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To raise sound puppies we need a dam with sound character who trusts us because we treat her like a valued member of the family. For the first three weeks we keep her inside our house with her pups. This is very important.
During the third week, the pups begin to hear and see. They start to recognize their littermates. We are a big family with three children. Something is always happening at our place. The pups become familiar with all kinds of different sounds, movements-and, most important-they are in close contact with humans from a very early age. When they are four weeks old, we take them outside to a big kennel, with a big sandy area. Usually the pups will stay inside the kennel with their dam for another week, although the gate to the sandy area is always kept open. At four weeks of age, they are not entirely sure of themselves and their surroundings. This changes rapidly by the following week. With every passing day, they become more secure and start little adventures outside the kennel. If something strange comes up, they hurry back to the kennel, where they feel secure. As they get older they will become more confident and start going outside by themselves. Pups by nature at that age are ver nosy. This will help them to overcome their fear of certain objects. Especially if we give them this chance in an early stage. Also, we make sure that different people come and play with them. We let them run around on grass, sand, in our court yard on concrete etc. No matter how cold and warm it is, they will get out every day. When it rains they go in their kennel by themselves, also if it is too hot. Then they come out later on in the evening. If we give the pups the chance to eliminate outside at a very early age, their new owners will have them housebroken in no time. People who have received a dog from us always confirm this.

After the pups receive their last feeding in the evening, the children and I play with them for about an hour. Pups love to play right after they eat. At times it is very hard to get the children away from them.
My 14-year-old daughter helps take care of the pups. She does this every day after she gets off from school. She hardly cannot wait to get to them.

Getting to know the new owner

If someone is interested in a pup from our kennel we give him or her the opportunity to visit us every week-end. This gives us a chance to get to know each other and answer any questions that arise. These get-togethers are very important. It will give the new owner an idea what his pups upbringing is like and it gives me the opportunity to know more about the person to whom I might be selling a dog.
During these conversations I usually give more information about the breed and its needs. I do not recommend any dog purchased from us to be kept solely outside. Family contact should always be guaranteed. The German Shepherd is a very smart dog, who learns easily but wants to be with his "pack". At times he loves to be outside, but not always. Keeping him in a pen or chained in the backyard is no life for a German Shepherd. Everyone should know, too, that raising a puppy is a lot of work and takes plenty of time, patience and understanding. If it is done right, you will have a dog who will be your companion for life.

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