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5th of December 2012 Pictures were taken of the IPO trial last weekend. We are very proud of Nex and other Barretts!

from left to right, Nex IPO2, Piet IPO1, Zeus IPO2

"Hundemama" is proud of her Nex Her next goal will be

to pass with him IPO3 next year

Zeus is a son of Hera and Tabaluga

Piet is a son of Dorcas and Buddy. Next week we will expect another litter of the same parents for the last time

27th of November 2012

These pictures were taken during the training for the

upcoming IPO trail this coming weekend

He is doing very well, but we never know

how he feels on the day "X"

2nd of June 2012 "Dagmar" is so happy!!!!! All the training of the last two months was rewarded today. She passed the first schutzhund trial (IPO I) with her Nix and Nexe today. Not only did she pass, also did Odysseus, Mailo and Pharo achieve the Begleithundeprüfung (BH)-title today. We are sure, that these dogs will continue to be worked with for schutzhund level in the next months to come. Congratulations to their owners again!

Mailo - a son of Tyson and Olympia -

Pharo - a son of Buddy and Dorcas -

Odysseus, the brother of our Orca,

received the BH-title today

Nixe and Nex with their first SchH-title (now called IPO 1 as of 2012)

10th of May 2012 Quite a few Barretts are being trained at our local training place at this time. Piet, Zeuss, Odysseus and of course Nix and Nexe are supposed to pass SchH-trials this year. We hope, that they will be all successful. We will keep you updated on any news on this page!

Zeuss already had passed the SchH 1 trial, now he is being trained

for SchH 2. As you can see he is doing very well in tracking

More pictures of Zeuss can be viewed here_

Odysseus is being trained for BH and also is learning the basic in

schutzhund and tracking, so he has a good chance of passing the SchH1 in 2012 as well

More pictures of Odysseus can be viewed here

Piet, a son of Dorcas and Buddy already had passed BH last year

Now he is being prepared for SchH 1

As you can see, he is doing very well

A big Thanks goes to our trainer Jürgen-Claus, who has been helping

all the new Barrett owners to help them get the knowledge on how to train their dogs with patience and in a "playful way", without any stress and "rough training", only using the dog`s natural prey drive

More pictures of Piet can be viewed here

Hundemama has been very busy with Nixe and her brother Nex (below) in the last three months

She would love to pass with both dogs SchH 1 very soon

Remark: Our Barretts make great family dogs, to keep their mind

occupied we train them in sports, not so much competition. For them it is a game and as you can see, they are good at it. We are using there natural instinkt to teach them what they need to know to be able to pass a schutzhund trial

December 10th, 2011

Trial in BH, SCHH and endurance was held on our local OG-Pfungstadt today

Participants of the endurance trial, from right to left, Piet, Orca, Zeuss, Nixe and Nex with judge

Piet is the owner of the BH- and endurance trial as of today

Piet is progeny of Dorcas and Buddy

Zeuss is the owner of the BH- and endurance trial

Zeuss is progeny of Hera and Tabaluga

Thanks to Selina, our Nixe passed the BH- and endurcance trial

Selina with Nixe and Nex

Nixe is such a proud girl, she reminds Dagmar of her Cindy

Nixe with her brother Nex

Nixe, Orca and Nex. Dagmar is so proud of Orca, she passed the SchH 1 trial with "V" (excellent) today

Last update on March 13th, 2011

Nycko, a son of Melody and Simon

being trained for schutzhund

He has a good grip

His owner is very pleased how easy Nycko learns

Indi from House Barrett achieving the BH trial

Dagmar`s friend Selina trained with Indi

just for 6 weeks and then registered her for the BH trial

and as you can see

with success

Indi is a daughter of Queeny and Buddy;

looks more like Buddy. She is very smart

For treats she does everything; already she knows how to track a little and

in schutzhund she has also a lot of potential.

She is only 17 months old and Dagmar will continue with training

for SchH 1 level in the next few months; hopefully she will pass this trial in spring of 2011

Congratulations to Selina and Indi

Following pictures were taken during SchH 1 trial on 19th of November 2010

Yakko showing obedience

Yakko during the schutzhund part

What a nice looking "big bear"

Especially on this picture

Yakko, the halfbrother to Tyson, has been prepared for SchH 1

by Dagmar`s friend Norbert in schutzhund and obedience

When Dagmar started to train him 6 weeks ago, he had never

tracked before. Some schutzhund tasks he still had to learn

and also in obedience; he learned very quickly, so with a good feeling

Dagmar had registred him for SchH 1 on 19th of November 2010

He passed the trial with 98 points in tracking, with 88 points in obedience

and with 86 points in schutzhund. Dagmar thinks he done very well in such a short time. We are sure, that he will achieve higher levels of schutzhund in the future

Dagmar with Yakko, a son of "Tabaluga vom Steckenborn" and "Zaskia von Arminius"

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