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View pictures of the ASVD show in Ansbach on March 23rd, 2013

Leonidas is waiting for his turn

to be shown in the Babyclass. He came in 2nd

Ilenja, a daughter of Orca and Nex

already shows a beautiful gait

just like her Dad

Our Gino was also registered for the show

What a cute face. He came in 1st place in the youngsters class

Hanka, a daughter of Indi and Yakko has to practice a little more to walk in the ring

Flash, a progeny of Yanka and Buddy

did very well

Selina was very happy

He came in 1st place in his class

This picture shows again, that not only the dog has to be in good condition

Vonny, shown in breeding class, he is a son of Melody and Tabaluga

Now it was the turn for Cheyenne

If you look at her,

you think, that she is always "up to no good"

She presented herself very well that day. It was her first show. She received the title "SG"

Orca, another beautiful daughter of Yakko, just like Cheyenne, was registered for the show in the breeding class, hopefully to receive the title "V"

Another progeny of Tyson had been shown

on that day

Very nice face

Collin, the son of Queeny and Tabaluga,

is also doing very well, he came in 3rd place

Just like his Dad, he has a very nice coat and a beautiful confirmation

Leonidas, our new sire, came in first place in his class

Selina was very successful on that day, both of her males came in 1st place

We are planning a litter with him and Olympia in the near future.

Now it was Orca`s turn

She did extemely well,

because we had no time to train our dogs for

this show, because Hundemama is busy with the preperation

for an upcoming trial. Hundemama has plans to pass with her IPO II and with Nex IPO III in 2013

In fall we do plan another litter with Orca

and this time the sire will be "Tyson", if he does

stay healthy

Congratulations Orca. She came in 2nd place in the highest class, the breeding class and she did receive the title "V"

She just wanted to jump over the hurdle

Look above, one of her progeny had been shown on that day, and she did so well. Her name is Ilenja

Another beautiful House-Barrett sire

a young male, which had received the breeding papers

for life time one day before the show

He is a son of Buddy and Dorcas

his name is Pharo and he is extreme good in schutzhund

He received the title "V" that day

Honey, the sister to our recently deceased Hera

She is one of the last progeny from Cindy and Gustl. We still have our Nora and Queeny, both females over 10 years old already

Who could that be?

Our beloved Tyson. He is 9 years old

Our little boy Leonidas, who is progeny

out of Yanka and Buddy

did very well on that day It was his first show

Both of them will have to travel over the big "Ocean" in two weeks

As you can see, an all day show can make someone very tired

Award ceremony.

Demitris received his first trophy, and he received it in Germany. He can be very proud of his new puppy.

We hope, that he will be back in July for the annual ASVD show. Yakko will be shown on that day with some of his progeny. We believe, that this will be very interesting to see progeny of Yakko out of different dams.

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