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Pick of the litter - female or male?

This question should be carefully considered before a decision is made..

In general I would rather give a male dog to a handler, because male dogs can be very dominant at times and since they get much bigger than females, they are of course a lot stronger. They do need a consequent leader. An inexperienced owner will definitely run into problems. If it does not happen while he is a puppy, it will happen for sure after the pup turns into an adult dog, if no one has taught him his manners, or if the owner never showed him who the leader is. Let's just imagine a woman walking her 90 pound Long-hair Shepherd down the street. Maybe she runs into another dog or her dog wants to go in another direction than she does. Maybe he wants to chase something that moves etc. The dog will not listen to commands because he does not know any better. The bigger the dog gets, the harder it will be to handle him. If this happens a few times, then it is common, that the owner wants to give his dog away, because he is not capable of handling him. To avoid this, we try to make the right decision before the new owner picks up his pup. We recommend that you study carefully about this breed and about how to raise these pups the proper way. .

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