We like to introduce the parents of our 2019 spring litter

Just like last year we do expect Enza-puppies to arrive in April

this time at the beginning of April

Enza vom Team Barrett

born: 21. April 2015, IPO I, KKl 1,

show title V

HD-normal, ED-normal (both excellent)

in the youth class she had been shown at the world championship show of the SV in 2016 and came in the middle field

Yazoo vom Haus Barrett

Born.: 30th August 2015 - SchH 1 -

KKL1, HD normal, ED-normal

Show in fall of 2018 "V2"

Enza vom Team Barrett

more pictures of Enza and her brother Enzo here

head picture of Yazoo

More pictures of Yazoo und and his litter mates during their first three years can be viewed here

Video clip of Yazoo, taken in February 2019

We like to introduce our beauiful girl Enza. Just like her Mom Orca - which last year she had her w-litter and recently her last litter, her b-litter before she had been taken out of our breeding program - Enza is an exceptional true Barrett dog. Enza is our 5th generation of motherline of House Barrett since Hundemama started to breed this wonderful breed in 1996. Families who have an offspring of her Mom Orca or her sisters Romy or Cheyenne know what we are talking about, when we say, they are such funny and special dogs. They always have a surprize for us humans. Enza is such a smart girl, opens doors, likes to jump up and walks with us on two feet - she did at the world championship show in 2016 - likes to give kisses to the judge while they try to get her size. All the time she does funny things. We do have to laugh when we see her acive up like that. She loves to play with Lucky, her half brother and always wants to show him, that "she is the boss".But what she loves most is "schutzhund training". The Video above of Yazoo and her shows exactly how she is. If she does not like something, she will let the dog know, just like she did to Yazoo in the video clip, when she showed him, that she did not want to be bothered at the time. She made him do a flip.

As we mentioned above she is the half sister of "Lucky" and "Gino". They all have the same DAD, beautiful TYSON!

Two year ago she had her first litter with our sire Nex. Extreme beautiful puppies she had. View her first progeny!

Last April she had her second litter. At that time we decided for our "Herros" to be her breeding partner. We were right, the outcome was great. Beautiful dogs with extreme good bone structure and beautiful pigmentation. Not only nice looking dogs, also very smart and playful. We only received positive feedback from the owners of an Enza puppy. View progeny of Enza and Herros here

This time we decided for her new breeding partner, for our new sire "Yazoo vom Haus Barrett". Not only does he come from a great bloodline, out of the Vegas line, he also comes from the Tabaluga-Yakko-line and if we look at his Mom, his Dad Yakko and his sisters and brothers, we see, how much expession each of these dogs have. Yazoo has an exceptional sound temperament, but also loves to perform at the training place. He has a little of everything. He makes a great family dog, but also a good working dog. He is a type of dog, just like with horses, when he trusts someone he will be your best friend. Amazing dog. If we look at his face, we can see by his expression, what a wonderful dog he is. If you see him running in the ring, you may think, he is flying. Geat movements!

From these parents we expect puppies with a great temperament, puppies who love humans, puppies which want to please and puppies which will develop into a great adult dog with a good leader, they will be your friend for life.


Each of our pup is being raised with love and care. We take our breeding program very serious, we take our time in selecting a pup for each family. A breeder can only do this, if he or she spends many hours with the puppies during the first 8 weeks. We do only place our puppies in loving homes with responsible owners, where the dog can be part of the family. Anybody who has this love, knowledge and responsibility for this breed we would love to get in contact with. Just write an Email to us, we will give you all the information you need.

On our site "Testimonials" you can read letters, which families had sent us to share with everyone, who is interested in purchasing a pup from our house.