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Last update on September 9th, 2010

This is how Baron-Cody goes on vacation with his owners

A typical Tyson-son, this fits him perfectly

Grace chilling out on the boat in the sun

Watching New York City, Washington park

Our Bavarian champion Tabaluga resting after a 14 km run with my sister through the mountains

Savage resting where he is not supposed to rest, but this is so comfortable, he thinks

Gina always likes to hide!

Can someone tell the difference between Gina and the covers?

Gustl likes to read and relax!

Sometimes he prefers a chair!

Doesn`t he look smart?

His favorite toy. The glasses do protect his eyes from the sun!

Hasko is ready to go to Austria

Doesn`t Jane look cute?

"Zaskia" and "Gustl" were in a parade

Doesn`t she look cute?

Quindy with his owner going fishing

Quindy is doing all kind of sports

Mark seems to be real comfortable

Close up!

Xandi is getting the morning paper

Who would like to read it first?

She is carrying the newspaper upstairs

Before she gives it to her owner, she would like to read it first

Do you think I am afraid of you? No, I am not, because I am a House Barrett dog

With whom is Xina playing?

Ivanhoe wants to get to know this funny thing better

Jersey wants to show everybody, how the apartement will look like,

if you leave a Barrett-pup too long by itself