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Annual ASVD-show in Ansbach, Bavaria on July 12th, 2015

House-Barrett Clan

Nemi, just enjoying

Ilenja just enjoying

Up front we see Thor, one year old progeny of Cheyenne and Nex

Thor and Winney, both progeny from Cheyenne and Nex

At the beginn of the show

all the dogs come together in the ring

Puppies up front

Dagmar`s new little boy "Joey"

Stefan with his new boy

Iljena and her owner

Little Xenie, a daughter of Indi and Nex

Stefan with his boy

Here we see Xenie

for the first time in the ring. She was up front and stayed up front

She was walking like a "sewing machine"

Uljana, Jennifer`s female out of Funny and Yakko

She has such a beautiful gait and is so proud looking


a very big male for his age

Nemi had been shown in a big group

Unfortunately she is in the process of changing coats

Here we see Yasso, the brother of Yakko

He had been shown one more time. He was in very good shape

Who could this be? Our beautiful Cheyenne with almost no coat.

She also is in the process of changing coats, but yet looks so good. What a beautiful female with such good bone structure

Hundemama showed Flash on that day. He also was in great condition

He must know, that he will be a "Dad" soon

He presented himself very well on that day

Behind him Leonidas

One more picture of Yasso being shown

Yasso vom Haus Barrett came in 2nd place

Here we see Selina with Leonidas and his daughter Quechua, Leonidas came in 2nd place, Flash came in first place

Iljena vom Haus Barrett came in 1st place in breeding class, Cheyenne came in first place in working class

Hundemama with Cheyenne. Look at her face, "her expression always up to no good"

Nemi, a daughter of Olympia and Yakko, came in 2nd place

Shadow-Knight came in 2nd place, a son of Olympia and Yakko

Thor, a son of Cheyenne and Nex came in 2nd place

Uljana came in 2nd place

Winney came in 3rd place. His back should be more tide the judge said

Little "Joey" came in 3rd place and Stefan came in 1st place. Here we see little Enza, Joey was sleeping in the trailer

Little cute "Xenie", a daughter of Indi and Nex came in 1st place

Selina with her youngster came in 2nd place

Hundemama with little fresh "Enza"

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