Queeny vom Haus Barrett

born: 02.11.2002, SchH 3, KKL1"a"

Sire: V Gustl von der Köhlertanne Dam: V Cindy vom Haus Barrett

Large, medium strong female with excellent expression, good wither, a little short group, firm back, balanced brisket proportions, good angulations of the fore and very good of the hindquarters, clean front, correct coming and going. Free ground covering gait with powerful hind thrust and free front reach, good length of the coat with very good pigmentation

Körklasse I for lifetime


This page had been updated on 23rd of May 2015 for the last time

Just two weeks ago "Hundemama" had to say Goodbye to her beloved almost 13 year old Queeny. A daughter of Gustl and Cindy. She had been diagnosed with cancer.

Since we do keep our seniors with us until they die of old age and since puppies are born at our house, we are being confronted with life and death every year. We have learned to accept when one of our dogs to get ill and will leave us. Yes it is very difficult to let go. But we always say at this time. There is so much cruelty in this world, especially when it comes to animals. How people breed dogs just to sell them and make money, how people get rid of their dogs, when they do have no more use for them. At least we can say, the dogs, that are living with us will have a good life as long as they live and when they do close their eyes, Hundemama is there until the last minute. We always try to make sure that our puppies come into good loving homes, so they can live the same life in their homes until the end. Yes, this thinking does help to get over the lost.. And it did help Hundemama two weeks ago and months ago when her Tabaluga left her and all the others. But at the same time new life is born and this new life brings so much joy again to us.

Queeny we will never forget you! We are so happy, that Indi and Orca and Cheyenne will keep your bloodline going!

from left to right, Nora, Tyson and Queeny

In 2012 Queeny has been taken out of the breeding program in spring of 2011. We kept progeny of her, which is the dam "Indi vom Haus Barrett" and the young female "Orca vom Haus Barrett". We hope, that these two dogs will keep this outragous bloodline going. In the future hopefully Queeny will enjoy many more years with us


Gusl von der Köhlertanne

SchH 3

ZB.: V

II. Generation:

Utz von Arminius

SchH 3

ZB.: V

III. Generation:

Nero vom Hirschel

SchH 3

IV. Generation

Zamb von der Wienerau

Ica vom Haus Reiterland

Unda von der Holledau

SchH 1

Jeck vom Nori-cum

Rommi vom Breitfeld

Haifa von der Wienerau

SchH 2 IP 1


Jello von der Wienerau

SchH 3

Fedor von Arminius

Ussi von der Wienerau

Hexe von der Römerau

SchH 1

Ulf von Basilisk

Quana von Arminius


Cindy vom Haus Barrett

SchH 1 ZB: V

Fedor von El Tous

SchH 3

Mark vom Haus Beck

SchH 3

Fedor von Arminius

Quina von Arminius

Ditte von der Wienerau

SchH 1

Lando della Val del Lambro

Ica von der Wienerau

Ondie vom Jägerstand

SchH 1

Falk vom Klostergraben

SchH 3

Arak du Hohmannsfeld

Ulme vom Ohemoor

Alysa vom Breisgau

SchH 3 IP 1

Vax vom alten Wärterhaus

Eiwa vom Kosakenwald