Orca, born on 9th of May 2010

Queeny vom Haus Barrett

born.: 02. November 2002 - AD, SchH 1 - KKL 1 HD-fast normal

show V, champion of switzerland 2004 in "open class"

Yakko vom Haus Barrett

born 15th of May 2008, SchH 1, AD, KKL1, Hips-fast normal, ED-normal

Show title: V

Orca is a female with high playdrive. She is active, but yet very sweet and a great family dog, but requires a good leader. She learns fast and Hundemama is sure, that schutzhund work will be her favorite "sport". She has a deep black and red-brown pigmentation and for a female she is strong build. She also has an extreme good bone structure, beautiful long hair, just like her Dad. Queeny, her Mom, will be taken out of the breeding program in late summer of 2011. Dagmar kept two young females out of Queeny. The meanwhile almost two year old "Indi", a daughter of Queeny and Buddy, and now Orca. She hopes, that these two dams will keep the grea "Cindy-Gustl-line" going.

From time to time we will update this page with the development of Orca.

Orca, 9 months old

Last update 27th of October 2011

Our young female Orca is growing into a beautiful dog

Dagmar is preparing her right now for BH and SchH trial

Meanwhile she received her HD- and ED-results

Both excellent

Last update 22nd of June 2011

Orca, we call her Funny,

is a little over a year old

Shortly she will be x-rayed

for hips and elbows

and if the results are good,

then Hundemama will start with training

As you can see,

she has a lot of potential

She looks very proud, just like her Mom Queeny

and she has the beautiful long hair from her Dad "Yakko"

This page has been opened on April 5th, 2011

Orca`s calling name is Funny now

She loves to carry everything around

She has a beutiful head

and a good bone structure

She has the nice pigmentation from her mother

and the good bone structure from Yakko

She is very alert

and is always looking for something to do

As we said before, she loves to play

What a nice conformation