Chiara vom Team Barrett

IPO1, Körklasse 1, HD-normal, ED-normal

show title V

pictures of Chiara in her first two years, here

Sire: Buddy vom Kuckucksland, born 17th of May 2007, SchH 3, AD, KKL1, HD-fast normal, ED-normal

Show title: V

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Nezard, Nino, Naima, Nila

Last update on 10th of October 2019

Naima and her littermates celebrated their 3rd birthday a few days ago. The owner of Naima did sent these beautiful pictures of their girl

Last update on 29th of November 2018

Nila with her owner and another Barrett boy

Here we see Naima, two years old. Usually she has lots more hair, but on this picture she had been in season her owner wrote

She looks so much like her Dad on this picture

October 21st, 2017

Naima, on her 1st birhday. We cannot believe how much she looks like her Mom

Nila with her House-Barrett friend "Valko"

Nila loves the water just like her Mom Chiara and her grandma Olympia

7th of August 2017 Yesterday "Nino vom Team Barrett" had been presented at the annual county show Hessen Süd and received the title "VV1"

Congratulations to the owner! Also a big thanks to our friend "Alenja", who had presented him very well

27th of July 2017

Nino during the presentation at his second show

Nila is developing into a beautiful young and big female. Unfortunately the pictures show her in the process of changing her coat

9th of July 2017

These two pictures of Nino were taken during his first show in April 2017

Naima, his sister is also very beautiful. She already has a very nice stand

Here we see several pictures of Nila, which were taken in the last half year. She lives with another Barrett together. His name is Falko, a son of Yanka and Buddy and the brother of "Flash", will be the sire of our next Chiara litter in August 2017

Last update on 15th of January 2017

Puppies have been six weeks in their new homes

Here we see Nezard in a nice stand. We received the picture on the right for Chistmas

He loves to play and we guess, when he sees a camera he knows how to pose

Almost every day Nino is allowed to go with his owner to work

Nila shows us how easy it is to make a Barrett feel comfortable. Just let him or her be part of the family. That makes them happy

We received this picture of Naima on Christmas

Nezard is doing very well in his new home

Nino is a little devil, but yet so cute!

Naima is also doing very well

Nila is bringing so much joy to her new owners

"Barrett-Valko" is watching out after his "new sister"

Thanks to all the new families of taking such good care of our puppies! It gives "Hundemama" a very good feeling to know that her puppies are so well taken care off!

Nezard with his new owner

Naima with her new family

Nila will have a "Barrett-Brother" at home. Thanks for the trust to purchase another Barrett from us!

29th of November 2016

Puppies will be checked out by the Veterinarian and then are ready to move into their new homes. We advice the future owners to get some rest at this time, because they will need it.

Nezard to the left and Nino are two very wild male puppies. Nino is staying here close with us

Naima and Nila are also pretty active. I am sure, we will hear lots about these four puppies in the future.

When we look at these four puppies we again can see how well Buddy does inherit, when it comes to bone structure, head and pigmentation

Puppies are seven weeks old

Puppies grow so fast. Since our last update almost 10 days had passed. Look at the difference

Here we see our "wild girl"

On the right picture in the middle, we see the only boy, which Yanka gave birth to. He is a progeny of Yanka and Zeus. He loves his new family. At least he has littermates now.

This is our "sweet little "big" girl"

Here is our boy, he will stay within our family

The girl to the left and to the right, our wild boy

His owner better gets lots of rest. He will not get too much any more, after this little fellow had moved in with him

Here the two boys are fighting over a ball

Our "fisty girl"

Our puppies are almost six weeks old

With these pictures we like to show how friendly and outgoing our puppies are. We believe, that this is very important

The pictures above show our extreme wild girl

The other girl is more calm, but also very playful

The last six pictures show our two male puppies. Both puppies already have this "special male expression" in their faces. They look so good, but these pictures also show, that both of them will develop their own head, just like the Dad Buddy. Both of them will be a good example of a male dog