Chiara-Gino puppies are expected to arrive towards the end of February 2018

Chiara vom Team Barrett

WT: 15. Juli 2014 - IPO1

Körklasse 1, HD-normal, ED-normal

Ausstellungsbewertung: V

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Gino vom Haus Barrett

born: 28. July 2012 - IPO3 - KKL1

HD-normal (excellent), ED-normal (excellent)

Show title V

close up picture of Chiara

Gino vom Haus Barrett".

More pictures of Gino, Pictures of his Dad can be viewed here and there

Pedigree of Gino

Chiara is one of the progeny of our retired dam Olympia vom Altenberger Land. The last progeny of Olympia was with our beautiful sire "Gino". Macho, is his name, and he already is going on two years, meanwhile had been x-rayed, not only for hips and elbows, also for back etc and received in everything excellent. Which shows us, that the bloodline Gino matches good with the Olympia bloodline. Therefor we are very happy, that we kept Chiara out of the combination Olympia/Diaz. Chiara has a nice pigmentation, which she has inherited from her Dad "Diaz". In the first two years she had been very successful at the Siegershow in the United States, in Holland and in Germany in 2015. She is a healthy young female, whose HD and ED rating is excellent. She was easy to train and accomplished all of the requirements to become a dam. She received an excellent breeding survey. Please view progeny of Chiara on the page Chiara/Flash and Chiara/Buddy.

Since her Mom matched so good with both sires"Tyson" and "Gino", we decided to breed "Gino" to Chiara for this upcoming winter litter. These puppies will have an extreme nice pigmentation. Since Gina is the halfsister of Chiara - they both have the same father "Diaz", and we had a litter with her and Gino this year, we do expect puppies to arrive just like the ones out of Gina and Gina. View pictures of Gina-Gino-puppies further below.

Now let us introduce our sire Gino.

He is something special, just like his Dad Tyson, which just celebrated his 14th birthday at the beginning of December. When it comes to Tyson we could never stop talking about him. His son is just like him. Gino is a very proud looking male with great expression, he has an extreme nice pigmentation and a very nice face. He is very smart and always likes to mess with the Barrett girls. Just to show them that he likes to be the boss - but the boss is still Tyson. Over the past three years Gino produced very nice progeny. All of his puppies went into a family homes. The feedback we received of Gino-progeny owners are great. Each of them enjoy their dogs so much, they would not want to be without them. All the time people write to us to let us know how smart these dogs are. People have to experience a progeny of Gino, Tyson, Orca and Enza to believe, what we mean by that. Gino`s progeny can be viewed on the pages Asti/Gino- , Orca-Gino, Gina/Gina and again Orca/Gino . Enjoy!

We believe, that these puppies will have an ideal temperament for being a family and also a dog, which people can train with in all kinds of fields, like rescue, agility, schutzhund etc, if they like working with a GSD. And again, we believe, that they will be extremely smart and will have a beautiful pigmentation with some of them with a dark face

Note: We think, that we can expect quite a few puppies in the upcoming Chiara-litter, because already she shows pretty much! Therefor it looks very promissing for this upcoming litter!

Our two planned litters for early spring we introduce the parents on this page in mid part of February 2018


Each of our pup was raised with love and care. We take our breeding program very serious, we take our time in selecting a pup for each family. A breeder can only do this, if he or she spends many hours with the puppies during the first 8 weeks. We do only place our puppies in loving homes with responsible owners, in which the dog can be part of the family. Anybody who has this love, knowledge and responsibility for this breed we would love to get in contact with. Just write an email to us, we will give you all the information you need.

On our site "Testimonials" you can read letters, which families had sent us to share with everyone, who is interested in purchasing a pup from our house.