Last update 19th of June 2019

The page Haus-Barrett and Team-Barrett-events" is online!

19th of June 2019 Hundemama had successfully passed the socialization test with "Bacira" and "Champ" this passed weekend. Videos were taken of this test and will be put in on YouTube. As soon as we will receive the link, we will publish this link on our webpage.

We just updated one of our senior pages. Without these two seniors we would have not had such wonderful dogs as we did. Yanka and Yakko are two special dogs and both of them are still doing well. We hope, that nothing will change.

Our event page has been updated

We also received a very nice Email from Canada, which we will upload on our testimonial page in the next few days.

This weekend we will be going to the annual show in Switzerland. Actually for the first time. The sire "Uran" will be shown together with his daughter "Bacira" and maybe also our "Gina".

10th of June 2019 The time has come to update the page upcoming litter page

Note: The hike page will be updated in the next few days

9th of June 2019 We received a wonderful Email from a Lady, who had just received her puppy out of our Enza-Yazoo-family. We like to share the contents with everyone, so we uploaded this update on our testimonial page. We like to thank the Lady for giving the permission to share her Email with others.

4th of June 2019 A few of our Enza-Yazoo-puppies were picked up this last weekend. All of them are doing great. This special moment we kept with the camera

29th of May 2019 We just updated the page for our Enza-Yazoo-puppies. They all have received their names now!

Note: The page "upcoming litters" and also the page of our "annual hike" will be updated within the next two weeks


As of yesterday, the 11th of May 2019, our three year old male "Lucky vom Team Barrett" has become a sire. He passed his breeding survey with "bravour". We are so happy about his success. Now he is able to enrich our breeding program. We have been waiting for this day to arrive for such a long time. Usually "Hundemama" takes her dogs in front of the breeding committee when they are around two years old. With Lucky it was different, he took a long time to grow up and we felt that we had to give him this time. Hundemama is so happy, that she can "read" her dogs and will not rush any dog into something he or she is not ready for. Lucky is the living proof, that dogs are like children, they do not grow up all at the same time. Some need longer and some not. Now Lucky has matured enough to pass his IPO1 in fall of last year, was taken to a show in April and yesterday he has received his breeding papers. "Hundemama" alsways used to say, "it is a MUST, that Lucky, just like his halfbrother Gino has to pass on these wonderful "Tyson-Genes".

We were so worried, that he would receive a nice survey report. Just after the show in April - view the pictures below - he started to change his coat and even though he does not have his nice long coat at the moment, he received a wonderful survey report. As soon as we have received it, we will open up a new "sire page" for him.

Not only Lucky was successful yesterday, also "Gina vom Team Barrett" and the sire "Herros von Vierhundert Hertz". Both dogs passed their breeding survey for life.

With all three dogs "Hundemama" had been training intensivly over the past 10 weeks. Now the training had been rewarded. For our present puppies the timing could not have been better. Now the time has come that they need "Hundemama`s" caring and attention. They just turned five weeks old, the weather is supposed to get better, so they will go outside daily and we will have fun with them and make lots of pictures. The next set will be uploaded either tomorrow or next day, the latest.

Here we see Lucky with our beautiful girl Gina, a daughter of "Diaz von Veterinaria". As soon as we have decided for him to become a "Dad" we will introduce his wonderful character on our page "upcoming litters".

Lucky! He is full of life just like his Dad "Tyson" used to be. He always likes to play with his ball. He is such a special dog for us. What a beautiful face he has and such a lovable look and when he moves and is looking for his "Hundemama", he is such a proud dog, even the judge said this yesterday!

We are certain, that puppies from him will make extreme nice family dogs. He has such a wonderful character

9th of May 2019 The time has come to update the page for the progeny of Bella and Gino

3rd of May 2019

Note: At the end of May we will announce the tour of our annual House-Barrett-hike!

23rd of April 2019 Today we updated a few progeny pages: Dorcas/Tyson-, Asti/Yakko- and Chiara/Gino

22nd of April 2019 More puppy pictures are online! Please go to the page for our beautiful Enza-Yazoo-puppies . Tomorrow or latest the next day we will upload more pictures of our puppies. They are so cute!!!!!

We received so many new pictures of Barretts. "Hundemama" just wishes at time that there would be more hours in a day, so she could upload these pictures within a few days after the reception. But unfortunately there are no more hours in a day, so we have to go day by day.

15th of April 2019 Yesterday we drove to a youth show. It was held in the district of Hessen. Only young handlers up to 21 years old were allowed to present the dogs. Many thanks to the two young Ladies Alenja and Christine who presented the Barretts at the show. It was a very nice, but also very long day.

Yazoo und Lucky were presented in the highest class, the working dog class. Yazoo received V5 and Lucky, our youngest male V6

These pictures show our youngest girl "Bacira vom Team Barrett". She is a daughter of Orca and Uran, also the half sister of our Enza, which just had her puppies a few days ago - view the pictures below -. Bacira done very well. She came in 1st place in her class and received the title VV1

To the left Bacira with Alenja, to the right Dörthe, Alenja and the owner of the sire "Uran", Bacira`s Dad.

Yankee we see to the left. he received SG 2. Congratulations to the owner Alenja

"Hundemama" with her last Tyson son "Lucky vom Team Barrett"

Gina we took with us, just to watch and be with us. She is such a sweet girl. She is a daughter of Diaz. She will be the dam of our late summer litter in 2019

April 5th, 2019 Today we updated three progeny pages of the sire "Herros von Vierhundert Hertz" (Joey). Progeny out of Bella, Asti and our cute Enza. At this time we are waiting for Enza-puppies again. By the end of next week Enza should have given birth to her new Enza-Yazoo-puppies. She is still doing fine, getting bigger each day!

March 31st, 2019 We just updated the page for our new sire "Joey". Since our last update he had sired three females. In the next few days we will update these three pages with new pictures of his progeny.

March 28th, 2019 The time has come to give the Chiara-Gino-puppiestheir names. Today they are introducing themselves with their name

March 24th, 2019 Yesterday we made beautiful new pictures of our sire "Herros von Vierhundert Hertz". In the next few days we will update his page together with his progeny page of puppies out of Asti and Herros. Beautiful little puppies they are!

March 22nd, 2019 Two of our close friends have reasons to be very happy. Both of their dogs had birthday in March and they did sent us a few pictures of their loved ones. We uploaded them on the "Honey-page" and also on the "Machopage".

March 21st, 2019

Note: Enza is doing great. By now we can see, that she is carrying

March 7th, We like to congratulate our friend "Alenja" for her success with her 12months old male dog "Yankee vom Team Barrett". Yankee is the halfbrother of our Gino. They received 1st place at their first SV show here in Germany. We are very happy for Alenja. Yankee also had celebrated his first birthday the other day. We wish him the very best

Today we also updated the page for our Asti-Herros-puppies

2nd of March We just updated the progeny page of Cheyenne and Nex!

28th of February Our page for the Haus-Barrett and Team-Barrett-events" had been uploaded

24th of February The time has come for our Asti-Herros-puppies to leave us. We like to thank everyone who had decided to purchase a "House-Barrett or Team Barrett" puppy from us. Sometimes families have received their second and even third puppy. It makes us very happy.

Note: Maybe Hundemama did not have time to reply to Emails very quickly. But when she does have a litter and the puppies are between 6 and 8 weeks, there is a lot to do here at the home of the Barretts. They have to be prepared for their new homes, we enjoy spending lots of time with them and it may occur, that new puppy owners have questions before the arrival of the new family member. For us it is priority to take care of these families. For the puppy and the new owner the first days will be easier, if everything is well prepared and questions will be answered.

Since the Asti-Herros-puppies have moved now and the arrival went well, the time has come to reply to Emails and also make new pictures of our new Chiara-Gino-family. They are doing very well. We will also introduce the parents of our ond and only spring litter in the next few days.

21st of February 2019 We just uploaded new pictures of our new Chiara-Gino-family

18th of February 2019 Today our new sire "Yazoo vom Haus Barrett" is introducing himsilf with pictures, breeding survey, Pedigree and a short video clip

16th of February 2019

We will upload a page for our new family on Sunday the 17th of February 2019!

14th of February 2019 Today we updated a progeny-page of the parents "Funny/Yakko". The son Yazoo has become a sire and therefor we uploaded new pictures of him and we will upload a new "sire" page for him with his breeding survey and his Pedigree

Note: The reply to Emails can take a little longer these days due to the fact, that Hundemama has to get the Bella-Gino-puppies ready for their new homes, get all the paper-work prepared, is busy with the preperation for the arrival of Chiara-Gino-puppies and make sure that all the present puppies get as much attention as they need at their "puppy-home". This is very important for their development.

Note: Chiara is doing very well. It will not take too long anymore until her puppies will be born. We estimate some time next week.

The date for our annual hike will be announced on our annual Event page soon!

27th of January The Orca-Uran-progeny celebrated their first birthday last week. We did receive a few new pictures!

23rd of January We cannot believe how fast the time flies.

20th of January Our w-puppies celebrate their first birthday today. If we receive pictures of them today and tomorrow, we will update the Orca-Uran-progeny page inthe next few days.

House and Team Barrett are wishing everyone a good start into the New Year. Health and Happiness for 2019 is our greatest wish for everyone.
We like to thank all the families for their trust and for the patience, they had given us in the past and will give us in the future.

We had two wonderful House-Barett "Get Togethers" in the past year. One in the United States and one here in Germany. At these Events Friendship had developed. Thanks again to everyone, who invited us into their home last year. Thanks for a wonderful time we were able to spent together.

For the year 2019 Hundemama and her Team will keep training her dogs, she will try to make the breed better by selecting carefully the parents of the new litters in 2019, just like she did in the past and will do in the future