Romy vom Haus Barrett

Unfortunately and way to early we had to let go our Romy vom House Barrett a few days ago. Within a few days she had lost many kilos before the Vet diagnosed her with "kidney cancer". We did not want her to suffer anymore, so we had to make this difficult decision to let her go and for her to have peace.

Our friend "Jana" together with her boyfriend "Sebastian", who took care of Romy every time when Hundemama went on vacation fall in love with her a long time ago. They always said, that they had never ever seen a dog, which was so smart and loyal and funny like Romy was. They both agreed, "she is not a dog, she is more human than dog". The last days of Romy`s life they both stayed by her side and struggled with her, but as usually with this terrible sickness, we did loose this battle.

Although we are very sad at this time, we do see light again, because we luckily had kept one girl from Romy, which is our beautiful and special "Cheyenne"

Cheyenne vom Haus Barrett

Nature often is very rough on all of us, but nature has good things for us also. On one side nature takes our loved ones away from us, on the other side nature gives new life again. We do know for sure now, that Cheyenne is carrying puppies from Nex. We are so happy and hope, that soon new "Romy-Cheyenne-Nex-puppies" will be born.

Although Romy will be no more longer with us, we know, that Cheyenne will carry her genes and give these to her puppies and we also know, that these puppies will make many families happy in the future. Only the families, who have received a Romy or Cheyenne puppy in the past know what we mean by that. These dogs are special.

We also like to thank our beloved Nora and Tyson, the parents of Romy, which are still with us and enjoy life. Nora is going on 13 and Tyson just turned 11. If it was not for them, we would have never had the chance to have such wonderful dogs like Romy and Cheyenne. We hope, that Nora and Tyson will be with us for the years to come. We do know, that from now on because of their age every day with them is a gift of God. And we are thankful for that.

Dear Romy, you went ahead already, but in our heart you always will be with us.

Following pictures were taken by Jana, our friend, who had Romy off and on in the last 12 months.

Romy with her favorite toy

Romy together with her friend "Flash vom Haus Barrett"

These pictures were just taken recently for her 7th birthday

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born: 14th of August 2008, SchH 1, AD, HD-fast normal, ED-normal, KKL 1, show title V

Sire: V Tyson vom Haus Barrett - Dam: V Nora vom Haus Barrett

Kör-Report: Medium size build female with a lot of type and expression, good wither, good length and angle of the group, firm back, balanced brisket proportions, good angulations of the fore and good angulations of the behind, extreme clean front, correct coming and going. Free ground covering gait. Good hair with extreme red and black pigmentation


Pictures of Romy during the first two years can be viewed on our Romypage


Tyson vom Haus Barrett

SchH 3, HD-normal, ED-normal

ZB.: V

II. Generation:

Brix vom Haus Barrett

SchH 3


III. Generation:

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Nora vom Haus Barrett

SchH 3 HD-normal, ZB: V

Gustl von der Köhlertanne

SchH 3, ZB: V

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SchH 3

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