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Avalanche Search and Rescue in Frauenau, Bayerischen Wald from 03. to 09. March 2013

For the first time Dagmar along with her Bären Indi, Cheyenne and Gino, joined forces with other Barrett families for an Avalanche Search and Rescue training seminar. The seminar was held with members of the Bavarian Mountain Rescue Team. A very interesting seminar that brought all of us closer to our four legged companions, intensified by the high play drive, made it easy for the dogs to master the tasks they were confronted with.
The search was not only for the Bären to find their masters, but also to search for other person, known or unknown to the dogs. All of the participating showed willingness, and confidence to ride the gondela, chair lifts, and the winter rescue vehicles - like snowmobiles, rescue sleds, etc.
It confirmed once again how well balanced the German Sheppard is as an "all-round" companion and working dog is.
All of us first time participants found the course so interesting, and enjoyable that we just have to share with you the information, the camaraderie and naturally the fun that we had.
Several of us have already informed the Mountain Rescue Team that we are interested in joining even more such training seminars and naturally would welcome any others that would share the adventure with. We demonstrated how well the House Barrett Bären are able to master the challenges of becoming a Search and Rescue member. We will announce future such seminars on our "News" site, when we receive any notifications from the Bavarian Mountain Rescue Team. This is one way for others to learn the ideal means to have a greater and better understanding into our dog-human-working relationship and deepen our relationships with our companions and fellow man kindred.
In closing we wish to give an extra thanks to Bernd, who was our guide and instructor during the days filled with new challenges, excitement, and learning's.
Here below, are pictures where Dagmar will try to give you an insight of some of the training, challenges, camaraderie and esprit we had that week.

from left to right: Cheyenne, Indi, Leonidas and Flash

Our welcome evening at "Hundehotel Falkenau"

Info sheets

Beverly and Kaspar wait for thier cue

Beverly is the first one to learn

Beverlys master then walks on

to the "snow cave" where she will wait

Ready, steady

Bernd let Beverly go, and tells her to search...

And then (as the Germans say) she is at 100 (kmh)

Quickly she reaches her goal

Where she naturally is immediately rewarded

Even though her master must still "climb out", that doesn matter much, as Beverly has her toy

Now its Indi's turn

Indi is very excited and can hardly wait

She wants to start now

With a command "Such" (Search) she starts

SHe begins with a self search - no direction given

and needs to learn also to enter the ice-cave

As far in as possible

Now found, Dagmar can make her way out of the cave

Continously rewarding and praising

One of the most important points in the training

This Candidate knows the score and how it goes.

This cave entrance even was covered up

But he digs until he finds his master

Then they play and praise

Good job !

Now Franka wiats for her cue

Same as the others

SHe leaves and hides in an ice-cave

and Franka is sent to find her

This dame shows a lot of spiritedness

and play-drive, she is a Buddy-daughter

Now it's our "Devil Cheyenne" turn

Dagmar demonstrates,

how one must back into the cave

And Go!

Cheyenne learned this fast

how this game is played

Search for Mama and find her

and then get treats

SHe didn't want to get out, she likes it here

Flash is only 10 months old

Leonidas (calling name is Joker)

Selina is proud of her two Bären

Here we ate our lunch daily

The forecast was for sunny days

It doesn't get much better than this

Sun, sun and more sun!

The following pictures show,

How the sniffing game

is played

Here the one being searched for is a stranger

Now for a view from the "buried" side

and make it a little harder by covering up the entrance

with some snow

But even then the challange was well solved

and it isn't easy to get out of the wet, cold cave

Made it!

Here Indi is waiting for her cue,

this time for a stranger

It doesn't take long

With a hop, she is into the snow cave

Luts of praise makes her happy.

Beverly doesn't quite know if this is OK!

But the selfconfidence wins, and she makes it

Here we took the afternoon break

Waiting for the next cue

Flash looks with curiosity into the cave

Selina comes and gives some assistance

Cheyenne, "the Clown", is next up

Why should I go in there?,

when my master is behind me? so let me look around.

Cheyenne says - "You go in there first

Maybe you can convince me and I will search further"

Finally she did decide to look herself

but she is head strong, and follows her individuality

Kaspar is a son from Buddy and Hera

and shows he has what it takes to be a S & R

That pleases his master immensely

Now its Joker's turn

Cautiously he moves towards the cave

WIth continual praise from Seline

There was so much snow

Absolutely wonderful!

Bernd with his well trained Avalanche S & R dog "Alf"

Calm and confident he picks up the scent!

SHortly before we take a break

Another view of the winter wonderland

But before we go to lunch

we need to go up the mountain

So that means a gondela ride

Like "pro's" Gino and Cheyenne ride in the Gondela


Cheyenne enjoyed the fresh air


relaxes on the menu

Cheyenne is not one to relax, she is very aware and looks for new adventures. I wonder what she is thinking of here

Dagmar with Indi and Cheyenne

Little Gino was not registered but

Dagmar wondered how well would he do in the searching

So he was given the chance to search though the snow for the "Hundemama"

Here Dagmar animates him with a biting toy

It is hard to hold him back

Where did she go?

Go find her

And full power - Go

He sprints looking

and look here, already disappearing down the hole

One can hardly see him

And immediately praised and rewarded

By getting his

He holds the Beißwurst tight

Not willing to give it up

Super good job, Little Gino! Look how proud he is. One would think he really knows how well he did.

Cheyenne is always up to something Mischievous

On the way to Start

she needs to Clown around

This time it was "Search with obstacles"

She found the cave

and tries to get to the by the obstacle to get to the Beißwurst

And as you see,

she did it!

SO we do it again

and this time with master

Cheyenne finds it amusing , how her master tries to crawl out of the cave

but then its play and praise

For Pharo with the same exercise

Search with obstacles

And once at the goal

he finds her and

is praised

Now it is the spirited Franka's


Look at her go!

She enjoys this game

and her ball

Gino was allowed again

Does he ever show spirit!

Ready -Steady - !

Super job!

Beverly with her master praticing

Flash is to search for Selina

He has no problem with the obstacle

Sometimes it is harder for us to get out then the dogs!

Selina rewards Flash with treats more than with toys

Important is to reward the dog, with treats or toys and lots of praise. The positive rewards bring more.

Short break for instructions

Waiting for the next cue!

No Comment necessary!

Jennifer with her dame

Cheyenne with Flash (left ) and Joker (right)

We do hope that this male may beable to improve the House Barrett blood lines in the near future

We cross our fingers and give good wishes that he passes. He is currently training for the IPO (Schutzhund/ Protection) services.

Flash is a son from Yanka and Buddy

He will be one year old soon.

A very cute female!

Flash has a very dark mask

Flash and Leonidas (call name is Joker)

On Wednesday the riding of the chair lift was on the agenda

Hundemama has her Gino already in the harnest

Lets go!

He doesn't look to "happy" here!

But he trusts that everyhting is OK

And trust means that he follows without any problems

and look here

everything is OK, and the ride begins!

Selina find it is challanging,

to carry both her males and at the same time

to sit down in the chair lift

The whole family. Kaspar wants to share some kisses

and go!

These two are "pro's" at this

Once arrived, Beate and Gino

As do Joker and Flash wait for the rest

They had to ride down and get the next

Chair lift riders . Cheyenne takes it "cool" by the ride

A little skill is needed here.

as the final meters are without the safety bar. But here is no problem.

We decided spontanously that we would

enjoy walking down the slope

Which is sometimes not so easy with such energetic

and spirited Bären

FInally back at the car. Beate is finished - naoe time would be good now.



Gino, Cheyenne and Indi

Cheyenne in front, Beate with Indi

These two will spend a lot of time together

this week

Cheyenne full of spirit and energy

One partner this week: Kaspar, Son from Buddy and Hera

Franka, Tochter from Yanka and Buddy

Pharo, Son from Dorcas and Buddy

Beverly, Daughter from Funny and Buddy

Indi, daughter from Queeny and Buddy

"Little" Gino, Son from Nixe and Tyson

Cheyenne and Gino



A male almost two years old

Flash, Son from Yanka and Buddy

Almost one year old


left Leonidas, right Flash


In the near future, we will put a link here where there are more pictures available from the other participants of the seminar. A complete group picture of all participants will also be posted soon.

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