litters of House-Barrett from 1996 until ..































Dam: Olympia vom Altenberger Landt, born 29th of June 2008 , KKl 1, VPG I, HD-normal, ED-normal
Show title: V

Sire: born: Yakko from House Barrett, 15th of Mai 2008 - SchH 1 - KKL1, HD-fast normal, ED-normal, show title "V"


Samson, Seppl, Shadow-Knight, Shima, Siwah, Skyler, Suna

Last update on 28th of November 2022

Skyler received another homemade birthday cake for her 9th birthday and a pretty little hat adorned her head

November 20th, 2022

Shadow-Knight and his littermates are celebrating their 9th birthday today

1st of December 2021

Skyler and her littermates celebrates their 8th birthday not too long ago. Skyler just loves the snow

November 27th, 2020

Here we see Skyler. She is living in New York. Her family build her an obstical course to keep her exercised. We think is is just great. A GSD always wants to learn and wants to be exercised!

In the middle we see her taking a sun bath. Skyler and her littermates just turned 7 years old not too long ago. We wish them the very best and many more healthy years

For her birthday "Hundemama" baked a cake for her, just like every year

Her brother Shadow Knight is also doing great. He is living here in Germany, not too far from us

December 5th, 2018

Skyler is doing great. The S-Barretts celebrated their 5th birthday not too long ago

Her brother Shadow-Knight is also doing very well. We do with the best for their birthday. It is always nice to hear that the Barretts are doing fine!

December 18th, 2017

Since our last update we received these four pictures above of Shadow-Knight. He is doing great and so is his Barrett friend "Giant", the brother of our "Gina" who is an uncle now since last summer. We will upload pictures of more Gino-progeny in the next few days

The s-puppies have just recently celebrated their fourth birthday. The above pictures show Skyler with her family. They love her so much! They would not want to miss her for one day

11th of May 2017

Skyler is having so much fun

She loves the water and also the bike

and of course the car

She is a very gentle girl

Not too long ago she celebrated her 3rd birthday. Her "Hundemama" baked a big "Doggy cake"

Another picture from last winter. She is having so much fun playing in the snow

December 12th, 2015

Skyler is living

a great life in New York

For her birthday her owner baked her a big cake

Look at her head. She is waiting for that cake! Come on "Mom" I like to taste it! We wish her and her littermates lots of health

Shadow Knight with his family on his birthday. Being taken for a birthday walk with the whole family

September 15th 2014

So much the puppies have grown since our last update

in May. Here you see Skyler playing in the water

Skyler 9 months old

Her brother Shadow-Knight 10 months old.

May 14th, 2014

Shadow-Knight is just doing great, loves to play with his friend


We see, that Skyler developes more slow then her litter mates,

which is actually good. Here is a short movie, of what she learned already in such a short time!

4th of April 2014


is a very wild boy


has a very nice temperament


has such a good temperament and gets along fine with his new friend

Siwah is a challenge to her new owner

She is full of live, has her own had

She is an extreme big boned female

Here together with her brother Samson. Both owners met a few weeks ago


is still a puppy with a very nice temperament


She was about 15 weeks old on this picture

4th of February 2014

Since our last update a few days ago

we received new pictures of our "wild Siwah",

according to her owners, they can handle her,

but at first it was not too easy, because she wanted to bite in everything she could get a hold off; it has gotten a little better now. She is just a big and beautiful girl

January 31st, 2014

Seppl with his girl-friend

Suna is a very active young lady

Jana, her owner, takes her all over the place,

which is good for her development

She loves to play

and of course loves to sleep

and in her crate she feels

very comfortable

Skyler is also doing fine

Here she gets exposed to the first snow

Shima and part of her new family

What a nice picture!

Life could not be better!

Shima with her new friend

It did not take long for Shadow-Knight to feel good about his

new home, here with his new friend

12th of January 2014

Samson is a very lively and confident puppy

Shadow-Knight has a great playdrive and is very alert

Seppl is a more sensitive puppy

Shima is a puppy, which is very much alive and she loves to play

Siwah is the wildest puppy. She loves to bite and loves not to let go!

Skyler has such a sweet temperament

Suma is also a very sweet puppy, but when another puppy gets to fresh with her, she shows her, that she should better not mess with her!

The puppies are doing great

as always they love to play

She loves this ball

This one is watching her

This is a boy

Just looking at the camera

They found something else to play with

Now they are getting tired

Last pictures were taken of the wildest girl

and a cute little girl

31st, 2013

Selina came for a visit

She just could not help herself

and played with these cute puppies for quite

a long time

The weather was nice,

so the puppies

were able to stay outside

for over an hour

They are all developing very well

We know already, that these puppies

will grow into very big dogs,

so we hope, that the future owners, will make sure,

that these puppies grow slowly in the first year and will feed them according to our feeding plan