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show NRW 1998 from left to right

Barrett V2, Quinta V1, Balou V1 (B-litter)

Bundessieger show 2000

Gustl von der Köhlertanne V1

Quinta vom Mainbogen 1998

Quinta vom Mainbogen 1998

show in Switzerland 2000

Barrett V2

Bundessiegerschau 2000

Gustl V1

Andreas and Marion both show our dogs at shows, from left to right: Tabaluga, Melody, Zaskia, Barrett and Dragon with Marion and children

Barrett in "veteran class" in Switzerland 2002 rated V1

Gustl von der Köhlertanne (the dog in the middle) at the same show in "working class" V3

Indra vom Haus Barrett in "working class" at a show in Baden-Württemberg 2002 rated V1

Zaskia von Arminius champion of Baveria and Baden-Württemberg in the year 2002 V1

Grizzly vom Haus Barrett in "open class" at a show in Baden-Württemberg V1

Tabaluga von Steckenborn in "youth class" at a show in Switzerland SG 1

Tabaluga vom Steckenborn in "open class" at show Nordrhein-Westfalen V1

Kennel group 2002 "vom Haus Barrett" at show Nordrhein-Westfalen

Eileen, Hasko, Dragon, Gina, Merlin, Odin, Nora, Brix

Show in Bavaria on the 26th of October

Nora running with Ringo

Tabaluga vom Steckenborn

Show in Bavaria on the 28th of March 04

left to right: Tequiera 3rd place, Thiara-Sue 1st place in Baby-class females and Tyson 1st place in Baby-class males

Simon (in the middle)

Queeny vom Haus Barrett, 1st place in "youth class"

Queeny is a daughter from Cindy and Gustl

Our kennel "vom Haus Barrett"came in 1st place

Pictures of the show taken in Bavaria on 16th of May 2004

Queeny getting ready for her class

First three are able to rest for a moment

Another stand, Queeny to the left

Queeny vom Haus Barrett, "youth class", 1st place

Quana vom Haus Barrett, (103) sister of Queeny, "youth class", 4th place

Jumper vom Haus Barrett

Jumper with his two little owners

Jumper with Andreas in action, full speed ahaid

Thiara-Sue vom Haus Barrett, a sister of Tyson

Tyson vom Haus Barrett with "dog-mama"

Jason picking up the trophies

Queeny vom Haus Barrett

Pictures of the show taken in Nordrhein-Westfalen on 20th of June 2004

Kattrin, Marion and Tyson

Simon vom Haus Barrett, 2nd place

Marion to the left with Queeny

Queeny came in 1st place in open class

Proud owners of Hasko

Marion, Kattrin and Queeny

Zaskia von Arminius came in 2nd place at the highest level, the so called "working class"

Pictures of the show taken in Hinterzarten (Black Forest) on 27th of June 2004

Having breakfast early in the morning before the big event

Baby-class, from left to right, Xenia, Wendy and Valley

Valley showing her stand

Rusty vom Haus Barrett

Gustl was shown in the veteran class

As it shows he has not lost any of his strengh

Gustl with Pamela

Now listening to the judge`s words

Proud Thiara-Sue with her trophy

Gustl with all the trophies Haus Barrett dogs had received that day. He also found a toy he did not want to let go off

Queeny is a daughter from Cindy and Gustl

Every show we took her in the last few months

Queeny made 1st place

She made again 1st place at the show last weekend

Therefor she is champion of the Club in Switzerland 2004

Queeny with Marion

Queeny with Andreas

Queeny in stand

Simon is a son of Gustl and Zaskia

He also came in first place at the show from the LSGS of Switzerland

Tyson is a son of Zaskia and Brix

He made 2nd place in youngest class

Zaskia von Arminius came in 3rd place in breeding class

Zaskia with Andreas showing her gait

Tabaluga was also shown in breeding class

He came in 2nd place

Our famous Gustl

Gustl was shown in Veterans class. This class wasn`t judged. It was to show some of the older dogs

A progeny group of Gustl was presented that day. From left to right Gustl, Queeny, Astro, Simon, Valley and Gismo

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