litters of House-Barrett from 1996 until ..






































Orca vom Haus Barrett, born 9th of May 2010, KKl, SchH 2, AD, HD-excellent, ED-excellent, Ausstellungsbewertung V

Sire: Tyson vom Haus Barrett, born 2nd Of Dec. 2003,

SchH3, KKl. 1, A-excellent, ED-excellent, Show title: V

More pictures of Tyson


Rainbow, Rino, Ron, Rachel, Reagan, Remy, Ruby

Last update on 17th of March 2020

Ron to the right with his friend "Axel", both Barretts; Ron is a son of Tyson and Axel a son of Gino

Ron is doing so well

10th of August 2017

We were very happy to finally have received a few pictures of "Rino". He is doing great according to their owners

And so is "Ron"

What a good looking boy!

Since a few months another Barrett moved into their home. His name is Axel, a son of Orca and Gino. So them two are related and yes, they do look alike!

19th of December 2016

Ron is doing great. He is living with his family in Belgium

6th of November 2015

It so happened, that the wonderful dog Rainbow made friendship

with the 7 year old girl Dysis, a wonderful daughter from Nora and Tyson

Due to a new family situation the owner of Dysis was not able to keep her beloved Dysis anymore. She called us and asked for help. It so happened, that at the same time an elderly dog,

which was Rainbow`s friend had died and they were looking for a new companion for Rainbow. It only took a few days for the Rainbow family to make this decision to take Dysis in, although she is 7 years old and needs given her daily medicine

After Dysis arrived in Frankfurt it only took a few days for

both dogs to become friends. Everyone is happy. Dysis found another loving home, the ex-owner of Dysis does not have to worry anymore, she is fine and Rainbow has a new friend and most of all the Barretty feel very happy about this happy ending

Wednesday, the 15th of October 2015

Over the last several months

we received quite a few new pictures.

On these first three pictures we see Rainbow. He has the same expression just like Tyson

Ron loves children

and according to his owners

he does get spoiled. Here we see him

with toys

and another toy

Such a beautiful boy

They should be proud of him

On his daily walks he does meet cows at times

He is so gentle with them

We see him with his friend


a very lovable female

On following pictures we see Reagan and Uliesel

Even for Hundemama it is difficult to tell them apart

The Barrett up front has the Orca-Expression, the one behind must be a

daughter of Funny

February 20th, 2015


is doing great

Ruby, her sister went on vacation


is such a proud young female

Pictures of her first year

Ron must think,

that he is the "King"

just like his Dad "Tyson". He lives a nice life!

November 18th, 2014

Our Orca-Tyson puppies

had celebrated their first birthday the other day

We received quite a few pictures. The first four pictures

show the young male Rainbow

His brother Ron

looks like

a big bear

He loves to run and play

Ron with his birthday candle

Same goes for Rachel,

she loves to play

Since a few weeks

Reagan has a new friend

Another Barrett lives with her now

A little Funny and Yakko girl

Reagan knows how to get up there

She loves the water


developed also in a beautiful "young lady"

They look so innocent, but they are not always. Do not leave anyhing around! They find it

Pictures taken of Remy during the first year

June 18th, 2014


feels so good


was on vacation


loves to play


with a stick, of course!


looks so content

May 23rd, 2014

How comfortable she must feel

Loves to play

As we can see,

Rachel is doing fine!

Who is this? I am not doing anything, says Remy

I am innocent

She loves to watch TV

Please do not disturb!

Has her own chair

and of course her own bowl


posing for the camera


goes with his owner to car races

In his life there is a lot of action


Just relaxing!

April 9th, 2014


is a very masculine male

Beautiful head and pigmentation

He is very alert

His owners are very proud of him

This goes for Ron as well

The female Rachel is doing fine. We must say, if we look at all of these puppies

the owners are doing a great job with the young dog`s weight


and all of her littermates

are kept slim

and as you see,

it makes them look very good, when it comes to their conformation

What a beautiful young looking female!

March 13th, 2014

We received two more pictures

of Reagan and her friend


has such a cute face

And he does some crazy things

He is a Tyson son

Having lunch!

We received two more pictures of Rachel

since our last update.

March 4th, 2014

We received new pictures of all of the puppies from this r-litter. Thanks so much!


is doing great

He enjoys this

Rino with his toys

and another "toy"

Ron loves to carry objects around

According to his owner

he is developing very well

Close up

Rachel keeps his owner

very busy

Reagan has a frien to play with

They get along just fine

Close up

She wants to know,

who is the strongest


in the snow

Remy`s ears are up

She is watching very closely

Ruby is doing fine

She came together with her owner to our training place the other day, just to watch the other dogs

January 19th, 2014. It has not been too long since they left us!

On the way to the new home

Making new friends


is being loved so much!

Ron`s new home is in Belgium

More four legged friends belong to the new family

How cute he is!


is keeping her new family buisy

All Barretts are the best when they are sleeping

Reagan has to make friends with other family members now

Already she finds their sleeping place very comfortable

Playing so much

makes puppies tired

Remy is being introduced to the new brush

All puppies need hugs from time to time

Remy found a bone,

it does not take long,

and she finds something new to play with

Ruby was the wildest ones in this litter

Therefor she needs a big bone. Small bones she does not like!

Last update on December 28th

The puppies are introducing themselves with their names


is such a cute puppy


has a very nice play-drive


is a more sensitive puppy


has a very nice temperament and good play-drive. She is very alert- We can see this in her eyes already!


is a sweet puppy, loves to give kisses, but also has a very nice play drive


is an active puppy, loves to mess with her littermates


can get pretty wild and is always into something

We are very pleased with the development of these puppies. If they continue developing like they have in the past, we believe, that Tyson and Orca could become another "new dream combination", like Nora and Tyson were for so many years.

Today we took pictures first of the boys

and then of the girls

The first five pictures show the boys

They are all very active

and very alert

Not only the boys, also the girls, look at this one

Unfortunately when we take pictures during the winter months outside

they really do not show their pigmentation so well,

it depends if the flash goes or not

All the puppies have great pigmentation

and have a beautiful bone structure

The girls are also very alert

This puppy is a little smaller then the others,

but has the most deep and red pigmentation of all of them

She is very alert

Here they watch the elderly dogs play

Again the puppies have grown quite a bit

The weather here in Germany has not been very nice,

so when play time was on the plan today ,

we brought them back in the house

and they sure did not mind

In fact

they loved it very much,

as you can see

For the camera they even held still

for a moment

but then it was time

to play again

They are so active, love to play,

run around and then lay down all of as sudden

Sometimes it is not easy

to take pictures of them

We are more then pleased with their development

We hope, that we will continue to stay in contact

with the new families,

so we will be able to watch their development in the future

What a cute puppy

Break time for a few seconds!