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Romy from House Barrett

born. 14th of August 2007, SchH1, AD - KKL 1, HD-fast normal, ED-normal ,

show title SG

Sire: born: Yakko from House Barrett, 15th of Mai 2008 - SchH 1 - KKL1, HD-fast normal, ED-normal


Matt, Maffi, Mia

Last update on 25th of June 2016

The girl Muffi is doing great. Here she was on a vacation with her owner

3rd of January 2015

Maffi chlling in the sun

and exercising on the trotting machine


what a beautiful face and she has such beautiful pigmentation

1st of March 2014

Mia is a great family dog

Everything can be done with her

Maffi, her sister, is different

She needs to be occupied constantly,

if not she will find something to do

She looks so much like her Mom Romy

On her expression in the face you can see, she is up to no good

It is good, that she is not alone in the household. She has always someone to play with her and she needs this

January 24th, 2014


is doing fine

October 1st, 2013

When we look at these two females Mia

and Maffi (further below), we still believe,

that Mia is the "good little girl"

- she looks very friendly -

and Maffi is more like her Mom Romy

"most of the time up to no good"

and most of the time she finds something to play with and if not,

then she will look for it

July 16th, 2013

We received a beautiful "professional standing picture" of 5 months old Maffi. Her owner is very happy with her girl

May 16th, 2013

According to her owner Maffi is doing great,

at times a little stubborn, just like Hundemama did see her

when she was 8 weeks old,

but her owner has already experience with GSD, so we are sure, she will be able to handle her little girl

From the beginning Mia was different,

more gentle, more easy going, just a sweet little girl

As soon as puppies start teething, they ears will go down. At the age of 7 months the ears will be up again.

April 20th, 2013

Puppies are about 10 weeks old

It has been about two weeks

since Maffi moved into her new home

According to her owner she is doing great, she is not afraid

of anything. In Germany it is allowed to take dogs into restaurants. She already had been with her owner for dinner in a restaurant and slept underneeth the table why they were dining. A true and behaved "Barrett"

Matt on the way to his new home, which is in Belgium now

Sweet dreams

Right away he was taking for a walk by his new elderly friend

Matt, we believe, will be an exceptional good looking dog, but we also believe

that he needs guidance and a strict hand

Already he looks like "Macho". Reminds us on Tyson, his granddad; he is already a male with a lot of expression

This is Matt

Both of his sisters did move into their new homes

Since Matt was the smallest and we have noticed,

that his development is slower then the others,

we thought, it would be good for him

to stay a little longer at House-Barrett

together with his Mom

Almost everry other day Hundemama is going to the training place

to prepare Nex and Orca for an upcoming IPO trial

So, she thought, it would be good to let Matt watch everything

what is going on on a training place

He sure loved it and everyone fall in love with him

He might be the smallest, but he has the most beautiful

face we have ever seen on a puppy

Last update on 29th of March 2013

Puppies are seven weeks old

This is our Matt,

he is still the smallest,

but yet the wildest puppy in this litter

and he loves to bite

Maffi is the wildest girl

she needs to be trained


Mia is also very playful,

but not as wild as her sister

We see her grandfather "Tabaluga" in her, we believe that she will get a very long coat

Matt is such a cute little fallow

He has a special look

You can see on that pictures, that Maffi will be like Cheyenne,

up to no good

Look at her! She is watching the food bowl

Puppies are six weeks old

Only a few days have gone by

since the last pictures were taken

It really does show, how fast

the puppies grow

Not only do they grow

they get more active

each day

One of our girls

These two pictures

show Matt. The girl is trying to chew on the steps

Another girl

to the right Matt und the left a girl