Our second planned "winter litter" is now online

We expect puppies to arrive at the end of December 2018

1. planned winter-litter 2018

Bella von Vierhundert Hertz

born: 24th of March 2013, IPO I, KKl 1, show title V, had been shown at the world championship show in 2014

HD-normal, ED-fast normal

Gino vom Haus Barrett

born: 28. July 2012 - IPO3 - KKL1

HD-normal (excellent), ED-normal (excellent)

Show title V

Bella von Vierhundert Hertz

Pedigree of Bella here

Gino vom Haus Barrett".

More pictures of Gino, Pictures of his Dad can be viewed here and there

Pedigree of Gino

We are very happy to have Bella. She has an extreme nice conformation and also a very nice expression, beautiful pigmentation and most of all she is very intelligent and also very lovable.

In the past Bella has proven that not only she has the above qualities, she also gives it to her offsprings, when we view her F-litter , Z-litter and also our beautiful youngster named "Lucky". Since Lucky turned out so great, we believe that Bella will make a good match with his son "Gino vom Haus Barrett".

Let us introduce our beautiful sire Gino.

He is something special, just like his Dad Tyson used to be. When it comes to our two sires Tyson and Gino we could never stop talking about them. Just like his Dad Tyson Gino is a very proud looking male with great expression, he has an extreme nice pigmentation and a very nice face. He is very smart and always likes to mess with the Barrett girls. Just to show them that he likes to be the boss - just like Tyson used to do. Over the past four years Gino produced very nice progeny. All of his puppies went into a family homes. The feedback we received of Gino-progeny owners are great. Each of them enjoy their dogs so much, they would not want to be without them. All the time people write to us to let us know how smart these dogs are. People have to experience a progeny of Gino, Tyson, Orca and Enza and hopefully soon "Lucky" to believe, what we mean by that. Gino`s progeny can be viewed on the pages Asti/Gino- , Orca-Gino, Gina/Gina and again Orca/Gino . Enjoy!

We believe, that these puppies will be something special again. And also we believe, that they will be extremely smart and will have a beautiful pigmentation with some of them with a dark face

If nature is on our side, we will receive puppies yet in 2018 out of Bella and Asti. As soon as we know, that both females are carrying we will announce the approximate date of birth on this page. Both litters will arrive very close to each other. We truly hope, that we will be lucky to expect new puppies to arrive again, so for some families the waiting time finally will come to an end. We will keep everyone updated! So please keep an eye on this page!

Note: Not only do we have these two litters planned at this time. At the beginning of 2019 we do plan two spring litters as well!

2. planned winter-litter 2018

Asti vom Bierstadter Hof

born 27th of June 2013, KKl I, IPO1, HD-normal, ED-normal

show rating: V

Pictures of Asti in her first two years her


Herros von Vierhundert Hertz

born: 15th of March 2015 _ IPO 1 _ AD, KKl. 1,

show title "V"

HD normal, ED normal (both excellent)


Asti (calling name Shiva)

Herros (calling name Joey)

If you like to read more on Asti, please click on the above link, which will show Asti during her first two years. Asti has developed into an extreme lovable female. She loves children. Actually she is one of our best dogs, when it comes to the qualities of being a good family and at the same time a good watch dog. She has such a sweet temperament and she is so quiet, when at home, but yet so alert, when someone knocks on the door. When Hundemama goes with her for walks, especially at night, she really protects her. She also does great in schutzhund training.

Asti has an extreme long coat and a very beautiful face. We had beautiful litters with her in the past, for example view our Asti-Yakko and our Asti-Gino- litter.

Since we had two beautiful litters this summer with our Enza and also with our Bella and Herros being the sire. We thought, that Herros would also make a great match for our Asti, especially when it comes to beautiful heads with short muzzles. Let us introduce Herros again:

Herros vom Vierhundert Hertz has the great sire "Bruno von Vierhundert Hertz" in his bloodline. An exceptional sire he is when it comes to GSD qualities. Herros just turned three years old, although he had passed his breeding survey at the beginning of 2017 we waited until Bella and Enza came in heat to have two good combinations with Herros. We believe, that not only should the dog look good, the bloodline also should makae a fit and if we view the Enza-Herros and Bella-Herros puppies, we can see, that "Hundemama" was right again. We hope, that this will be the same with the combination Asti and Herros.

Herros has a great bone structure and a beautiful masculine head, just like our "Buddy vom Kuckucksland" has. Herros also has some of Buddy`s bloodline in him.

So we do believe, that with these two dams we can expect puppies again with the qualities we like to see in a GSD.


Each of our pup was raised with love and care. We take our breeding program very serious, we take our time in selecting a pup for each family. A breeder can only do this, if he or she spends many hours with the puppies during the first 8 weeks. We do only place our puppies in loving homes with responsible owners, where the dog can be part of the family. Anybody who has this love, knowledge and responsibility for this breed we would love to get in contact with. Just write an email to us, we will give you all the information you need.

On our site "Testimonials" you can read letters, which families had sent us to share with everyone, who is interested in purchasing a pup from our house.