Chiara vom Team Barrett

IPO1, Körklasse 1, HD-normal, ED-normal

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pictures of Chiara in her first two years, here

Gino vom Haus Barrett

born: 28. July 2012 - IPO3 - KKL1, HD-normal (excellent), ED-normal (excellent)

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Pictures of Gino in his first three years view



Xamu, Xanto, Xato, Xanti, Xara, Xenia, Xira

Last update on 16th of April 2018

All of our puppies have left us

Xamu with his new family. His new home will be in Belgium

Xanto with his new family. His new home will also be in Belgium. Gino, the Dad just wanted to be on the picture also

Almost 16 years they had a Barrett boy, before he passed. Xato will make his new family very happy. We are sure of that

Xanti with her new owners

When we took the picture of Xara and her new owner, Gino acted like he knew what was going on. Again he wanted to be on the picture

The picture of Xira we will upload as soon as we have received it. It took her over 10 hours to arrive at the destination Dallas, USA.

Our wild little Xenia with her new owners. We are sure, that this cute girl will keep the family busy

April 8th, 2018

Xamu has a nice playdrive and a nice temperament

Xanto is just like his brother Xamu

Xato is pretty active, but he loves to give kisses

Xanti has a nice temperament

Xara has a very nice playdrive

Xenia is the wildest girl in this litter

Xira is very outgoing and also loves to give kisses

27th of March 2018

For the first time our puppies were outside yesterday. Within minutes they felt like they knew everything. They started to play and just enjoyed the time in the sunshine. They are so beautiful and all of them have such a great temperament as we can see on these pictures

Last update on March 20th, 2018

Puppies are doing great. It has been very cold here in Germany over the past few days, so they were not able to go outside yet. We hope, that the weather will change next week

March 11th, 2018

Our pupies have grown so much in the last few days. Mom Chiara still has so much milk. We do not have to feed solid food yet. She is doing great and so are these puppies. Above we see on a few pictures three puppies. These are our male puppies

March 6th, 2018

These puppies are sooo active. They move around so quickly, especially when they small Mom nearby. They are so awake. Two times we found one outside of the box. Usually they start realizing that they have littermates at the age of three weeks. These puppies recognize each other already and one especially. She knows how to get out of the box. Again a great litter, we believe!

This page has been opened on February 27th, 2018

Our seven puppies are doing great. They are all of the same size, boys and girls, just beautiful. We are very happy with the development of these puppies. We hope, that nothing will change and that they will keep developing just like they did in the first 12 days. We believe, that again we had chosen a great combination. Puppies are strong build, have beautiful heads and most of all an extreme beautiful pigmentation, just like our Orca-Uran-puppies have