina-Champ-puppies, which had moved into their new homes in April. We are very happy to hear, that all of them are doing great.

12th of May 2023 We just updated our Mina-Champ-page with new "family pictures" and also updated our "Lucky-page" with two cute pictures of our beloved "Lucky", the son of our Tyson. Again, a special dog.

8th of May 2023 Finally we found the time to update the page for upcoming litters . Two of our dams will go out of the breeding program. These two planned litters will be their last litters before they go into retirement. More info our upcoming litter page

4th of May 2023 Enza-Herros-progeny celebrated their fifth birthday on 21st of April 2023. We received pictures from the owners of the girls. Thanks to their owners for these wonderful pictures

30th of April 2023 We received more pictures of Senior-Barretts. We took the time today to upload some of them. Have a look, please!

26th of April 2023 Our Mina-Champ-puppies had all moved into their new homes over the past two weeks. As soon as we receive the last "family pictures" of the puppies, which had to go on long journey to the USA and Canada, we will upload these pictures on our webpage

NOTE: We have very good news to announce. Our dam "Bacira vom Team Barrett" is "EXPECTING" and we expect her puppies to arrive in the second part of May. Towards the end of May we will contact all families, who are waiting for a spring/summer "Barrett puppy". By then we know, that Mom and puppies are fine. We usually wait a few days after birth before we contact the families. Not only will we expect puppies from Bacira, we will also introduce another combination, which we had plans to have a litter with and if nature is on our side we will expect these puppies towards the end of May. We will start with out "last Gina-litter" in the next few days. So keep an eye on our page upcoming litters , please!

18th of April 2023 More then two weeks ago we had updated the page for our Mina-Champ-puppies the last time. Meanwhile five puppies moved into their new homes. The day of the pickup we of course made pictures of this special day. More pictures will follow as soon as the other puppies moved into their new homes.

Note: Later on today we will upload a last video clip of the three remaining puppies on our facebook and instagram page before they move into their new homes

4th of April 2023 We updated our upcoming litter page today

2nd of April 2023 Today the time has come to introduce the Mina-Champ-puppies with new pictures, their names and temperament

Note: Latest tomorrow we will update our "upcoming litter page" with our first planned litter for May 2023

26th of March 2023 New pictures of our Mina-Champ-puppies are online.

Note: Next week, or latest the week after next, we willupdate our upcoming litter page with our two planned late spring litters. We will introduce the parents of these litters. Both litters will be new combinations of great dogs

14th of March 2023 This time the update of our Mina-Champ-family took a few days longer, but we waited for a nice day, so the puppies were able to explore our garden for the first time

12th of March 2023 Today we updated the page for the Enza-Champ progeny

Note: New Mina-Champ puppy pictures will be uploaded tomorrow. This week we waited for nice weather and not too cold weather, so the puppies were able to get to know our garden for the first time.

3rd of March 2023 We just updated the page for our Gina-Herros-progeny and our upcoming litter page

17th of February 2023 Our Enza-Grizzly-progeny celebrated their first birthday not too long ago.

Note: Our Mina-Champ puppies are doing great!

Proud Mom Mina with her first litter

10th of February 2023 While we are waiting for puppies to arrive we updated two more progeny pages, the page for our Bella-Champ and also the page for our Enza-Yazoo-progeny

4th of February 2023 We received more progeny pictures out of the Tyson-bloodline. Have a look, please!

28th of January 2023 Since we are expecting new Champ puppies in the month of February and we received new progeny pictures of Champ we updated the page Gwendi-Champ today.

23rd of January 2023 Orca-Uran-progeny celebrated their fifth birthday yesterday. We uploaded new pictures of these beautiful Barretts. 12 year old Mom "Orca" can be proud of her progeny!

9th of January 2023 We received the first pictures of our Gina-Herros-puppies at their new homes.

6th of January 2023 The time has come for our Gina-Herros-puppies to move into their new homes. This special moment was kept with the camera.

We are very happy to update our upcoming litter page with the announcement of the first successful planned litter and the arrival date of this litter!

1st of January 2023 We start the New Year with some birthday pictures of 14 year old senior lady Dame-Ziva. What a nice age for a GSD. We are very happy for her family to be able to still have time with her. Every day is a gift at this age.