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First fall litter

Gina vom Team Barret

born: 12.08.2015 - IPO1

Körklasse 1, HD-normal, ED-normal

show title V

Gina is a daughter of our deceased Yanka vom Haus Barrett and Diaz von Veterinaria


Lucky vom Team Barrett

born: 09.02.2016

KKl. I, IPO1, HD-normal, ED-normal, LÜW: 0

show title V

pictures of Lucky during his first three years

Lucky is the son of our deceased Tyson


Gina is the daughter of our Yanka. Yanka passed away at the age of almost 15. The sire of Gina is the famous "Diaz von Veterinaria". When we started to breed with Gina her breeding partner was "Lucky", an offspring of our never forgotten sire Tyson vom Haus Barrett. At that time Gina became a "Mom" of seven beautiful puppies. Lucky is also the halfbrother of our "Gino". These puppies have turned out into very beautiful and healthy dogs with a great temperament, which makes them great family dogs. These first puppies of Gina and Lucky can be viewed on the h-page . We did repeat this litter two years later. Please view the v-page. Since that time Gina had become a Mom a few more times. More progeny of Gina can be viewed on following pages: r-page, and l-page

Gina is a very lovable female. She is a perfect family dog, but yet has a very nice preydrive and was very easy to train for her titles. She just wants to please her owner. She has a very nice long coat, beautiful pigmentation and an extreme nice conformation. She had been shown at the world champion ship show here in Germany a few years ago and was titled at 16th place of 60 dogs and also had been shown at the Switz champion ship show in that same year. She came in 2nd place and received the title V2.

Gina will go into retirement after this upcoming litter. For this last litter we decided for Lucky to be her breeding partner one more time. We do not expect many puppies, but do hope, that the few puppies she will have, will come healthy into this world.

Now we like to write down a few words about Lucky!

He is a very beautiful and lovable dog. He is a son of Bella von Vierhundert Hertz and Tyson vom Haus Barrett. Lucky has inherited the sound temperament of his Mom. He is always friendly to other dogs and people. His name "Lucky" he received due to the fact, that his Dad "Tyson" "produced" him at a very old age - 12 years of age -, which is not common for a sire to still be active once being a senior. This l-litter was Tyson`s last litter.

Some of Lucky`s offspring can be viewed on following pages: d-litter, p-litter and the two above litters with Gina

From the beginning Lucky was a very friendly and outgoing puppy. It took him a little longer to mature and therefor he did receive his titles at the age of three instead of two years old. Hundemama believes, that dogs and children are very similar. Some develop faster some more slow. If we try to understand our dogs, we will not ask them to do things, that they are mentally not capable off. Some need a little more time. Lucky sure did need this time. He is going on 8 years next year, so we are thinking to keep an offspring of him in 2024. Therefor we might plan another winter litter with him or Champ, because we also need to think about an offspring of Champ. Usually when we are thinking of keeping an offspring, we usually pick a female, which comes out of a different blood line. That way we will receive "fresh blood" again, when it comes to the mother side. This is the reason why we had to change our plans for our one and only winter litter this year. Maybe we will have a chance to either raise an Champ or Lucky offspring in 2024. Since Lucky is going on 8 years next year and he is such a good campion for Hundemama when she goes horseback riding, she would love to have an offspring from him. Champ would also make a great match with the female of our winter litter. So we will let the female decide, which sire it will be for her first litter.

Now we do hope for healthy Gina and Lucky puppies, before Gina goes into retirement

In the month of December we will introduce the parents of our first 2024 litter, which will hopefully be with our newcomer "special" girl "Koko". More details in the months of December


Each of our pup is being raised with love and care. We take our breeding program very serious, we take our time in selecting a pup for each family. A breeder can only do this, if he or she spends many hours with the puppies during the first 8 weeks. We do only place our puppies in loving homes with responsible owners, where the dog can be part of the family. Anybody who has this love, knowledge and responsibility for this breed we would love to get in contact with. Just write an Email to us, we will give you all the information you need.

On our site "Testimonials" you can read letters, which families had sent us to share with everyone, who is interested in purchasing a pup from our house.