Last update 11th of June 2018

A "USA BARRETT-GET TOGETHER" in SEATTLE, WASHINGTON, IS PLANNED IN MAY 2018. Please read more about this BIG EVENT on our annual EVENT PAGE which we just had uploaded for 2018

11th of June 2018 The time has come. Our Enza-Herros- and our Bella-Herros-puppies are introducing themselves by name

8th of June 2018 For our USA BARRETT GET TOGETHER we just opened up a new page!

6th of June 2018 Our Enza-Herros-family love water!

Note: In the next few days we will open up a new page with lots of pictures for our "Barrett-Get Together" in May 2018

5th of June 2018 We just updated our Bella-Herros-family. Next update they will introduce themselves by name.

28th of May 2018 We updated the progeny page for Enza and Nex

25th of May 2018 Today we updated a progeny page of Gina and Gino

24th of May 2018 The Chiara-Gino-puppies are doing great at their new homes

21st of May 2018 Today we updated our Wendypage and her littermates page

20th of May 2018 First USA-HOUSE AND TEAM BARRETT GET TOGETHER in Seattle on May 19th, 2018

A new page of this Event will be uploaded in the near future

House and Team Barrett dogs with their families together with Jessica and Hundemama

10th of May 2018 On March 21st 2018 we had to say Goodbye to our beloved Tyson, just three months after his 14th birthday he died of old age. "Hundemama" was so heartbroken, that she was neither able to talk about his death nor announce him being gone on the webpage.

Meanwhile almost two months have passed and she is ready now to announce him being gone. In the near future she will thank him on his page for the wonderful years she was able to spend with him. These years never will be forgotten. She is so thankful, that she has her dogs Enza, Gino and Lucky, daughter and sons of Tyson. She will do her best to get Lucky into the breeding program by 2019, so other families can have an offspring from Lucky, just like from Gino or Enza. To be able to receive a special puppy from a special Granddad.

From above Tyson will watch out for Hundemama and she believes, that one of these days they will be together again

"In my heart forever", these words were chosen by Hundemama

A life goes, another life comes, this is the cycle. These words are so true!

On Monday 26th of March 2018 just five days after Tyson had passed, a new colt was born at "House-Barrett". His name is "Apahatchi". A colt with looks and expression as "Hundemama" has wished for: beautiful, dark and with lots of expression and full of life, just like our House-Barrett dogs

Hundemama believes to think and live positive and enjoy every moment of life.

Just like she will be doing next week, when she is flying with her girl-friend Marion to Seattle to meet with wonderful families and their "Barretts". This will be another unforgettable time. We will make lots of pictures and will upload these pictures on our webpage after Hundemama`s return.

"Apahatchi" a beautiful Missouri Foxtrotter colt. A few minutes after he was born

6th of May 2018 Our EVENT PAGE was updated today since the deadline for the registration for our EVENT was yesterday.

3rd of May 2018 A few pictures were taken of our "Barrett-training session" from last weekend.

Please copy the following link and paste it into your browser.

1st of May 2018 We had a Barrett-training session last Sunday at our dog-place. We made a few pictures of this EVENT and we will upload these pictures in the next few days. Our little Wendy and two of her littermates were present.

Today the time has come to open up a page for our Bella-Herros-family. Enjoy viewing these pictures! More will be uploaded over the next 6 weeks

The page for our Enza-Herros-family will be opened in the next few days.

28th of April 2018 Our last spring puppies have arrived. Exactly on Enza`s birthday she gave birth to seven male puppies and two females. We had waited one week for the announcement of this big litter. We wanted to make sure, that puppies and Mom are okay. They are doing great, so the time has come for this announcement.

We will open up a page for this big family in the next few days. We must say, the newcomer Dad was doing very well, when it came to male puppies. Among Bella and Enza ten male puppies came into this world. Finally we were lucky to receive a litter with quite a few male puppies! We truly needed that for our long waiting list for a male puppy. As from last week, the waiting list looks much better.

Enza with her big family

26th of April 2018. Another family has registered for our USA Haus-Barrett GET TOGETHER in May. Deadline for the registration will be 5th of May. Then will be the time to send out Emails to everyone, who had registered, with more information about this Event and the address, where the Event will be held. We just updated the EVENT PAGE

We just updated the progeny page of Nixe/Zeus and Asti/Yakko .

19th of April 2018 We just updated our EVENT PAGE with the registrations we received so far.

16th of April 2018 This past weekend our Chiara-Gino-puppies moved into their new homes. We wish the new Barrett-families the very best and lots of joy with their new family member. If questions occur, please do not hesitate to contact us.

12th of April 2018 We did keep a beautiful female out of our last Orca-Uran-litter. Since Orca is getting up in age. The latest she will go out of the breeding program in 2019. We want to keep this bloodline going with our Enza and with the new girl Wendy. We just opened up a new page for her. Most likely we will keep a boy out of Orca`s last litter.

8th of April 2018 Extremely busy we were in the past week with our Chiara-Gino-puppies. They did get chiped, then they rode in the car for the first time, a Vet visit was scheduled for yesterday. All of the puppies received a clean bill of health. Soon the time will come for them to move into their new homes. We are very happy for their new owners, that the waiting time finally came to an end. But soon every family will see, it was well worth it.

Now the time has come that the puppies will be introduced with their names.

1st of April 2018 For Easter we have a present for all families, who are waiting for a puppy and future Barrett-owners. More information on our page "upcoming litters"

27th of March 2018 Today we updated the page for our Chiara-Gino-puppies. Beautiful and playful puppies they are!

26th of March 2018 We just updated our EVENT PAGE.

Please read the new information of our "Barrett-Get Together" now in May. It will take place on May 19th, 2018 at 1 PM. We will be happy to take more reservations

Note: We are happy to announce, that new puppies are on their way in April. We will update our "upcoming litter" page in the next few days

22nd of March 2018 Today we opened up a page for our new sire "Herros von Vierhundert Hertz". His Pedigree can be viewed on this page

19th of March 2018 Our Orca-Uran-puppies moved into their new homes, except our little Wendy-girl, she will stay with us. For her we will open up a page in the near future.

We do wish all the puppies HEALTH and their new owners lots of joy with their new Barrett-puppy!

16th of March 2018 We just updated the page for our new sire "Joey". He turned into a beautiful young sire with a great temperament.

14th of March 2018 The time has come. Our Orca-Uran-puppies are introducing themselves with their names

1st of March 2018 A few days ago the Orca-Gino-puppies celebrated their first birthday. For this event we received pictures of Ayka and Axel.

27th of February 2018 Our new family has its new page now. Please, view the first puppy pictures.

9th of February 2018 Zora and Faisha did meet not too long ago. Both are being trained in rescue

Note: New pictures of our puppies will be uploaded within the next two days

2nd of February 2018 We just uploaded new pictures of our new family

20th of January 2018 We received quite a few pictures of Bella/Nex progeny and also of Asti/Yakko progeny

16th of January 2018 Another Tyson progeny has been updated. View the Indra/Tyson-page, please!

13th of January 2018 Today we updated the page of the Asti-Gino-progeny.

9th of January 2018 Today we updated the page of our new sire "Herros von Vierhundert Hertz" and another page of an extreme beautiful upcoming "sire" , "Yazoo vom Haus Barrett" and the page of our last Tyson son "Lucky vom Team Barrett"


Here we see little "Valley girl", progeny of Gino and Gina, a Tyson granddog

7th of January 2018 Seven days have already passed in the New Year and we have been busy with giving thoughts which dam we will breed to which sire. Our "Nixe vom Kuckucksland" we plan to have a last litter with here in the near future and keep a girl and a boy from her. We do need fresh blood, so we not only will have litters with our own sires in 2018. We also will have litters with sires from the outside. But before we decide for a new sire, "Hundemama" always does intensive reserch to make sure, that he comes out of a good and healthy bloodline. Not all good looking sires are promissing. Plus they have to make a good match with a Barrett dam. Hundemama likes to breed smart animals. This is also a criteria she looks at when looking for fresh blood. Most of our litters this year will happen in spring, late spring, fall and winter. In summer no litters are planned at this time, unless there will not many puppies born now in spring. The way it looks at this time we expect a litter in January, February, March and April/May.

Before our first litter will arrive in January, more pages will be updated. Today we updated a progeny page of Enza and Nex and also of Nora and Tyson.

The event page will be uploaded by the end of April.

Note: At this time we like to announce, that Hundemama together with her friend Marion is taking a trip to Seattle to meet with a very nice family, who had received their puppy in 2017. They like to plan a get together for "Barrett-families" on Sunday, the 20th of May. Who ever lives in the Seattle area or can make a trip to Seattle to meet us and likes to get more info about this get together, please send an Email to

We would love to meet a few Barretts and their owners on that Sunday in May.

More news to come