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Last update on November 12th. 2009

Norbert taking Yakko for the BH trial

Just before the big "event", Norbert is a little nervous

Getting started

Norbert and Yakko

during the "heeling" part with leash

Yakko is always watching Norbert

What comes next

Going through a group of people

Now the exercise

without a leash

During the "sitting lesson" Yakko waits vor Norbert to return

Same goes for "laying down"

There Yakko has to wait until being called to come

Yakko has to lay there for about 10 minutes while the other dog has to perform

March 11th, 2009

Pictures taken during the ScH1-trial of Buddy and Romy

Buddy did his tasks

very well

He is close to two years old

and working so fine

Hundemama is very proud of him

So is Margit; here with Vabi (Teddy)

He performed very well

as you can see

on these pictures

He does pay attention to Margit


Hundemama has to admit

to get Buddy and Romy ready for this SchH 1

in such a short time

required a lot of training sessions

Romy during schutzhund work

She was biting well, but did not want to let go right away. We lost quite a few points there, but this is okay, she is still so young

27th of July 2008

Congratulations to the proud owner of Nycko

who passed the first obedience-trial in May 2008

27th of September 2007 Our Longhair Club "ASVD" held a trophy competiton on 22nd of September 2007. Andreas, the owner of Simon, entered with Simon in the highest level, which is SchH 3. Simon came in 2nd place. Following pictures show Simon during the obedience part and the schutzhund part. Congratulations again to Andreas and Simon for this great performance! It was outstanding!

Heeling part

On command "stand"

On command "sit"

Waiting for the next session

On comand "to bring"

over the 1 m wall

schutzhund part, barking without biting

On command "get him"

Following pictures show Simon

in biting action

Simon should not show any fear of the "stick"

On command "let go"

12th of July 2007 We had a trophy competition last weekend in our town. Tyson and Tabaluga started as a Team. Tyson was shown in obedience and Tabaluga in schutzhund. Tyson done very well. Unfortunately Tabaluga did hurt himself on the behind leg during the schutzhund performance, so we had to quitt earlier and received no points in this part. But the judge said, that up until Tabaluga did get hurt, he would have received the highest points, for what he had shown so far. Although we were not able to stay in the competition we had a great time on that day. Of course Arthur made pictures. Some very nice pictures of Tyson we put on this page and the rest can be looked at again if you click on following link. Have fun!!

Tyson heeling

bringing the wood

jumping over the 1 m wall

climbing the 1,80 m wall

laying still, while another dog is working

listening to the judge, what he had to say

Last update on 23rd of June 2007 Last Saturday Balto (a son of Zaskia and Gustl) passed the obedience trial successfully. Congratulations to the owner. That was his first trial he had entered

Before each trial the judge has to look at the Tato-Number

Now the trial starts with sitting left to his handler

Both have to walk through a group of people, Balto always has to heel, when the handler stops, Balto has to sit without a command

The handler walks and Balto heels, the handler gives the commando "sit" and keeps walking, Balto has to stay

The handler walks, Balto heels and then comes the command "lay down (Platz) and keeps walking, Balto has to stay

The judge tells the handler when to call his dog. Balto has to come in very fast and sit right in front of his handler, has to wait until he is told "Heel" again

Remark: We have rules here in Germany. A dog has to be at least 15 months old to pass a trial like this. A dog should not be trained like this before he turns one year old. (Read more about this on our page, how to raise puppies and train young dogs). It takes an experienced trainer and a smart dog about 2 to 3 months to learn, what Balto is showing here. This trial also encludes, that Balto has to lay down alone for 10 minutes , while another person is presenting his own dog. Also a session is encluded, where the dogs have to go out on the street with their owner, the judge and many more people. Also a lot of cars should drive by, bikes and joggers should pass the dog. The dog has to proof, that it is not scared of anything or aggressive against certain people or objects. This is the reason, why it is so important to get a puppy socialized to everybody and everything between the 8th and 14th week after the puppy arrived in the new familie`s home at the age of 8 weeks. Please keep this in mind. If a dog is not well socialized, he will never be able to pass such a trial, plus he will not be much joy to his owner and the people who approach him outside of his home

On April 28th, 2007 We had an obedience and a schutzhund trial in our hometown. Marion entered to pass VPG 2 in schutzhund with her beautiful female Jane, a daughter from Cindy and Gustl

Jane heeling

Jane on command "standing still"

Jane bringing the dumbbell

Jane jumping over the 1 m wall and bringing back the dumbbell

Jane climbing the 1,80 wall and bringing back the dumbbell

on her way back

Now you see some pictures of schutzhund work

Jane has to sit, bark and keep an eye on the "bad guy"

She has to do this all on her own, Marion is coming in the back

Now Marion called her to come back and "heel"

The "bad guy" is trying to run away, Jane has to get him with a full grip

She is doing her task


On command Jane has to let go

She does this right away

Now she has to sit and watch the "bad guy"

Marion picked her up and now they are both waiting, so she can run on command after the "bad guy"

She is fast

and wants to get him

She reached him with a good grip

The schutzhund training is finished, she has to take the "stick" away from the "bad guy"

and bring it together with Jane to the judge

Now he will tell her, what Jane could have done better

Congratulations Jane for passing the VPG 2 in schutzhundm which included the tasks in obedience and tracking

Aika and her owner passed the obedience trial in April 2007. Congratulations to Mrs. Baumüller and her beautiful dog Aika

Aika has to lie down alone for about 10 minutes

Now Bärbel is picking her up and putting her on a leash

In this session Aika has to "heel" with a leash

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