Last update on 25th of May 2020

Our Events in 2020!

25th of May 2020 The time has come. Our Enza-Herros-puppies will leave us soon. Today the introduce themselves with their names.

20th of May 2020 Over the last couple of months we received updates and pictures of senior-Barretts. Now the time has come to update several pages. Today we start with the progeny of Queeny and Tabaluga

19th of May 2020 Again we made new pictures of our Enza-Herros-family

16th of May 2020 We like to thank our friend Norbert for his nice guestbook entry, which we did receive for Yakko`s 12th birthday. We wish him and his littermates the best for the future, most of all Health. We updated this senior page with new pictures of Yanka and his brother Yakko.

9th of May 2020 Our two youngsters Champ and Bacira are wishing a great weekend

We are so happy that we kept both dogs. Champ is the last Buddy-Sohn and Bacira the last Orca daughter. Both of them will turn two years this coming August. They are only 5 days apart

Lucky and "Hundemama" enjoying the sun

25th of April 2020 Today we updated another progeny page of the parents Enza-Herros

14th of April 2020 We just opened up a page for our new family!

12th of April 2020 Our 2019 Enza-Yazoo-progeny celebrated their first birthday a few days ago. We just uploaded the pictures we received for their birthday

Note: In the next few days we will open up a page for our new Enza-Herros family and will contact all waiting families. For the current delay we like to appologize.

Gino, Team and House Barrett wishes everyone a Happy Easter

Enza is such a great Mom and as we can see all of the puppies are nice and strong, especially the female puppies. Enza should be proud of her new family

1st of April 2020 We believe that Enza will have her puppies in the next few days. She does show first signs that the birth will not be too far away. We will update this page as soon as we have news about her again!

Two Barretts did celebrate their birthday not too long ago. The girl Faisha and the boy Macho. We wish both of them the very best and of course lots of Health

Macho just loves this place on the couch

22nd of March 2020 Since our Enza will be a Mom very soon again, we like to share pictures of her last 2019 Enza-Yazoo-progeny. They will turn one year old at the beginning of April. Almost around the same time Enza is expecting her new family. We are looking foward for this litter to arrive, especially now, because we are confronted with bad news every day. Our animals bring joy in our lives and especially during these days we would not want to be without them. We would have a sad life without them, because we would only sit in front of the TV and listen to these bad news all day long. Instead of doing this, we spend time with our dogs and horses and enjoy nature. For example, today we went on a horsebackride with Gino and instead of going into a guesthouse for a break, we had a little picknick out in the woods, just like in the old days. Some of us might remember the TV series "Little House on the Prairie". Therefor we do not only see the negative what is going on in the world right now, we also see the positive. Hundemama never had so much time in the past as she does now. She can be with her dogs and horses as long as she wants to without a time limit. There is no place and not a certain time where and when she has to be at, but just enjoy her family, the animals and nature. Yes, we do have to stay away from other people, but we still have family and our animals and therefor we are rich. They give us the strength to help us to overcome these not so nice times. And she is sure, that lots of positive things will come out of this current negative situation.

17th of March 2020 Since our last update lots of things had happened all around the world. At this moment we are not able to interact like we are used to do. But we do have our fourlegged friends and we should learn from them. They are living in the moment, they do not worry as long as they are being loved and taken care off. They bring joy and happiness in our lives. We should thank them for that and especially during these difficult days we should enjoy them more then ever. Take them for a walk through the woods or fields. They make us laugh with their crazy things they do at times. Especially when being a puppy. Just today our little "Fellow" had nothing better to do then just to carry his bowl around, drop it, then pick it up again, scratching in the water bowl until all water was out. So funny!

A few days ago we received two birthday pictures of Ron, a son of Orca and Tyson. He is doing so well. We wish him and all of his littermates the best for their 6th birthday.

Now we hardly cannot wait for new puppies to arrive. Especially now in spring. Hopefully the weather will be nice and warm, so we can put up a dog pool for them again. It is so much fun to watch them to get in contact with water for the first time.

9th of March 2020

We are so happy to announce, that we do expect new Enza-puppies in April. We just updatedour upcoming litter page with the introduction of our first "spring litter 2020"

Barretts had been successful again this past weekend!

Our two 18 months old youngsters "Champ" and "Bacira" did pass the endurance trial this past weekend. One more step further to become a dam and a sire for Champ and Bacira. Now they will be trained for schutzhund level one. Champ is the last son of our famous sire "Buddy vom Kuckucksland" and "Bacira" is the last daughter of "Orca vom Haus Barrett" and "Uran von Chickhoff". We like to thank our friend "Dustin" who rode the 20 km on his bike, so we were able to enter with both dogs

5th of March 2020 Our Chiara-Herros-puppy moved into his new home last weekend. We wish his new owner much joy with this beautiful boy. He will have another Barrett friend at his new home. Her name is Freya and she is a daughter of Bella and Buddy.

3rd of March 2020 We received a beautiful picture of "Axel vom Haus Barrett" for his 3rd birthday.

Note: We will introduce the parents of our first spring litter in the next few days on our "upcoming litter page". We expect the litter to arrive in April

Axel, a son of Orca and Gino to the left, together with "Ron" a son of Orca and Tyson

24th of February 2020 We received two more pictures of the youngster "Darkos, another progeny out of the parents Bella and Gino

13th of February 2020 The page for the Haus-Barrett and Team-Barrett-events" had been uploaded

10th of February 2020 Since we might expect puppies again from our Herros boy here in the near future. We thought we update another progeny page of this wonderful sire. Progeny of Bella and Herros

2nd of February 2020 We just updated a Gino progeny page of the beautiful sire "Macho vom TEam Barrett". Enjoy!

19th of January 2020 It took a few days to get over the fact, that we will not have a Chiara litter to raise at this time. The one boy is doing great. When the time comes we will open up a page for this one "special boy".

Now "we are back on track" and we will continue with raising and training our Barretts. In about two weeks we will announce our first planned spring litter, which we expect to arrive in March. We will open up a new page for our beautiful young girl "Bacira vom Team Barrett", which had passed successfully the BH trial in December and which will be trained this spring/summer for schutzhund and hopefully become a "Dam" towards the end of 2020. Not only she will be trained, also the last progeny "Champ", a son of our famous "Buddy vom Kuckucksland". Hopefully we will have a first litter with him in fall/winter 2020. The way it looks "Yankee vom Team Barrett" will become a sire in spring of this year. We will keep everyone updated what is going on at House-Barrett and with Haus-Barrett dogs.

Today we updated the progeny page ofBella and Gino with lots of new pictures. This progeny had celebrated their first birthday not too long ago. We received quite a few pictures of their owners. Thank you very much! It is nice to stay in contact, at times for many many years.

8th of January 2020 We are very sorry to announce, that Chiara only gave birth to one puppy.

We will update our "upcoming litter page" very soon

2nd of January 2020 We just received a few pictures of the girl Emely. So we updated the Asti Herros-progeny page one more time