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This page was updated on 15th of February 2006


Jennifer with Keeran 2001 (K-litter)

Jennifer with Barrett 1993

Jason with Cindy at a show 1999 (C-litter)

Jack with Balou 1997(B-litter)

Jennifer with Brix 1997 (B-litter)

Jack in Austria with Gustl 1997

Jack with Gina 2000 (G-litter)

Jack with Cindy 2002

Jason with Tabaluka 2002

Jennifer with Keeran 2001

Jack with Cindy 1998

Jennifer with Cindy 1998

Jason and Barrett 2000

Jack and Indra 2000

Jason and Melody, 12 weeks old

Jason and Melody 2002

Barrett loves to play with Jason

Barrett is still pretty active at the age of 9 years

Three little friends

He sure is proud of his dog Tabaluga

Little Nick with his new owner

Here the children are with Nick and Melody

Christopher with his Capone

Dorcas with a friend

Tyson with a friend

Chico with his little owners

Last update on 22nd of April 2007

Heros loves children

of course he wants to give her a lot of kisses

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