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We are waiting for the family pictures of Ali. As soon as we have received it, we will upload this page

All of our a-puppies have left us. We wish the happy new owners the very best for the future and of course lots of fun with their new family member

Cheyenne/Buddy puppies

We kept these two girls, Zita and Zala a little longer, because the new owner of Zala (below) had been in the USA on vacation. They hardly could not wait

for the time to be back and pick up this cute little girl named "Zala"


wanted to make friends right away and gave lots of kisses

Zorro will stay close to us and if he develops well, Hundemama will train him to become a sire one of these days

Zakia had to fly for many hours before she arrived at her new home. She is doing great!

Zorah with her new owners

Ziva with her new Barrett-family, Iron - a progeny from Orca and Nex - and D`Kala, a progena from Nora and Tyson


Yasko will be their 2nd Barrett, their first Barrett - Jordan - was 14 years old before he passed

We are very happy with our friend Dörthe with her new Barrett Yazoo. He will be also her second Barrett

Yana with her new family

Yeira had to go on a long journey before she had reached her new home

They have waited a long time for their new girl named Yona

Yukari, friends at first sight

The picture of Yalena will be put in at a later time!


All the way from Belgium they came to pick up this little fellow named Xavo

This couple was so excited to get their little girl Xarah

For many years this family was the owner of a Barrett girl out of Queeny and Tabaluga. Now for the second time they choosen a Barrett girl again, her name is Xenie. We like to thank this family and everyone for their trust they put into us.


Walker with his new family

Woody is not their first Barrett

Winney will stay near us and most likely will be trained at our local dog-place

We are sure, that Waika will be best friends with this young man

Whitney is their third Barrett over the last 15 years, always two Barretts live with this family

Whoopie is doing so well with her new owner, together with Barrett-Yaro


This picture was taken almost 11 years from now with the first House Barrett puppy "Timo" the brother of "Tyson"

and this picture was taken a few weeks ago with the new House-Barrett puppy "Vex". Thanks to the family for trusting us again with another House-Barrett-puppy

Valko with his new family

Vanimo`s new owner has big plans with her puppy. She likes for him to become a rescue dog one of these days

The brother of Tyson, his name as Timo, grew up with this young person. Vex will become his new companion now

For the second time they received a House-Barrett puppy. His name is Vino

Valerie will not be too far from us and hopefully she will join us together with her new family on our dog place!


Ucci made his owner "sooo happy" to finally become part of his life

Unico-Carlos with his new family, they waited such a long time for this little boy!

Urgan`s new owner came all the way from Belgium with the train to pick him up

Ulany together with Mia (a girl from Romy and Yakko) and her new family

Uli with her new family, at home another offspring of Funny is waiting for her

Ulissa with her new family

Usie going for a walk

Uliesel together with her big family to the right Reagan, a daughter of Orca and Tyson

Utopia aleady making the first connections with kisses and HUGS

Jennifer with her new girl Uljana


Tabor must feel soooo good!

Thor with his new owner

Timothy is doing great in his new home

Titan will be a new addition in the Demetri-Family

They received their 2nd Barrett, again a cute girl. Her name is Tacoma

Talia is doing so well

Tammy with her new owners

Trisha will share her new home with two other Barretts


Samson and Siwah`s new homes will be in Germany

The same goes for Seppl

Shima with her new owner; her new home will be in the United States

Suma with her new family. Her home is not far away from our home

The same goes for Shadow-Knight

We hope, that we will see him again in the near future

Skyler had to fly to her new home. She is doing great!


Rainbow with his new family

Ron with his happy new family

Rino with new family

Rachel is doing great and is being loved already


loves her new family and loves to give kisses

Ruby with her new owner

Reagan with new four legged and two legged family


Quin is doing so well

Quechua at the day of the pickup

Pixie with her new owner

Pakros together with Ranja and a happy Joanna



Onida with family




Ophelia with Jennifer


We are very happy, that this finally was able to receive

a puppy from Yakko. The waiting time was very long for them. They are very happy with their Nex puppy now

This family also was very lucky to receive a Barrett-puppy,

Nemi did get available on a very short notice and this family was next up on the list

We also like to thank this family for their patience. It took several months to be able to receive Nisha now

Chicago will be the new home of Nugget. Hundemama will visit her at the end of May. A wonderful day House-Barrett Clan spend with this nice couple at the time of Nugget`s pick up. On the way to Chicago Nugget had met the captain and had seen a cockpit from the inside. These Barrett come around in the world a lot

What a happy new "Hundemama"

and a happy puppy named Nova

Note: We do expect puppies again in fall and winter. Please keep an eye on our page "upcoming litters". At this time we like to thank the families for being patient. Everyone will receive a puppy. At times the waiting time can be a few months, but we are dealing with nature and we never know how many puppies a dam will have in each litter. We do recommend to get on the waiting list as soon as a family decided to purchase a puppy from us, because we will not be able to have a puppy right away for everyone. At times a female will not take, other times we only have one male in a litter. This happened in the recent Romy and Olympia litter. We hope now, that in our next litters a few more males will be born.


Matt had been picked up today on April 12th, 2013

House-Barrett really did not like to let him go. Jason fall in love with him!!!! and as you can see his new owner is in love already, after spending just a short time with him. He was and is something special. Maybe because he was smaller then his sisters and he did develop a little more slow, this made him so special.

Mia gives her new owner kisses

Already loved by the other members of the family

Maffi getting ready to go for a few hour car ride


Lesli is not her first Barrett. She had one for many years

Luigi with his new family

Lola`s new home will be in Austria

Lana`s new home also will be in Austria

Luxe arrived well in Alaska

Michaela finally has her

Lincoln together with his new family

and with Yoshi from House Barrett


Carol with her new puppy. At home Viggo vom Haus Barrett is waiting for the new arrival

Many years ago this family had purchased a puppy from one of our first litters. After he had passed, this family was willing to wait several months for another House-Barrett puppy. We thank them for their trust and we wish everyone the best for the future and much joy with their new puppy.


We like to thank all the new House-Barrett owners for the trust they put into us. We will keep continue to raise beautiful, well socialized puppies. It makes us very happy to see our puppies in lovable and responsible homes!

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