Gina vom Team Barret

born: 12.08.2015 - IPO1

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Grizzly vom Waldschlösschen

born: 21st of April 2016 - IGP 3

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Rocky, Rusty, Ronja

Last update on 1st of March 2024

Rocky is doing very well and bringing a lot of joy to his family

The above pictures show Rusty during his first two years

Ronja has developed into a very beautiful young "dog lady"

June 8th, 2023

Half a year had passed since our last update. The Enza-Grizzly-progeny keep developing into very handsome youngsters.

Above pictures show the boy "Rocky"

Ronja loves to play with her ball

August 29th 2022

7 months had passed since our last update. Rocky and his littermates grew up into nice youngsters

Above we see Rusty

The 10 pictures above show the girl Ronja between the months of May and August of this year

January 7th, 2022

Rocky is doing great at his new home

So is Rusty. The children just love him

Ronja loves to play and is only allowed to play with Champ, Gwendi and her Mom. The other Barretts would play too rough with her, so we have to keep an eye on her. She is doing great. Once she has gotten a little older, we will open up a page for her and our 6 months old female "Koko"

Rocky with his new owner

Rusty with his new family

Ronja with Hundemama and Koko

23rd of December 2021

Here we see our three puppies from left to right: "Rocky", he is a laidback puppy, in the middle we see the girl "Ronja", she is a lively girl and last but not least we see her brother Rusty, which is also a lively puppy, just like the girl Ronja. He is the biggest puppy of all three. We believe that Ronja and Rocky are very much alike when it comes to their playdrive and their lively temperament. We are going to keep little Ronja for now to see how she will develop

13th December 2021

Just ten days had passed since our last update. Look how much these puppies have grown

December 3rd, 2021

A lot has happened since our last update a week ago. The little ones have moved and were allowed into the garden for the first time yesterday. Even though it was pretty cold outside, the fresh air was good for them. During this playtime we made the above pictures and also
recorded two video clips that we will upload on facebook and instagram over the weekend. Enjoy watching the two video clips!