M-Wurf "Team Barrett"

Bella vom Team Barret

born: 24.03.2013 - IPO1

Körklasse 1, HD-normal, ED-fast normal

show: V

Vulkano vom Gebenbacher Land

WT.: 31.05.2017 - IGP2 -

KKL1, HD-normal, ED-normal

show: V


Mailo, Merlin, Mogli, Monty, Mandy, Mina, Mona

Last update 16th of July 2022

The above pictures show Mailo at the age of almost two years

Just a few weeks ago Mogli and his family were on a vacation in Croatia

The above four pictures show our Mina with her friend Champ

Mailo during the first year

Merlin is also doing great

Here we see pictures of Mogli during his first year. He lives with our friends in Bavaria. "Hundemama" just came back together with Champ from a visit at their house a few weeks ago. Mogli is doing great. He made friends with Champ as we did see on the "vacation page", which was one of our entries on our newspage just a few days ago

Here we see pictures of Monty together with his friend. As we can see on the pictures above, he developed into a nice youngster

Unfortunately we only received two pictures of Mandy. Hopefully we will receive more pictures in the future

Above we see pictures of Mona. She was the biggest girl in the litter

Last but not least we like to introduce our girl named "Mina". We picked her, because she had this fisty look and had this nice "play drive". She was one of the smallest puppies, but had everything we had hoped for. We are so happy, that we decided to keep her at that time, because meanwhile her Mom "Bella" went into retirement. Mina turned out into a beautiful youngster with all the qualities we were hoping for she would have. She is also a healthy girl. She had been x-rayed for ED, HD and back and had received the best results. We will open up an extra page for her in the next few days with more information about her. This page will be updated every so often until she has received her breeding papers some time in 2022. The second above picture to the right show "Mina" with our "Enza". This picture had been taken a few days ago.

The progeny of the parents Bella and Vulkano show us again how important it is to research a new sire, before a decision is made for another sire. "Hundemama" always says, it is easy to put two dogs together to make puppies, but it is not easy to put the right ones together, the ones which harmonize well with each other, so the progeny will be healthy and have a sound temparament with a good play drive. And above all to produce puppies with such a proud look and up on top are so intelligent like these progeny are of Bella and Vulkano.

"Hundemama" started to train Mina a few days ago. She learns so fast. Hundemama knows that within no time she will be ready to pass a BH-trial. We'll see how her training progresses

Puppies are 8 weeks old

Mailo with his new family. He will not live too far away from us

Merlin with his new family

Mogli will be the 2nd Barrett for our friends. To the right we see a picture, when their first Barrett "Grace" was picked up almost 15 years ago. Not too long ago she did pass

Mandy with her new owners

Mona with her new family

Monty had to fly to his new family, who lives in Canada. If we receive a family picture we will upload this picture here. The girl Mina will stay with us

Puppies are 7 weeks old

Mailo Mailo is a lovely male with a nice temperament

Merlin is a playful puppy

Mogli can be very cuddly at times

Monty iMonty is the wildest puppy in this litter. If he holds on to something, he won't let go of it that easily

Mandy is just as wild as her brother Monty

Mina is cuddly, but also very playful. She will stay with us for now

Mona is an active puppy

Puppies are 6 weeks old

All of our puppies are doing very well. It won't be an easy decision which puppy will stay with us

Puppies are five weeks old

At noon they get their extra portion of milk. Then there is another dessert from mom and then the garden can be explored