Ondie vom Jägerstand

born: 29.Oktober.1993
Hips: a (normal)
KKl 1, SG

Sire: V Falk vom Klostergraben/Arak du Hohmannsfeld/Uran Wildsteiger Land
Dam: SG Alysa vom Breisgau/Vax vom Alaten Wärterhaus/Harro aus der Lechrainstadt

Update on 14th of August 2009

Our first dam "Ondie vom Jägerstand" died with 13 1/2 years old in the year 2007. She was part out of the working and part out of the showline. We will never forget her. She passed on her good genes to quite a few puppies, among these puppies we picked out the female "Indra", which just recently had her last litter.

22nd of July 2005

Ondie will be almost 12 years old and is still doing fine

As you can see

Ondie is still doing very well

We had some beautiful puppies over the years

from Ondie,

like Dragon, Fellow, of course our Indra and many more

Indra with her Mom "Ondie"

17th October 2004

Ondie is 11 years old and still loves children like all of our dogs do

She is still in good health and hopefully this will stay that way.

Indra can be proud of her Mom

Both taking a nap together

She is watching out for him

Friends for live

Ondie (calling name "Nicki") at the age of 11