We do plan one more litter before the below Mina-Champ-litter will happen. When the time comes to introduce the parents of this upcoming litter, we will do so on this page

This below litter is planned for the beginning of 2023

Mina vom Team Barrett

WT: born 7th of August 2020, IGP1, KKl1

show title: SG

HD-normal, ED-normal


Champ vom Team Barrett

born: 28th of August 2018 - SchH 1, - KKL 1,

show title: V

HD-fast normal, ED-normal


Mina vom Team Barrett

View pictures of Mina and her parents and littermates during the first two years

Champ vom Team Barrett

Weitere Bilder von Champ

We would like to introduce our two-year-old girl "Mina". She is a daughter of our "Bella", who "retired" last year, with Bella we had an above-average breeding bitch for many years, from which our stud dog "Lucky" also came from. In order to refresh our bloodline again, we decided at the time for the stud dog "Vulkano vom Lassenbacher Land" for Bella. With the progeny Mina out of the combination Bella/Vulkano we got back what we wanted not only when it comes to temperament and intelligence, but also in terms of health, such as HD and ED, which were rated "normal" - the best result. The Mom Bella did not have that rich of a pigmentation as our dogs usually have, but now the progeny Mina has this deep red and black pigmentation again. Which shows us, if paired the right dogs together, the breeding can be improved.

When Mina still was young, we pictured her and Champ to be "dog-parents" and what a wonderful combination this would be. Now the time has come and we were able to "make our wishes come true". From the looks and expression the two fit together perfectly. Champ is a very calm and even-tempered male, while Mina is a bit more alert and cheeky.

For two days it has been certain that the Mina/Champf mating was successful, which is why we can now announce this litter and we are really looking forward to the arrival of these puppies.

But we don't want to miss out on introducing our unique sire "Champ vom Team Barrett" in more detail for those who haven't had the opportunity to get to know this great fellow in real life.

He is a unique male. He has a big bone structure, has an extreme masculine head with a beautiful dark mask and a balanced nature. He is friendly to every two- or four-legged friend. He even puts up with almost everything from puppies. He is a very balanced and calm representative of his breed.

Watching him, you get the impression he'd think he was a lap dog - a big teddy bear - he's that cuddly. But what makes him so special is the fact that he shows exceptional performance on the training ground, despite this characteristic of a lap dog, such as in the areas of search, obedience and also protection work. For us an ideal family and working dog. This is how you imagine the German Shepherd Dog!

On the day of our hike just two weeks ago he had been presented for a breeding survey for lifetime and accomplished this trial without any problems, although "Hundemama" was not there. He only needed about three weeks to be prepared for this trial by our friend.

Progeny of Champ: Bella and Champ, Gwendi-Champ 2021, Enza-Champ, and Gwendi-Champ 2022

We will update this announcement with the announcement of a successful breeding in winter of 2022

Pre-Announcement for our 2nd planned winter litter 2022/2023 with our dam "Clara" and the sire "Champ" . We will give an update on this planned litter at the end of December 2022

"Clara vom Haus-Barrett" is a daughter of Asti and Yazoo

"Champ vom Team Barrett" is a son of Gina and Buddy (view further above)

Each of our pup is being raised with love and care. We take our breeding program very serious, we take our time in selecting a pup for each family. A breeder can only do this, if he or she spends many hours with the puppies during the first 8 weeks. We do only place our puppies in loving homes with responsible owners, where the dog can be part of the family. Anybody who has this love, knowledge and responsibility for this breed we would love to get in contact with. Just write an Email to us, we will give you all the information you need.

On our site "Testimonials" you can read letters, which families had sent us to share with everyone, who is interested in purchasing a pup from our house.