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25th ASVD-show in Ansbach, Bavaria on July 10th, 2016

Unfortunately Jenny was not able to go to this special show of the ASVD past weekend. Her daughter Cassidy was celebrating her first birthday. Hundemama and Selina went for her and asked quite a few families to join us with their Barretts for this special event. Although these "family Barretts" were not prepared for such a show, they done very well and achieved many titles. Yazoo, Zorro and Maffi came in 2nd place in their class, the sister of Yazoo, Yana came in 3rd place. She had been called on the first place, but during the performance she was not able to keep up with the other due to the fact, that she was a little too heavy for her size.

Hundemama was so happy, that quite a few families came with their Yakko daughter or son. Therefor Haus-Barrett was able to present a progeny group and out of three presented progeny groups she did win with her Yakko. He is such a fine animal. He is already 8 years old and yet looking so good, not only him, also his brother Yasso and his sister Yanka. Yanka was not able to attend this show, because she is having a litter shortly, which we cannot wait for new puppies to arrive.

We are so proud of the progeny of "Funny von der Martinskapelle". Her puppies look so special proud and we are so happy, that we do have the progeny "Uljana" from her, which we hope will enrich our breeding program by next year. This coming weekend she will be shown at an F.C.I show. So next week we will add more pictures of Uljana on this page. We also will open up a new page for this wonderful female Uljana shortly.

The young male dog "Zorro", a son of Cheyenne and Buddy, we believe will grow into a special good looking puppy, with outstanding bone structure, very good conformation and beautiful "Buddy-head". We will keep you updated on his development as well.

We were also happy, that the sire "Pharo vom Haus Barrett" received his breeding title for lifetime, which means, that he will be the sire of one of our next upcoming litters. We will update our "upcoming litter"page in the next few days.

Lots of pictures were made on that day. Enjoy viewing these pictures!

Male dog "Zorro" with 7 months of age,

progeny of Cheyenne and Buddy

He came in 2nd place


a son of Asti and Gino

has an extreme good pigmentation

and was presenting himself also very well, but at times looking too much for his owners. Therefor he was not able to come up front

Joey und Yazoo, the son of Funny and Yakko

were presented in the same class

Yazoo was doing very well, he received 2nd place

The sister of Yazoo, Yana was presenting herself also good,

she was called on 1st place at first, but lost two spots due to the fact, that she was too heavy to be presented in such a show

Yana is a beautiful female

Winney, a son of Cheyenne und Nex. He is a very big male dog

We were happy to see Maffi again, the dauther of Romy and Yakko

She was doing extremely well in the ring and therefor received 2nd place

Here we see her with her owner, who soon will receive another Barrett puppy

Maffi looks on this pictures, just like she was laughing

Iljena received a very big trophy. She was up front

Ilenja is a daughter of our beautiful Orca and our extreme beautiful Nex vom Kuckucksland

The sire Pharo we have not seen

for a while, he is a son of Buddy and Dorcas

He will be a sire

for one of our upcoming litters

He has a beautiful big head with a very dark face

Unfortunately he is changing his coat at this moment

Yasso, the brother of Yakko

Yakko he still looks so good for his age, 8 years old

And both dogs, Yasso and Yakko, still can run so fast

The following pictures will show you Yakko`s progeny

Yazoo and Uljana, both progeny of Funny and Yakko

The sire Yakko

Maffi, Iljena and Yana

Yazoo and Uljana, progeny of Funny and Yakko.

Here we see again progeny of Funny and Yakko

What beautiful dogs. The mother Funny does inherit such dogs. We are so happy, that we kept the girl Uljana out of Funny

Yakko together with his sons and daughters

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