Indra vom Haus Barrett

born: 01. April 2000, SchH 1, KKL 1"a"

Sire: V Savage vom Georg Vicktor Turm Dam: V Ondie vom Jägerstand

Medium built bitch with black and red-brown pigmentation, dry and firm, good angulation in front and very good angulation in rear.

Indra is a very high drive dog with excellent temperament. She is great in protection. She has famous working dogs in her blood line.

Last update on June 12th, 2012 Forever Indra closed her eyes on June 8th, 2012 after being diagnosed with cancer. She died with 12 years of age. In our hearts she will be with us. She was such a wonderful dog, always good to her puppies, not only to her own puppies, also to every puppy we raised and the ones, which were born at House-Barrett. Saying goodbye to a fourlegged friend is the hardest thing to do for an someone, who loves the animals as we do.

Update in 2009


Savage vom Georg Viktor Turm

HD: A, SchH 3 ZB.: V

II. Generation:

Ulk von Arlett

HD: Italy, SchH 3 ZB.: VA

III. Generation:

Yago vom Wildsteiger Land

HD: A, SchH 3 FH

IV. Generation

Eiko vom Kirschental

Quina von Arminius

Dolly von Arlett

HD: A, SchH 2

Fedor von Arminius

Bambi vom Feldschlösschen

Luna vom Georg Viktor Turm

HD: A, SchH 1 ZB: V

Jeck von Noricum

HD: C, SchH 3, FH

Odin von der Tannenmeise

Anett vom Noricum

Farah von Arolser Schloss

HD: A, SchH 2

Vopo vom Kirschental

Luna vom Arolser Schloss


Ondie vom Jägerstand

HD: A, SchH 1 ZB: V

Falk vom Klostergraben

SchH 3 ZB: V

Arak du Hohmannsfeld

SchH 3, IP3

Uran vom Wildsteiger Land

Tania du Frohnackerhof

Ulme vom Ohemoor

HD: A, SchH 3

Quando von Arminius

Alin vom Trienzbachtal

Alysa vom Breisgau

HD: C, SchH 3 IP 1 ZB: V

Vax vom Alten Wärterhaus

HD: B, SchH 3, FH

Harro aus der Lechrainstadt

Carmen vom Frankenschwert

Eiwa vom Kosakenwald

HD: C, SchH 2

Joker vom Körbelbach

Contra vom Busecker Schloss