Y-Wurf "Team Barrett"

Bacira vom Team Barrett

Born: 23. August 2018

IPG1, Körklasse 1, HD-normal, ED-normal, Back OCD: O
show title: V

Yazoo vom Haus Barrett

Born.: 30th August 2015 - SchH 1 -

KKL1, HD normal, ED-normal

Show in fall of 2018 "V2"


Yaro, Yury, Yara

Last update 6th of August 2023

Our three puppies have moved into their new homes a few weeks ago. First pictures we have received of them

Above we see Yaro. He must feel very comfortable

The two pictures above show Yury. We have received lots of updates from his new owner. She is so happy with him. He enriches her life, she says

A few days ago we uploaded a video of him and his sister Yara on our Barrett-facebook-site

All three puppies just love water. Here we see Yara in her new pool with ice cubes in it. She also made friends with another family member. We are very happy for her and her owner, who has received her 2nd Barrett puppy now.

23rd of July 2023

This picture above and the four pictures below show "Yaro" and "Yara" just after they had been picked up at the Airport in Vancouver. Above we see Yaro with his new owner

The sister "Yara" was busy giving kisses to her new "Dog Mom". She acted like she had known her from day one

This will be the 2nd Barrett for this family. The first one also came out of the Orca bloodline, just like this new girl now. Orca is the grandma of Yara.

A few more pictures of the two.

Yury with his new owner. His new home will be in Switzerland

We do believe, that Mom Bacira and Dad Yazoo did an excellent "job" when it comes to these puppies. ´They all have a sound temperament and they are very lovable puppies. We hope, that we will be able to be part of their development in the future. We will update this page every so often with new pictures of the three.

Last update on 10th of July 2023 The time has come for our three puppies to introduce themselves with their names and temperament. Let us begin with the cute

little puppy "Yaro". He has a very sound temperament, just like his Dad. We hope, that he will bring much joy to his new "Dog Mom"

the brother Yuri is very curious. He watches everything and boy he lets his brother and sister know, when they play too rough with him

Last but not least the sister "Yara". From day one she looked like a male puppy (and she still looks like one), very strong build, just like the dog Dakoda, which for 11 years brought so much joy to her family. Now they are receiving a very similar puppy again. We are very anxious to see how she will develop in the future. Here is the link to the other girl Dakoda. Dakoda was an offspring out of Orca and Buddy. The Mom of Yara is Bacira, which is the daughter of Orca.

July 3rd, 2023

The pictures above show our little "big" girl "Yara"

The pictures above show our two boys

We just love how these puppies have developed. All three puppies have a sound temperament. The girl Yara is a bit more alert than her two brothers

24th, 2023

Over the past few days it is very hot here in Germany. So we introduced our three puppies to a pool, which they really liked. Sometimes it is very funny to watch them interact with each other. We enjoy every day

June 17th, 2023

They feel very comfortable around two legged friends

June 8th, 2023

The puppies enjoy the nice weather. Every day they are able to stay in the garden for a few hours

31st of May, 2023

Above our three "BIG" puppies. The weather was beautiful in the last few days, so they were even able to be outside for a little bit. We took this chance to make new pictures.

This page had been opened on Sunday 28th of May 2023

Bacira gave birth to two boys and one girl. All three puppies are very big and we are happy, that this birth did not create any problems, because of the size of her puppies. Bacira is just a great girl. Now she is taking very good care of her three "big puppies"

We hardly cannot wait to watch them grow up. It might be, that we will keep a puppy out of this litter. Yazoo is going up in age, so we will not have too many more opportunities with him. We do have one offspring of Yazoo, our Gwendi, but we sure would like another one. If we look at Gwendi`s past litters, we see what a great bloodline this is.